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17 hospitalized in Central Alberta, 4 in ICU with COVID19 – Update from Mike York


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The AHS Covid-19 report for Wednesday November 26 goes as follows:
In our Central Zone, 87 new cases were reported along with 41 new recoveries in the last 24 hours. This brought along with it an increase of 46 new active cases in the region.
17 individuals are now in hospital which is 1 less than yesterday but there are now 4 people in ICU which is up 1 from yesterday’s report.

As far as our fine city of Red Deer, 14 additional cases were reported and 6 recoveries in the last 24 hours. We now have a total of 149 active cases of the virus in our city.

Here are some analytics regarding recent new cases of Covid-19 and how it breaks down into age groups in our Central Zone:
November 21-24 (370 cases in last 4 Days)
0-1 yrs. – 1 case
1-4 yrs. – 11 cases
5-9 yrs. – 14 cases
10-19 yrs. – 72 cases
20-29 yrs. – 66 cases
30-39 yrs. – 53 cases
40-49 yrs. – 55 cases
50-59 yrs. – 45 cases
60-69 yrs – 24 cases
70-79 yrs. – 20 cases
80+ yrs – 19 cases
* Of note – An upsurge in the teenage bracket now has it with the highest % of cases @ almost 20%.
The working class brackets, (20-60 yrs.) represents nearly 60% of all new cases, while the seniors bracket, (60-80+ yrs) represents only 17% of all new cases.
Cheers, and play safe people.

-Moved to Red Deer in the fall of 1972. -Worked with developmentally challenged at Michener Centre for 11 years. -Part of the business community for 30 years running restaurants, and courier services. -Father of 4 children -Currently work at Leon's Furniture in Red Deer (6 years)

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Red Deer South MLA urges Premier Kenney to allow businesses to reopen

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A message from the Facebook page of Red Deer South MLA Jason Stephan

There is a lot of suffering in our community right now. Many of our local businesses have been ordered to close. There is a human cost, sometimes great, that is difficult to properly account for in decisions mandating business closures.
I have listened to their stories, and yesterday, travelled and delivered in person to the Premier’s office, written requests signed by them, and by more than 200 other concerned members of our community, asking for businesses in our community, to reopen while respecting health recommendations, to provide livelihoods for themselves, their employees, and their families.
I recognize these requests may give offence to some. That is not the intention, there is too much contention. I hope we can have more empathy for each other.
Here is a perspective from a food and alcohol serving business ordered to close. Perhaps these real-life stories and feelings can lead to more understanding so that can help us be better in supporting and serving each other in these challenging times:
“I am reaching out today to ask for your help in pushing the provincial government and Alberta Health to expedite the reopening of the hospitality industry […] It should be noted that:”
“Many businesses have closed permanently. More will be forced to close over the next few months due to this current closure. Additionally as the runway to a complete reopening is sure to take considerable amounts of time then it can be assumed that many more will close trying to get to the end of the runway.”
“Additionally the long term effects of COVID, forced restrictions and lockdowns is numbing good operators and souring them on being in this industry. Our industry is full of passionate individuals and when the passion is gone our communities will lose out. Hospitality is the lifeblood of community.”
“The mental wellness of our industry operators and staff are at an all time low. Life and business uncertainty is causing intense anxiety for all in the hospitality industry.”
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Businesses On The Brink! Red Deer Chamber of Commerce takes a stand for 840 members

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With spiralling unemployment, business closures, and the threat of “irreparable” damage to our economy the Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce is taking action.  The Chamber which represents over 800 businesses in Central Alberta has sent a letter to the Provincial Government asking for a permanent end to business closures.  In the letter the Chamber points to a Statistics Canada employment report indicating 24,000 fewer people were working in Red Deer in December 2020, compared to December 2019.
A copy of the letter has been forwarded to Todayville.


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