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COVID-196 hours ago

Dr. McCullough’s powerful new documentary exposes systemic medical tyranny during COVID

From Peter A. McCullough, M.D., MPH of Courageous Discourse In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clifton Dawley, a beloved father...

Great Reset14 hours ago

Trudeau gov’t to make all women’s and men’s washrooms ‘gender neutral’ in Parliament buildings

From LifeSiteNews By Anthony Murdoch Trudeau’s washroom policy also extends to many federally regulated spaces, such as national parks, and...

International3 days ago

Even the UK’s radical Labour Party leader admits the reality of biological sex

Sir Keir Starmer speaking to the Labour Party Conference in 2021 From LifeSiteNews By Jonathon Van Maren The backlash to...

illegal immigration3 days ago

Illegal Immigrants flooding through Canada into the US include known suspected terrorists

A Border Patrol agent standing watch at the Montana-Canada border in the CBP Spokane Sector. From The Center Square By...

Great Reset4 days ago

More than 12 million illegal border crossers since fiscal 2021

Border Patrol agents inspect a potential landing spot for illegal immigrants along the Rio Grande River in Texas. U.S. Customs...

Opinion4 days ago

Nigel Farage urges using multiple bank accounts, gold assets to protect against debanking

From LifeSiteNews By Emily Mangiaracina Debanking is increasingly being used globally to punish political dissidents such as the Brexit leader,...

COVID-194 days ago

‘Incompetence’: Pentagon Doesn’t Know How Much Money It Sent To Chinese Entities For Risky Virus Research

From the Daily Caller News Foundation By NICK POPE   The Department of Defense (DOD) does not know how much money...

COVID-194 days ago

Canadian doctor forced to pay $44K fine, serve suspension for prescribing Ivermectin to treat COVID

From LifeSiteNews By Anthony Murdoch The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan claimed that a Regina doctor was engaged...

Opinion4 days ago

‘Transgender’ inmates are continuing to sexually assault female prisoners

From LifeSiteNews By Jonathon Van Maren The Mail reported that the California prison system has 1,997 detainees who currently identify as transgender...

Opinion5 days ago

Premier Scientific Journal Nature Takes on ‘Climate of Fear’ Surrounding Research on Sex and Genr

From Heartland Daily News “These articles are using phrases like ‘a person’s sex assigned at birth’. I find that phrase...

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