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The time has come, or A Tale of Two Cities (abridged): SCTV NEWS April 27, 2020


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Scene: SCTV new studio, with lights up and music coming up in the background…

Lights show Earl Camembert and Floyd Robertson seated behind the news desk.

Earl Camembert: Good evening Floyd

Floyd Robertson: Good evening Earl…you’re looking rather crumpled today.

Earl (looking down at his suit and frowning): Well Floyd, with all this social distancing today. My suit shirt had a coffee stain from working online at home so, I looked around the closet and found this…

Camera close up to a GO ARGOS GO T-shirt with a rip across the top.

Earl frowns.

Floyd: Well Earl, that was some catch…it’s a good thing you didn’t like the spice girls back then…

Earl mutters.

Floyd: What was that Earl…

Earl: We don’t all get clothing allowances like you.

Floyd (smugly): First anchor, first class treatment…It’s time for the news Earl.

Earl: Well, Floyd. Hmmmpf…I thought, despite my attire, that I would be professional and do the news in the style of Charles Dickens…


It was the worst of times, recession, green house gases, oil industry collapse, industry collapse world wide, pipeline cancelations.

Then came corona.

Then it really was the worst of times.

Without an open economy, the world shut down. Airlines, borders, restaurants, hotels, sporting and cultural events, places of worship, tourist locations and services deemed non-essential.

For months, governments around the world poured money into the economies. Redemption in the form of future debt was the ‘salvation’ for the population at large. Guaranteed incomes, benefits, wage subsidies and extended deadlines for government documents was rolled out.

Banks and some universal utilities contributed with deferred payments and wiped out late payment charges and cut interest rates to 6.99% on some credit cards to help-out.

Amidst the world of chaos, cries of fear from the general population arose as the official W.H.O. line demanded social distancing, isolation of both healthy and un-healthy citizens, work on a vaccine that may or may not work and may or may not include tracking chips and a hierarchy that popularized masks, gloves and hand sanitizers.

FEAR, not REASON became the ruling line in the sand.

Be afraid…be afraid…You MAY die…Your aunt, uncle or grandma may die…


While in the background, many theories around the corona virus swirled. Man made killer, bat-human virus combination, population control, social experiments and the rebirth of global socialism weaved through the world wide web.

Follow the science….even though the facts changed weekly.

Follow the science…even though people still got ill and died in the same numbers with or without self isolation.

Follow the science…The W.H.O. knows best.

Meanwhile, back on planet earth, where people really lived. Weeks and possibly months of isolation have and will have wreaked havoc on populations with increased loneliness, suicide, mental illness and a sense of panic and potential rebellion.

Previously, on As the World Turns, the United Nations policy 21 and global warming lobby had increased pressure on world governments to decrease carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2030. However the scientific community opposed the measures and levels imposed by the partisan group. World populations argued that taxes will not solve pollution, however, a young environmentalist screamed “how Dare You!” to leaders world-wide.

She goes on to be Times news maker of the year.

However, behind another curtain, child trafficking and abortions are side tracked to side B and C of the Hit song by Rebellion Extinction, Oil Today, Gone Tomorrow, a particularly poppy number featuring the chorus, “I want a world free from Oil, Ice Age once, and now again…I want a world free of oil, Sierra Club..Sierra Club,”

In another corner of the building, Bill Gates is playing Risk with real life people and businesses while the Gates Foundation plans world domination through technology and forced vaccinations. George Soros smiles while his funding programs over the last 40 years have finally changed the social fabric of the western world and human life is worth less than a cat or a dog stuck in a tree.

However, all is not doom and gloom, the controlled media spins the best news from the worst intentions while ignoring the facts and principle that news should be investigative not propaganda. Print media empires begin to fall and digital access to information, siphoned through selective masks in the internet is controlled and negative press from central points of view are deleted.

Despite the media protestations, voices of dissidence rise from the disenfranchised and educated. Rebel scientists, cast out from corporations and governments release facts that barely make a wave on the pond. People listen and wait for the truth to come out.

On the entertainment front, Lady Gaga performed to a sell out digital virtual concert while other main stream performers whose sole function is to entertain and introduce unsavory lyrics and concepts into the world continue unabated.

But wait, there are voices of dissent.

And they cry out, read, research, think, be critical and pass the word.

BE CRITICAL. Question.

Do not be silent.

Floyd: Speaking of silent Earl, that was pretty good. Did you write that yourself?

Early: I do have a degree in English Literature Floyd!

Floyd laughs.

Floyd: Well, let me do my William Shakespeare inspired news item.

On that note, let’s recognize that while the world leaders fiddle as their countries and societies plunge into controlled chaos and lemmingdom, they are only doing and following what was spoken of so long ago by the Prophets. They are fighting and kicking the uncomfortable fact that their kingdom is surely coming to an end when their power, lust and greed is countered by the Gospel of Jesus that teaches compassion, love, sacrifice, obedience, salvation and forgiveness of sins.

And his Kingdom will have no end.

It will then be the best of times.

Floyd and Earl bow their heads.

Floyd and Earl together: Well, every now and then we have to be serious. Amen folks!

Writers note: A special thanks to SCTV, Charles Dickens, and William Shakespeare

BONUS: A SCTV news broadcast

National level volleyball talent – Notre Dame Cougars’ Shynelle Woroniuk is ASDC Central Athlete of the Month


Tim Lasiuta is a Red Deer writer, entrepreneur and communicator. He has interests in history and the future for our country.

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Carnival Cinemas = movie theatre and virtual reality complex open again!

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After 3 months of cinematic silence, digital projects will again come to life at Carnival Cinemas on Friday night.
“It has been a tough 3 months,” said theatre owner Bill Ramji. “This weekend, we come back to life!”
Movie goers can choose from Trolls World Tour, Sonic the Hedgehog, I Still Believe and the classic 1970s
film E.T.
Carnival Cinemas has kept prices steady at $5 and still offers the same snack bar and games arcade center in addition to Ctrl V, their virtual reality entertainment complex.

“We will still offer the same services as before, for meetings, birthday parties, and other rentals to serve our customers,” said Ramji. “We are ready to be central Red Deer’s entertainment hub.”
Over the last weeks, the Carnival parking lot has been home to food trucks, a move which was initiated last year.
“Having food trucks in our lot gives us good visibility,” added Ramji. “Last year we even had a small collectors market day for local comic book and card collectors.”
Ramji noted that movie goers can go online at to view their current film slate and view online trailers.



#RedDeerStrong – Reduce your pain, improve your movement, function your best with Pursuit Physiotherapy


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#RedDeerStrong – Reduce your pain, improve your movement, function your best with Pursuit Physiotherapy

Published on

What does your business do?

Pursuit Physiotherapy helps people in Central Alberta to feel their best, move their best, and recover from injuries.
Our compassionate, highly skilled therapists help you to pursue the activities that you want to do. Reduce your pain, improve your movement, function at your best!

Some of the things that we can help with:

Chronic neck/back pain or injuries
Sports injuries
Joint sprains and Muscle strains
Pelvic Health issues like incontinence or pain
Motor Vehicle Accident recovery
Pain and Stiffness that prevents you from doing the things that you love

How has COVID-19 affected you?

The clinic was closed for about 7 weeks because of the pandemic. It is now open at a reduced capacity to ensure the environment is safe for all of our clients. We are pleased that all of our staff are now back working and have availability to treat you. We appreciate your referrals as we rebuild!

What are you doing to adapt?

At Pursuit Physiotherapy, we have always treated patients on a “one-on-one” basis and minimized wait times. This has allowed us to transition into the “new normal” without disrupting your care plan. We have treatment zones and safety measures in place, including masking, to minimize the potential for virus spread. Also, we continue to offer Video Treatments, also known as Telehealth or Virtual Health. This allows our clients that need to stay home to access treatment. Physiotherapists provide a lot of education and exercise so you’d be surprised how much can be accomplished virtually!

What kind of help do you need?

Help us spread the word: We are open and we want to serve our community. We can see you for in-person treatment or via video. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions to determine your best plan for physiotherapy.

Our New Look at Pursuit Physio

Meet our new Staff!Just kidding. Same great team. Same great treatment. Different look. Longer hair and masks. This is us for the next while!For some information on procedural changes, check out our website:

Posted by Pursuit Physiotherapy Corp. on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

What do you want the community to know?

Being unable to treat patients for almost 2 months really spelled it out for us:
We missed our patients!
Helping you is what we do. We love to offer help to make you feel better, do better, and pursue your goals. This has been a stressful time for our entire community. Do not suffer unnecessarily because of muscle tension, changes to your workplace environment, or new injuries – We would love the opportunity to help you!

Highlights info row image  110, 2840 Bremner Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta T4R 1M9
Highlights info row image  (403) 356-9789
Highlights info row image Hours 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM
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