The Role of City Councillor


As a candidate for city council, I believe it’s time to take a look at what a city councillor is and what they stand for.

A city councillor is not a representative of any special-interest group. They are not elected into office to pursue their own agenda. A city councillor is a Public Servant. They are elected into office to serve the public interests. They are hired by you, the people of the city, to do the best job they can to steer the city in the direction that the majority of the citizens wish to see it go.

One citizen is once again pushing for a ward system in Red Deer. This issue was voted on in the 2013 election, and an overwhelming majority of the people said they didn’t want such a system of representation. After speaking with many people as to why they voted against wards, the common consensus I am hearing is that they felt that in a city the size of Red Deer they were concerned that a ward system would stop progress because we would have one area of town voting against another area, instead of councillors looking at the city as a whole. Now this same person is saying we should hold another vote on the same issue. So far I have only heard a few residents even bring this up. Electing 8 councillors who would support a ward system does not mean a ward system will happen. An issue like this still needs to be put to a vote by the people.

Candidates that are promising to “fix the problems we face” are not fully understanding the position they are running for. This is not a presidential position, where you sign an executive order and the issue becomes law. We as candidates are hoping to hear from you the citizens as to what you want us to do, and then do it to the best of our abilities. You, the voters, are the boss; we, the candidates, are the employees.

I have some thoughts myself as a private citizen as to what I would like to see Red Deer achieve over the next 4 years, and farther into the future. However, I am not under the illusion that by being elected to office I will be able to push my own agenda through. Rather, I would hope that when the people of Red Deer identify an issue that they would like to see addressed, I might have an idea on a way to address it that would meet the approval of the majority of the people, and be done in a way that is both time- and cost-effective.

Please let me know any comments you may have regarding this issue. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jim Kristinson
Candidate for City Council

Red Deer

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