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This isn’t the time for “The Great Reset”


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From the Facebook page of Red Deer – Lacombe MP Blaine Calkins

Recently the World Economic Forum developed a plan called “The Great Reset” as a way to use the pandemic to change the global political and economic systems. In September, Justin Trudeau spoke to the United Nations and used the phrase “the pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.”
It is hard to believe that anyone would look at the human suffering and economic destruction caused by COVID-19 and see an opportunity. It’s even harder to believe that anyone would think that this is the right time to impose an agenda Canadians haven’t asked for which will create even more uncertainty.
As I wrote in my MP Report regarding the Speech from the Throne: “(Trudeau) has used the pandemic to pitch a massive shift towards socialism, with proposed direct government interventionism into all aspects of our lives.”
That is why he sees the pandemic as an opportunity – an opportunity to put his socialist ideology into action at a time when Canadians genuinely need government support to help get through the pandemic. With the light at the end of the tunnel now in sight, Trudeau is signaling he wants to use the “reset” to create permanent perpetual dependence on the government for all Canadians.
This is particularly true of Alberta and the West, where the values of hard work, freedom and self-reliance continue to be held close to our hearts. The Trudeau Liberal’s view the temporary hard times that the energy sector has fallen on as an opening to try and kill the sector. They believe that without this source of well-paying jobs and prosperity, that Albertans will lose their values and work ethic and allow themselves to become reliant on big government. We know that this isn’t what Albertans want.
This isn’t the time to be “reimagining” the economy and it’s certainly not time for Trudeau to toy with our future by using globalist organizations to impose his will on Canadians.
The only “great reset” we need is to change the government, which we can do as soon as the NDP stop propping up the Liberals.
Canada’s Conservatives priorities are jobs, growth, and prosperity. Under the strong leadership of Erin O’Toole, we will put Canada and Canadians first!


Red Deer South MLA Jason Stephan open letter calling for hope and unity in times of fear and contention

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Submitted by Red Deer South MLA Jason Stephan

COVID-19, let’s have more hope and less fear

While COVID-19 should be respected, I am concerned there is too much fear, contention and polarization; hope is so much better.

Relying on true principles results in more happiness and better choices, carrying us through challenging times to better days. I know this is true.

One foundational principle of the United Conservative Party is to “[a]ffirm the family as the building block of society and the means by which citizens pass on their values and beliefs and ensure that families are protected from intrusion by government.” I love that.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is intended to protect families from intrusions by government.

When I was studying the Charter in law school, I learned that Section 2 of the Charter recognizes “fundamental freedoms” including freedoms of “association” and “peaceful assembly.”

The freedom of association allows for the “achievement of individual potential through interpersonal relationships”.

What interpersonal relationships allow for more opportunities for “achievement of our potential,” individually or collectively, than in our families?

The freedom of assembly protects the “physical gathering of people”. What physical gatherings are more important than with our own families?

Belonging to, and gathering in, our families are not mere fundamental freedoms, they are also among the highest, most important, expressions of these freedoms.

Families are the fundamental unit of society. More than ever, families need each other and need to be supported.

Section 1 of the Charter requires “minimal impairment”, “rational connection” and “proportionality” between the objective of reducing harms from COVID through public health orders and the harms of imposing limits on the freedoms of families to gather and act in ways to support each other in these challenging times.

I am blessed to be the father of two adult sons and a teenage daughter who I love.

Like many parents, I am concerned about the impact health orders are having on the mental and emotional health of our children.

I feel joy watching my sons become independent of their parents, to seek happiness as they individually see fit.

Yet, like many parents, I see the work and effort of young adults threatened by lockdowns or shutdowns with devasting social and economic consequences.

This ought not to be. Some of the loudest voices calling for more lockdowns or shutdowns, will not lose a penny of pay, while those impacted may lose it all.

No child under 20 has died from COVID-19 in Alberta. A single positive COVID case in a high school should not automatically result in 118 other students sent home to isolate, just because they were in the same classrooms, notwithstanding physical distancing may have been maintained throughout, and notwithstanding a student is in good health and exhibiting no symptoms.

Public health measures require these school children to go home and isolate for up to 14 days, avoiding close contact with household members, including parents, not leave their properties, even for walk, and even if they have no symptoms. For some children, all of this can be very unhealthy. Parents seeking the well-being of their children may be compelled to respond differently.

The WHO defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Orders, lockdowns and shutdowns impose long term physical, mental and emotional health costs, especially on our children.

Children should never be made to fear. Truth is an antidote to fear. Truth is a knowledge of things as they are and as they are to come.

Perspective is integral to understanding truth.

Interpreting facts in isolation, or with selective fact emphasis, distorts perspective, allowing fears to take root.

Providing facts in context, with a balanced emphasis, supports healthier perspectives.

Vaccinations are increasing and the observed cyclical incidence of COVID-19 lessens as summer approaches.

Selective fact emphasis should not be used to magnify risk. Media hysteria, and those seeking to leverage a narrative of fear are not serving the truth.

While we should vigilant, fear should not be used as a tool to coerce compliance to restrictions. Great leaders lead in love and inspire hope and the best in those they serve.

Prescriptive approaches used for unhealthy individuals, should not be used for healthy populations. Prescriptive approaches can deny responsible adults the opportunity to make personal judgments appropriate for their own circumstances, their families, and their children.

A principled vision of hope trusts Albertans to govern themselves and their families in respectful ways. We will have more hope, and we will be healthier and happier.

We can love truth and trust that it will prevail.

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Heritage Lanes frustrated by province’s decision to continue lockdown measures

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For some of us, lockdown measures are an inconvenience.  Wearing a mask and standing in a line (longer than usual) may be the way we remember this period (if it ends that is).  Meanwhile, others wish they could just have a chance to open their businesses.  They wish they could allow people with masks to come in.  They wish they could rush around with sanitizer cleaning up after customers.  Even if there aren’t as many allowed in as usual.  That’s the case for a favourite local bowling alley in Red Deer.  Here’s how Heritage Lanes reacted to this weeks announcement that lockdown measures would continue despite the fact there are under 300 people in hospital with COVID in the province of Alberta. For now Heritage Lanes remains closed, hoping they will somehow hold on until people are allowed to bowl again.

To all those suffering the loss of a loved one or worried about the potential threat of COVID 19 to your life, we feel for you.  And to all those who are restricted from attempting to (protect and to) serve your customers and earn a living for yourself and your employees, we feel for you too.

Here’s a message from Heritage Lanes

From the Facebook page of Heritage Lanes 

To all our Valued Customers and Friends,

The greatly anticipated date of March 22nd has come and gone and the only message given by our Provincial Government leaves us once again with disappointment and confusion. We aren’t the only Bowling Center in the province feeling this frustration and the struggle is very real for all of us.
Our best wishes go out to all the centers across Alberta, hoping we can all hang in there a bit longer and see this through. However, with some big box retail outlets having record setting years, the whole “We’re in this together” doesn’t seem appropriate and I’m sure has lost its meaning to all the struggling proprietors. It would be a shame to see some centers closing their doors permanently when bowling is such a huge part of so many people’s lives within our communities. Bowling is so important for the mental health and happiness for so many people and we really just want the chance to provide this again in a safe and secure environment. Just give us a chance!
That being said, without a reopen or new announcement date provided, we currently can’t confirm any information at this time, however, it is our plan to complete 2020-2021 League Play season with a 4 -6 week wrap up, and then roll right into spring and summer league, your support would be greatly appreciated moving forward this summer and into next fall. Don’t for get about our Kids Bowl FREE All Summer program @ We miss everyone and look forward to sharing laughs and creating memories with all of you again in the near future.
The Heritage Lanes Team
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