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You are worth it!


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I remember very clearly the day I sat in my doctor’s office and he said to me what do you think about having some counselling? At that point in time I was skeptical, but I was also very desperate and did not know what I should do. I also knew that I couldn’t keep up with the way things were. So, I agreed.

After my first session I thought why did I do this it isn’t going to help me but by the time I had reached the end of my sessions I knew I wanted more, and I had come so far. I was able to face a lot of things that I never thought that I could. I had experienced an accident where a car had crushed me, and it was very difficult for me to even walk across the Walmart parking lot without being in absolute terror.  I would have a panic attack and not even be able to go in the store. I would relive the accident over and over again in my nightmares. I had become somebody I didn’t know. From a strong independent woman to a frightened panic driven version of myself. So really what did I have to lose by having a few counselling sessions?

In my counselling I learned that l did have control of what I was experiencing.  I had the power to make my fears what they were, or they weren’t and how much they controlled me. After my sessions were complete, I continued on with counselling at another facility and I became stronger and more in control. I guess my best advice to anybody who’s thinking about it or afraid to do it, just give it a try.  It has made all the difference in the world to me. Take that first step for yourself. You are worth it.

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Red Deer Primary Care Network (RDPCN) is a partnership between Family Doctors and Alberta Health Services. Health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, nurses and pharmacists work in clinics alongside family doctors. In addition, programs and groups are offered at the RDPCN central location. This improves access to care, health promotion, chronic disease management and coordination of care. RDPCN is proud of the patient care offered, the effective programs it has designed and the work it does with partners in health care and the community.

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Health Basics was my Kick Start to a Healthier Weight

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Editor’s note: The concepts outlined in this article are important and can be adapted to our current isolated lifestyle.

Health Basics was my Kick Start to a Healthier Weight

I am a retired nurse so I know quite a bit about living healthy. However over my last year of work, I had a sedentary job and I felt tired so I did not put as much energy into my own lifestyle and my weight crept up. I was getting a lot of heartburn and I knew weight loss and lifestyle are the first line treatment.

So, after I retired I asked my doctor to send me to Health Basics. It was good to go every week, to have to be accountable, to have others to discuss my choices with as well as to pick up on things from class that I had let slide. I went through the 8 week program and lost 9 pounds. As I know how important it is to continue living healthy and be accountable to myself, I rejoined TOPS which I was a member of a number of years ago. I also continued with exercise classes and yoga at the Golden Circle and now I am down 17 pounds just over 4 months after I started down this path. I am feeling great: stronger, fitter and I have almost no heartburn. Health Basics has helped me to enjoy retirement!”

PS: “I knew Health Basics is a great kick start on healthy living as my husband had attended it years ago when he was diagnosed with diabetes. He followed the class recommendations and has lost more than 75 pounds over the years and feels great too.”

As always Red Deer PCN is here to support your health and wellness. Call 403.343.9100.  Mental Health Counsellors are available for therapy and other concerns.

James: Good information is the miracle drug


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Family Nature Night at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre!

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From The Kerry Wood Nature Centre

Whooo’s ready for an Adventure? 🦉

Join Nature Alberta on July 13th, 2022 at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre 6300 – 45 Avenue Red Deer for their first Family Nature Night of the year!
We’ll learn all about Incredible Ecosystems by taking guided tours of Kerry Wood Nature Centre, investigating the difference between antlers and horns with the Red Deer River Naturalists, and meeting a live Great Horned Owl with the Medicine River Wildlife Centre.
Registration starts at 6:00 p.m., event at 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Come early to register your spot as we can only accomodate a limited number of families. Will run rain or shine. In the event of extreme weather, notice of cancellation will be posted on our facebook page,
This is a free event, although donations are appreciated.
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