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What’s Hot in Gaming in Alberta


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Alberta is known for a lot of things, most notably for being home to a huge oil industry with vast reserves in the Athabasca Oil Sands. Agriculture is another big part of the province, as is the giant municipal park in Edmonton nicknamed the “ribbon of green”.

If you’re looking for entertainment in Alberta, you won’t be disappointed either. The province has the largest mall in North America. Known as the West Edmonton Mall, it’s home to 800 stores, a giant waterpark, an ice rink, an aquarium, an escape room, a bowling alley, and an indoor karting track.

But this one-stop shop of fun doesn’t have a monopoly over excitement in the province. There are plenty of outdoor activities too, such as the outdoor rinks in Red Deer. Many Albertans also turn to video games to get their kicks, with around 55% of them enjoying the pastime regularly.

Like almost everything else in life, games come in and out of fashion regularly, making it hard sometimes to keep up with what’s trendy. So, to get you up to speed, here’s what’s hot in Albertan gaming right now.

Casino Games

Casino games are some of the oldest titles played today. Even modern video slots with their flashy graphics and exciting animations have their roots in 19th-century California.

Their age doesn’t put Albertans off though. Casino games continue to be popular in the province and across the rest of Canada. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that online casinos now offer many ways to play, including from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. They’ve also expanded their selection of games, creating unique variants of traditional titles like Single Deck Blackjack and Perfect Strategy Blackjack.

Another key driver of their popularity among Albertans is the live casino format which combines the convenience of playing online with the realism of visiting a land-based establishment.

Players can choose from a wide collection of games, such as Live Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, Live Football Studio Dice, and Live 9 Pots Of Gold. Each one offers an exciting experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Battle Royales

The battle royale genre of video games is a relatively new one. Its name comes from the 2000 movie, Battle Royale, as the premise of these games is similar to the plot of the film.

While there are some small differences between each game, they all share several key similarities. A match starts with a large number of players (usually 100) being dropped onto a map with no (or few) tools available to them.

They must then scavenge for resources, construct defences, and hunt down their opponents. Unlike more traditional shooting games, there is no re-spawning, so once you’ve been killed, that’s it for that match. The winner is the last player standing.

They’ve become huge hits right around the world, including here in Alberta thanks to the novel concept and huge variety in gameplay. Many of the most popular titles, such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Warzone, are also free to play, which makes them considerably more attractive than many paid-for alternatives.


The term “casual game” only entered common parlance in recent years, helped by social networks and smartphones. It refers to games that are designed to appeal to a wider audience and that have simpler rules and mechanics.

Hyper-casual games are an extension of this. As their names suggest they are more casual than traditional casual games, often requiring just a couple of minutes of commitment to play at a time. This is a sharp contrast to most other games which would require players to set aside a considerable chunk of time.

They are usually free and available on mobile, making them more accessible than almost any other genre of game on the market. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why they’re incredibly popular among Albertan gamers.

Some of the most popular hyper-casual titles right now include Bridge Race, Tall Man Run, Going Balls, Race Master 3D – Car Racing, and Fill the Fridge.


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Cannabis and Anxiety: Is it Actually a Good Match?

Published on

It’s pretty widespread that cannabis helps relieve a wide range of physical and mental health conditions, and it has been a common way of coping with anxiety and stress for many people. However, the relationship between cannabis and anxiety is pretty complicated because of debates among experts, and it’s better to learn more about the current research on the use of cannabis for anxiety and check an overview of the potential benefits and risks.


One of the main compounds found in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the drug’s psychoactive effects. THC works by binding to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating mood, pain, and other bodily functions. Studies have found that THC can help to reduce anxiety symptoms, particularly in individuals with specific forms of anxiety, such as social anxiety disorder.

On the other hand, another compound found in cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD), which does not produce psychoactive effects. CBD can also help reduce anxiety symptoms, and it has been effective in treating anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

There are many cannabis strains that have different content of THC and CBD, and that’s why it’s better to consult a specialist in advance and use something that’s more likely to help you cope with your mental health condition.

Other side of cannabis 

However, it is important to note that while some studies have shown that cannabis can be beneficial in reducing anxiety symptoms, others have found that it can actually worsen them. The reason for that is that the effects of cannabis can vary greatly depending on the individual and that different strains of cannabis can have different effects. Additionally, some people may be too sensitive to the psychoactive effects of THC, which can make their anxiety symptoms worse.

You should also consider that cannabis use can lead to addiction, especially among heavy users, and it can impair cognitive function, particularly memory and attention. Long-term use of cannabis may also lead to chronic bronchitis, poor lung function, and a higher risk of mental health issues such as depression and psychosis. Even though self-medicating with cannabis is getting pretty widespread, it’s recommended to talk to a medical professional to avoid struggling with side effects.

Furthermore, the legal implications of using cannabis are necessary to check in advance. While some states and countries have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, it remains outlawed in many other places. It’s essential to be aware of the cannabis regulations in your area before using it for any medical conditions to avoid having problems with the law.


Cannabis is not a universal solution when it comes to coping with anxiety symptoms. It’s better to consult a medical specialist, start with a low dosage, and work with reputable and legal sources like WestCoastSupply to order weed online and be sure that you get high-quality products. Moreover, you can check the lab test results to ensure that it is free of any harmful contaminants and that it has the right level of THC and CBD since these compounds have different effects on the body and mind. Also, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks, especially for those with a history of addiction or mental health issues.

Keep in mind that cannabis use should be part of a comprehensive treatment plan, and it should not replace traditional therapy and medication for anxiety disorders. 


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How To Save Money On Life Insurance in Canada

Published on

For many people in Canada life insurance isn’t a priority in their youth. Some of these individuals only start thinking of or considering insurance after attaining a certain age, which shouldn’t be the case at all. Although you might be neutral about it, it is highly advisable to consider or even get life insurance as soon as you start your career or have dependents. Although you might be young and healthy, you never know what the future holds, which is a reason you need to think/buy life cover.

Whatever your age or income is, getting life insurance is one of the best decisions you can ever make. This will help take care of your loved ones, especially during unfortunate times of need, cushioning them for some time until they can get back on their feet. It is also worth noting that life insurance comes in different packages and can be customized to suit one’s age, financial, and lifestyle needs. However, it would help if you window-shopped and researched the best life insurance in Canada before settling for the most appropriate and affordable one that fits your unique needs. Life insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Below are a few tips and tricks on saving money on life insurance. 

  1. Stay/Live Healthy

Make an effort to stay healthy and keep fit, and your premium costs will be much lower than anyone that doesn’t mind their health or physical fitness. This, however, entails keeping an eye on everything from the foods you eat (nutrition), leading an active lifestyle or exercising, managing stress, and getting enough sleep. Keeping your body weight in check and avoiding certain lifestyles/habits, including heavy alcohol consumption, smoking, etc., will help keep premium rates at the bare minimum. 

  1. Buy The Right Coverage

Consider buying just ‘enough’ life cover based on your health and specific needs. This is especially important at the beginning, where you can upgrade the coverage as needed. An excellent example of this is if you don’t have a family or dependents, the minimum life cover would be just OK. You can upgrade the coverage as years go by and have a family and people that look up to you. 

  1. Pay Upfront

Paying all your annual premiums upfront (in one lump sum) could also save you some money. One reason for this is that some insurance companies add service fees and other charges to each payment, making it a bit more expensive in the long run if you pay in smaller amounts or throughout the year. Be sure to look out for these charges with your preferred insurance company before paying in one lump sum. 

  1. Choose And Maintain a Term Life Policy

Term and permanent life insurance are the two most common and preferred life insurance policies. Term life insurance is designed to provide cover for a certain/determined period or specific needs. This can be in the form of years or paying for something, say college or a mortgage. It often is the most flexible and affordable, with some converting it to permanent insurance as time goes by. Permanent life insurance, on the other hand, is designed to last a lifetime and only pays benefits upon the holder’s death. Although a nice option, you could save a lot by choosing term life and then servicing it through. 

  1. Research On Different Policies/Features/Providers

Window shopping for different providers also makes it easier to compare various features and policies offered by the same. Some insurance providers will provide more features on specific policies than others. That said, you might want to focus on providers offering feature-rich policies but at an affordable rate. Comparing policies and features offered by different providers will give you the upper hand in determining the best one to buy from.

  1. Combine Policies with Your Spouse

Some insurance providers offer discounts for those that buy/combine policies with their spouses through the same company. 

  1. Add Your Child’s Insurance to Your Policy

A good number of providers and policies also allow parents to add their children’s insurance to their policy. One of the advantages of combining such is that all your kids will be insured under one policy for a unit price, saving you a lot in the long run. The kids can, however, choose to transfer the insurance to an individual policy after attaining the legal age (21). 

  1. Buy Life Insurance Early

Although you might know this, life insurance premiums cost much more for older adults than youths. This is because older adults are considered higher risk than the younger generation, a reason a youngster will pay less in life insurance premiums than their parents. Getting life insurance at a tender age could also help keep your premiums low. 

These are some of the ways you can save money on life insurance. You can also find out more about this from your preferred insurance provider.

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