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Lending Cupboard will move to north Gaetz


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New Location for The Lending Cupboard MOVIN’ ON UP!

After 12 great years in our current location, the great ‘Cupboard Conversion’ will soon be underway!

Announcing: Our New Location!

Yes, we’re movin’ on up – up Gaetz Avenue, that is.

Our new location will be 7803 – 50th Ave. on the east side of Gaetz Ave. just across the street from the northside Rona store (formerly Totem).

This new, highly visible and easy-to-access location will have ample parking for our clients and it will also essentially double our size.

This facility features more than 6,200 sq. ft. of space, offering the Cupboard ample room to continue to grow to meet the ever-increasing demand.

We hope to take early possession of the space in June and undertake an ambitious renovation project to make the new space a thoroughly comfortable, functional Lending Cupboard home with plenty of room to grow over the next decade.

Our goal is to move in by August.

The move itself comes with costs, of course, and doubling our size also involves increased operational costs. To that end, we will be counting on our generous community’s support as always.

Our goal for this campaign is $500,000.

The Lending Cupboard is committed to supporting everyone in Central Alberta to live with dignity, mobility, and independence. Whether it’s by personal injury, compromised health or surgery, or advanced age, the numbers of people who need access to reliable, functional medical equipment is on the rise.

The Lending Cupboard also serves a number of communities all across Central Alberta and beyond and intends to be here to provide the needed services and support for many years to come.

And as mentioned, we need the community now more than ever.

The vice chair of The Lending Cupboard’s board of directors, Bradley Williams, is serving as the Chair of the Spring Cupboard Campaign.

Those interested in joining the committee or learning more about corporate sponsorship, or any other aspect of the campaign, are invited to contact him at [email protected] .

You can also contact Executive Director Dawna Morey at [email protected] or by calling 403-356-1678 ext. 202.

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