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Red Deer RCMP announce interim Officer in Charge



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  • Feb. 4, 2019

    Red Deer, Alta. – Chief Superintendent Shahin Mehdizadeh, District Commander of the Central Alberta RCMP, has announced Inspector Gerald Grobmeier as Interim Officer in Charge of the Red Deer RCMP detachment.

    Inspector Grobmeier assumes these duties from Superintendent Foster, who has taken a temporary assignment outside of the detachment.

    “I would like to thank Superintendent Foster for his dedicated service during his time in Red Deer,” said C/Supt. Mehdizadeh. “He has made a lasting impact on the community and the detachment, having achieved significant outcomes with regards to crime reduction and prevention. I wish him luck in his future endeavours and know that he will be missed.”

    Superintendent Foster has over 25 years of service with RCMP, and joined the Red Deer RCMP as Officer in Charge of Red Deer in August 2016.

    A permanent Officer in Charge will be named in the future.


    from Red Deer RCMP

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    Provincial government says photo radar a cash grab.. changes coming



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  • Minister Mason announces changes to photo radar

    From the Province of Alberta

    Photo radar must focus on safety

    An independent third-party review of photo radar operations in Alberta shows that it has a marginal contribution to traffic safety across the province. Changes to the provincial guidelines governing the use of the devices will enhance transparency, increase oversight and enshrine the principle that photo radar can be used only to improve road safety.

    “Our goal is to eliminate photo radar as a tool for revenue generation. Photo radar operations must contribute to significant traffic safety outcomes, like reducing collisions and saving lives. We are updating the provincial photo radar guidelines to provide the direction and clarity that municipalities and police agencies need in order to focus on safety.”

    Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

    The independent review shows that the photo radar guidelines need to produce better data to demonstrate how photo radar contributes to traffic safety. The guideline changes will:

    • Improve accountability by clarifying roles and responsibilities for photo radar programs.
    • Require municipal Traffic Safety Plans to use collision data to ensure photo radar programs are directly tied to safety. The plans will be audited by the provincial government to ensure compliance.
    • Require police services and/or municipalities to post and update photo radar locations and their rationale on municipal/police websites every month (links will be provided on
    • Prohibit the use of photo radar in transition zones (i.e. adjacent to speed limit signs where speed limits change).
    • Prohibit the use of photo radar on high-speed multi-lane roadways, unless there is a documented traffic safety issue.
    • Require annual reporting and evaluation of how photo radar programs are achieving traffic safety outcomes.

    Conventional traffic enforcement, such as police patrolling or scanning traffic with radar, is still allowed in locations where automated enforcement is prohibited. Radar is also still allowed in school zones, playground zones and construction zones.

    Over the next year, government will work with municipalities to implement guideline changes, allowing enough time for municipalities to adapt. Government will work with municipalities to refine the guidelines for photo radar site selection, operational restrictions and data collection that will allow for improved and ongoing program evaluation.

    Quick facts

    • Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE), commonly referred to as photo radar, is prohibited on provincial highways. It can be used only on sections of highway that pass through municipal boundaries.
    • Currently, 27 municipalities in Alberta are using photo radar programs within their jurisdictions.
    • The existing photo radar guidelines have been in effect since 2014.
    • The independent third-party review found that:
      • More and better data is required from municipalities to justify the use of photo radar and to demonstrate how photo radar contributes to traffic safety.
      • Over a 10-year period, photo radar has been directly responsible for a:
        • 1.4 per cent decrease in collision rates
        • 5.3 per cent reduction in the proportion of fatal collisions

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    United We Roll Day 2 on Parliament Hill



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  • It sure was a rocky start in terms of press coverage from the national media… but the United We Roll Convoy organizers have been feeling the support of thousands of Canadians who are behind them and cheering them on.  It will be interesting to see if they get what they consider a fair shake at sharing their messaging.. but one thing is certain.  They made it and they won’t give up.

    Here’s a video from head organizer Glen Carritt to his followers this morning.. Day 2 of the United We Roll Convoy protest on Parliament Hill


    Here’s what organizer Haley Wile had to say to her followers this morning on the second day of the United We Roll Convoy Ottawa protest.

    Hey friends and fellow Canadians 🇨🇦👊

    Today is another proud day on Parliament Hill. We know that we are on the right track and getting the message out to Canadians! The reason we know this is because the media has doubled down on their attacks. They are accusing Glen Carritt of abandoning the convoy and running away with all of the go fund me proceeds. This couldn’t be further from the truth! He is an incredible leader and has been standing shoulder to shoulder with this amazing convoy! We are excited for today and even more excited to hit the road tomorrow and spend time with our fellow Canadians!! That has been the most special and important part of this journey. Canadians supporting Canadians! We love you all so much!!



    The day started on a sour note as United We Roll Convoy organizers realized the media was not necessarily going to help them spread their message.  But after receiving hundreds of messages from Canadians urging them to stay strong Haley Wile’s Day 1 experience on Parliament Hill took a turn for the better.

    This is from MP Dane Lloyd who came out of Parliament to watch, support, and address the United We Roll Convoy:

    I was so honoured to speak at the United We Roll Convoy Protest on Parliament Hill today. I met many Albertans and folks from across this country who want to get rid of the carbon tax, build pipelines and get our country back on track. Share if you stand with us!

    Great shot of the Convoy on Day 1 of the protest from Robert Bennetts of Precision Drilling… from British Columbia.

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