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“The Battery of Choice” – Does the Future of Energy lie in Lithium Tech?


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At the crossroads of technological development and clean energy innovation, interest in the lithium battery continues to gain traction across the global market. Using the lightest metal on the periodic table, lithium batteries have massive potential in the fields of green technology and power generation and storage. With a large charging capacity and extended lifetime, lithium batteries have been increasingly regarded as a game-changing technology for a number of industries. 

The University of Washington Clean Energy Institute identified Li-ion batteries as the “market leader in portable electronic devices”. The CEI also highlighted the importance of Li-ion tech in the clean energy conversation, as “much of the promise of Li-ion technology comes from their potential applications in battery-powered cars.” 

E3 Metals Corp, an innovative energy company founded in 1998, believes lithium is the future. “When you have a mobile application, a phone, a car, a power tool,” says Chris Doornbos, President & CEO of E3 Metals Corp, “lithium is it. It’s light, its high energy density. It is the battery of choice.” 

E3 Metals operates a major reservoir located in Leduc, referring to the province’s favourable permit processes and industry-friendly regulations as the “Alberta Advantage”. The company’s ultimate goal is to produce “battery-grade lithium hydroxide that can be used directly within lithium-ion batteries.” 

Using their own lithium extraction technology, E3 Metals is able to extract lithium from brine in the Leduc reservoir with a high level of accuracy, producing a lithium-rich solution virtually free of impurities. The company is currently pursuing the commercialization of this tech, which would allow for even greater expansion into this Alberta rich resource. 

The Alberta Advantage also refers to the opportunity E3 Metals Corp has to repurpose existing oil and gas infrastructure for use in the extraction and production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide. According to Doornbos, Alberta is in the position to diversify and fill existing gaps in the economy by transitioning to lithium production alongside oil and gas, while utilizing the existing workforce. “Alberta can produce both, and we will produce both for a long time,” he says, “and that means that we’ll have a stronger, healthier economy, without having to retool the entire workforce.”

E3 Metals believes 2020 will be a year of lithium stories, characterized by the further expansion and development of Alberta’s lithium resources. Doornbos looks forward to the continued growth of E3 Metals Corp and working with other industry leaders who believe that lithium-ion batteries have an important role to play in our future. 


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