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My Weekly Crime


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Last week, at Deer Parks Drive-In church service, it was announced that Alberta Health Services was considering not allowing the drive-in format for congregations as it was still ‘risky’.

In pondering the statement, I was struck by a number of thoughts.

During the Covid 19 crisis internationally, we have seen the future, and it is rule by fear.

In my lifetime, I never thought I would see a day where a strong democracy like Canada would turn so rapidly to what functions like socialism in response to what may potentially be a man-made virus designed to decrease world populations.

In this time, we have seen the integrity of the WHO being questioned.  We have seen the best laid plans of governments worldwide set aside in order to fund citizens and businesses short term survival.  We have seen businesses and individuals labeled essential or non-essential and as a result become paid to stay home.  We have seen self isolation and the rise of Science as our saviour more than we ever have before!  The rise of social distancing has created fear between people, has created a frustration that we cannot meet together for coffee, meals, worship services, movies, sports events, camping, fishing and anything that improves our mental, physical and spiritual health.

But we can go to Walmart, Superstore, Coop, Safeway, liquor stores and marijuana outlets, hardware stores and banks.

The fact that we believe a N95 or KN95 mask will protect us, or that a plexi-shield will save us, or that a 2 meter zone between carts is reasonable is incomprehensible in light of decisions that do not allow a drive-in-church service with six feet of dirt, inches of steel and glass between people, declaring it risky!

This is a time when national parks which contribute to physical and mental health are closed.  If any zone is easier to maintain social distancing in, it is the Rockies or parks around the province.  While we stay home to protect our country, we breathe in stale air instead of clean, crisp air cleaned by our nearly endless forests!

Any good therapist or mental health professional will tell you that an individual needs a balance between physical, spiritual and mental attributes.

Any practising Christian will tell you that being banned from church services, even while watching streamed ones, is damaging to our congregations.  We need the support-prayer and friendship, of our fellow believers.

Denying any sector of the community, sports, spiritual or hobbyist contributes to a poor balance which will lead to long term negative side effects.

In conversation with a senior recently, I was told that “Tim, a new normal is coming and I don’t know what it will look like but I don’t like it already.  I am afraid for my grand kids.”

That is the price that our future generations will pay for the global response to this virus and efforts behind the scenes that we are not privy too.

Good decisions are made with the best available evidence.  Great decisions are made with future results taken into effect from the road we take today.

Looking ahead, I can see the following:

  1. Greater powers given to Health Departments for disease control
  2. Incredible public debt which will pass onto our children and grand children
  3. Policies that have been enacted will be suspended but not stricken from the legal record for use in future crisis.
  4. Fear of people and increased mental disorders worldwide
  5. The possibility of a guaranteed national income
  6. A slippery slope towards socialism
  7. Conditioning of a generation that believes society (and the government) owes them everything-legislated entitlement

However, in conversation there is a shared belief that this crisis will pass and the draconian measures imposed will mostly fade away, but in the meanwhile, the spirit of people to wander and engage in meaningful conversation will not be put down.

People will gather to worship any way they can.  They will meet in small groups under 15 and nourish their souls.

And as Rush wrote in “Red Barchetta,”


“My Uncle has a country place, That no one know about

He says it used to be a farm, Before the motor law

Now on Sundays I elude the eyes, And take the turbine freight

To far outside the wire, Where my white haired uncle waits


I strip away the old debris, That hides a shining car

A brilliant red Barchetta, From a better varnished time

I fire up the willing engine, Responding with a roar

Tires spitting gravel , I commit my weekly crime.”

So, in full comprehension of what may come if the Sunday gathering is allowed I will go. Who will join me in committing our weekly crime, being fully obedient to the Lord!


Tim Lasiuta is a Red Deer writer, entrepreneur and communicator. He has interests in history and the future for our country.

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Today’s politicians could learn a thing or two from the movies.

Published on

Christopher Walken (actor) played the part of an owner of a gold mine in the move “The Rundown”. In this role he demanded to know “what is wrong with those people” who worked in his mine. He paid them, built them a town, put shirts on their backs.

Never mind the low wages, the hard labor, and the brutality of life, what is wrong with them?

“Total Recall” involved a mine owner with the same problem.

These are extreme cases of fiction but it is only the location and the exaggeration of the issue that is fiction.

Today under the guise of fiscal stewardship we suffer many the same maladies depicted (albeit exaggerated), in these movies.

Political leaders maintain too small a circle of influence, and begin to believe that, what is right for their circle, is right for everyone. If they do well, everyone will do well. Like the mine owner in the movie, today’s politicians believe it.

Current Prime Minister Trudeau, actually, in my opinion, believed it when he tried to fix the boondoggle an international Canadian based, business got into by seeking a special prosecution agreement. Later he realized he was wrong.

When cities handed off development to large developers, they became subservient to the developers, many believe, and start to preach, what is good for the developers are good for their cities.

Locally we have spent many tens of millions, of tax-payers money, on roads and services, fire halls, police stations, transit, public meetings, studies and planning to accommodate the developers.

In Red Deer, our population increased by 195 people, since 2015, while we built 1299 new homes, our house assessments depreciated 2 % eliminating any new tax base. Did we learn anything? No we are still accommodating the desires of large developers.

Premier Jason Kenney has the same problem as Christopher Walken’s character. “What is wrong with those people?”  As the mine owner, lining his pockets or those of his investors was paramount. He controlled everything, if you needed food you bought from his store at his prices. Education was only for young people too young to work in the mine. He ripped them off by underpaying, because he intimidated “those people”.

Premier Kenney has owners of big businesses,coal mines and oil and gas companies with eyes on profits, demanding more and easier access to money. Like the fictional mine owner controlling his town, Kenney thinks he owns the province.

He went after “those people”, our pension, “What’s wrong with those people?” He cut their minimum wages. “What’s wrong with those people?” He is bringing in Bills that will allow longer hours (12 hour work days) without overtime pay. He is cutting public education so private enterprise can make profit. He is privatising more segments of health care so private enterprise can make profit. “What’s wrong with those people?” He is restricting free speech, the right to protest, and the right to assemble.

In the movies the characters are 2 dimensional and it appears that in politics the characters are also only 2 dimensional. But “those people” are 3 dimensional and will eventually rise up and take control back.

Politicians like actors are not the only 2D characters in these scenarios, they need supporting underlings. In the movies they are directed and led, told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. It seems in politics it is very much the same.

In the movies, The Rundown and in Total Recall, the owners were done in by greed, in the political arena many politicians went too far.

Today’s politicians should watch a few movies they might learn a thing or two.

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Whisker Rescue Society fundraiser “Please Give so Kitties Can Live”

Published on

From the Whisker Rescue Society of Alberta

Hairball Madness

Whisker Rescue is proud to support 3 fantastic people who have offered to get Mohawks as a fundraiser for the Whisker Rescue Society of Alberta. They will be gathering donations and have their golden locks trimmed on July 13th at 1:pm at 22 Durand Crescent Red Deer.

We at Whisker Rescue are asking for everyone to please support them with donations in their effort. Lenn Opseth and his 2 grandsons, Brylan (10) and Anthony (8) Hawkings are so generously shedding their hair so very deserving kitties can live.

Donations help this very crucial organization save lives of kitties one life at a time which is struggling each day. Whisker Rescue Society is 100% volunteer run, we have no paid staff. I am asking for everyone, friends and family who can and would like to donate to this very worthwhile cause to support these 3 wonderful, generous people.

Every dollar raised goes towards the kitties and they thank you. God Bless you and kitty kisses to all. We could kiss you right meow!!

With Covid-19 this year, we are desperately low on donation dollars due to not being able to do so much of our fundraising. Every bit you can donate to this wonderful cause means so much and we thank you. Tax receipts given for donations of $20 and up!

Whisker Rescue is a non-profit charitable organization based out of Red Deer, Alberta, that strives to provide basic needs such as shelter, food, medical attention, and adoption opportunities to stray, homeless & surrendered cats in our care.

We are a no-kill organization that relies on volunteers to give every cat that enters our adoption program the time, patience, love and cuddles they need until their forever homes can be found.

Our Services Include:
• A warm kennel and cuddles from our volunteers and vet staff.
• Time spent nurturing and bottle-nursing kittens without mothers.
• Food and supplies such as litter, litter boxes, blankets and toys for foster homes.
• Medication for cats and kittens suffering from diseases and infections (i.e.. Upper Respiratory)
• Financial assistance to families (when funds are available) to assist in spaying or neutering their own cats to help control stray populations.

Donations can be made by:

Phone 403-347-1251

email [email protected] 

e-transfer to [email protected] 


Cheque – Mail to:

Box 27138
Red Deer, AB T4N 6X8.

Thank you for your support! We could kiss you right MEOW



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