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Todayville generates thousands of page views each week.  Take advantage of this activity!

Storytelling is the hottest form of marketing today. As former journalists and media producers, we know how to craft good stories.  From advertising to brand journalism to event promotion, we can help you. Let us create custom, shareable content to help you attract new customers in Alberta and beyond.

Our stories about business perform very well.  With a 3 month advertising commitment, we can help you develop a strategy to ensure your unique business story is being told.

Here’s another cool thing… Todayville is unique in that as a business member, you can publish your own content directly to our site.  Or, because you’re busy running your business, let us help you.

  • Sponsored Content starting at $300
  • DIY publishing starting at $150/month
  • ROS advertising throughout the site $500/month (includes DIY Publishing)


 We can also help with your overall online presence! Starting today you can gain valuable insights into what your business looks like online and how customers see you. Simply click the ‘Get Your Snapshot Report’ button below to see what your customers are saying about you, how you stack up to others in your industry and more!

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