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COVID-1912 hours ago

Neurology professor says Canada likely paid more for COVID vaccines than all other countries

University of British Columbia professor Steven Pelech From LifeSiteNews By  Clare Marie Merkowsky While the official number remains secret, neurology...

COVID-1916 hours ago

You won’t believe the irony of this doctor’s punishment for using ivermectin to treat COVID

From LifeSiteNews By Dr. Byram W. Bridle This punishment forced the physician to ‘re-learn’ that what they did with ivermectin...

COVID-191 day ago

The New York Times Finally Admits to the Harm Done to Children

From the Brownstone Institute BY JENNIFER SEY   The New York Times published an op-ed over the weekend entitled ”The Startling Evidence of Learning Loss...

COVID-191 day ago

Canadian gov’t lawyers try to claim Freedom Convoy leaders were overseeing an ‘occupation’

From LifeSiteNews By Anthony Murdoch The Crown has attempted to make a case that Tamara Lich and Chris Barber were...

COVID-191 day ago

The Federal Government Paid Media Outlets to Promote the Covid Vaccine

From the Brownstone Institute BY RAV ARORA After releasing my three-part series earlier this year showing how multiple media outlets refused to...

COVID-192 days ago

Pastor challenges Dr. Bonnie Henry over illegal discrimination between faith groups

From the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms BC pastor seeks Court order for the BC Attorney General and Provincial Health...

espionage2 days ago

Canadian House of Commons committee admits China operated ‘police service stations’ in 3 cities

From LifeSiteNews By Anthony Murdoch ‘To date, no individuals have been arrested or had their diplomatic credentials removed in relation...

National2 days ago

Trudeau forced to admit ‘Christmas is not racist’ after gov’t report suggesting it is

From LifeSiteNews By Clare Marie Merkowsky The report claimed that holidays such as Christmas and Easter are forms of discrimination...

Health2 days ago

Canada remains poor performer among countries with universal health care

From the Fraser Institute By Mackenzie Moir and Bacchus Barua Canada reported far fewer physicians (ranking 28th of 30) and...

COVID-194 days ago

Freedom Convoy leaders’ lawyers argue defendants encouraged peaceful protesting

From LifeSiteNews To Anthony Murdoch Freedom Convoy leader Chris Barber’s legal counsel argued that text messages he sent to both...

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