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Celebrity Dance Off

Todayville Partners With Sheraton Celebrity Dance Off!


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It’s only one month away! That’s right, one of Red Deer’s glitziest affairs, the Sheraton Celebrity Dance Off is mere weeks away and Todayville is so excited to partner with this fantastic event to share the magic!

It’s all in the name of raising funds for the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre (CACAC) and Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre (CASASC). Both groups need a new home in Red Deer. The CACAC is new to central Alberta and offers a new, integrated services approach for children who are experiencing violence and trauma; you can learn more about this initiative by visiting the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre on which the Central Alberta CAC will be modelled.
And the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre has been empowering the community for over 30 years, striving to build a healthier and more informed community surrounding the issues of sexual assault and sexual abuse.  Both of these fantastic organizations are in need of more space to continue their important work and meet the needs of their clients.

So how can you help? Well proceeds from the 2017 Sheraton Celebrity Dance Off will go towards a facility that will be home to both organizations! The event itself is SOLD OUT, but you can still get a piece of the action (and maybe a fabulous prize!) by purchasing raffle tickets for $25 each; grand prize is a luxury Myrtle Beach Holiday which includes a travel voucher AND spending money, totalling $10,400 in value!

SCDO Raffle

You can buy your tickets at the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre or Red Deer Orthodontics. OR if you’ll be at the Red Deer Home Show this weekend (March 10th-12th), you can come visit with the Todayville team and  get your raffle tickets! We’ll be joined in booths 704 and 705 by representatives from the CACAC and the CASASC who will be selling raffle tickets and sharing information about these great organizations all day.

However you buy your tickets, there are only 2,000 in total, so get yours today before you miss your chance!

To learn all about this year’s Sheraton Celebrity Dance Off CLICK HERE



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Celebrity Dance Off

The Friends of the Red Deer Regional Hospital play a critical role in patient comfort

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There are a lot of moving parts (excuse the pun) in Red Deer’s annual Celebrity Dance Off.  But in the end, Dance Off sets out to accomplish two goals with each performance.   One is to raise funds for a much needed cause in our region.   Two is to raise the profile of that same cause.  In the long run, the second goal is probably more important.  A higher profile can mean more ongoing support from volunteers and through donations.

In 2019 the Celebrity Dance Off partnered with the Friends of the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre.  Here’s what Dance Off Chair Christine Moore said when the partnership was announced.

“With roots going back to 1904, this group of dedicated volunteers have fundraised to support the care and comfort of patients at our hospital. Over the last 38 years, they have raised over $7 million. They exemplify everything about volunteerism and giving back to the community. They are the unsung heroes of our hospital.”

And this comes from the Friends website: “our mission is to facilitate innovative fundraising programs for equipment and services that benefit patient care and comfort in the Red Deer Regional Hospital… 

Our fundraising dollars are geared to the purchase of medical furniture and fixtures, and to patient care and comfort up to a maximum of $4,999.00 per item. The Friends Centre assists with the provision of day-to-day supplies and comfort items. This includes personal grooming items, nursing supplies such as blood pressure monitors, blanket warmers and furniture for the units to share.”

Sometimes though it’s just best to ask those who see the benefits the Friends bring every day… Please enjoy this video.

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Celebrity Dance Off

Travolta and Newton-John wrap up the Celebrity Dance Off

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Trevor Sopracolle went from watching the Celebrity Dance Off last year, to being front and centre this year!  Trevor was the first “Oil Man” in the Celebrity Dance Off.  Hopefully the first of many.  He’s also one of the toughest looking Travolta’s you’ll ever see.  Trevor and his pro partner Alex McPherson wrapped up the show with a brilliant choice of music from Grease.  “Olivia” was amazing.. and “John” turned the world upside down.  See for yourself. .. 

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