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The Return of Drive-In Christianity


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Just in time for Mother’s Day, Deer Park Church, has re-opened the Drive In!

With the lifting of the provincial ban on Drive-Ins in Alberta by the Dr. Hinshaw last week, Deer Park Church re-instituted their popular Drive-in style church services in Red Deer.

Despite inclement weather, more than 60 vehicles and 120 individuals filled the parking lot.

“Remember to stay inside your vehicles and follow the recommendations,” said Pastor Ben Elliott at the beginning of the service.  “We all want to visit but at this time we will not be having a potluck social or a greeting time.”

For several weeks, the Drive-In theatre service had been suspended as per provincial orders.  Behind the scenes, discussions with the province were ongoing.

On May 6, 2020, that changed when Deer Park’s Facebook post released the following information.

“Drive-In Services are back on!! We have received permission to start these again using safe social distancing practices when we gather. So, this Sunday at 10:15 am, you can choose to gather with us at our Online Service or at our Drive-In Service! Yay!”

Drive in Theatre, Toronto

During the service, Elliott spoke on the unique ways that God calls people to himself.

“In Acts, chapter 9, God called three people in three different ways,” he said.  “Paul was blinded by a heavenly light and taken to Damascus.  Ananias, a Syrian believer, was called by God to care for Paul during prayer, and two unidentified men were inspired to rescue Paul by lowering him in a basket over the city wall.”

He went on to say that Jesus calls people in all ways and he reflected on the present situation.

“We are called to not give up hope and to answer the call of God wherever we are,” Ben added.  “During this time, we are being challenged in our faith walk and according to Micah 6:8 we are to ‘do justice and to love kindness and walk humbly with (y)our God.”

Saying farewell

Across Canada, other churches have experimented with similar formats, most notably Aylmer, Ontario, Fort Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Clive, Alberta and Jeddore, Nova Scotia.

Meanwhile, as families drove away from the parking lot and waved at their friends, smiling faces said it all.

“Happy trails, until we meet again next week.”

For more information on Drive In Christianity, please go to:

Drive in Christianity!  Coming soon to a church near you!


Tim Lasiuta is a Red Deer writer, entrepreneur and communicator. He has interests in history and the future for our country.

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Carnival Cinemas = movie theatre and virtual reality complex open again!

Published on

After 3 months of cinematic silence, digital projects will again come to life at Carnival Cinemas on Friday night.
“It has been a tough 3 months,” said theatre owner Bill Ramji. “This weekend, we come back to life!”
Movie goers can choose from Trolls World Tour, Sonic the Hedgehog, I Still Believe and the classic 1970s
film E.T.
Carnival Cinemas has kept prices steady at $5 and still offers the same snack bar and games arcade center in addition to Ctrl V, their virtual reality entertainment complex.

“We will still offer the same services as before, for meetings, birthday parties, and other rentals to serve our customers,” said Ramji. “We are ready to be central Red Deer’s entertainment hub.”
Over the last weeks, the Carnival parking lot has been home to food trucks, a move which was initiated last year.
“Having food trucks in our lot gives us good visibility,” added Ramji. “Last year we even had a small collectors market day for local comic book and card collectors.”
Ramji noted that movie goers can go online at to view their current film slate and view online trailers.



#RedDeerStrong – Reduce your pain, improve your movement, function your best with Pursuit Physiotherapy


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#RedDeerStrong – Reduce your pain, improve your movement, function your best with Pursuit Physiotherapy

Published on

What does your business do?

Pursuit Physiotherapy helps people in Central Alberta to feel their best, move their best, and recover from injuries.
Our compassionate, highly skilled therapists help you to pursue the activities that you want to do. Reduce your pain, improve your movement, function at your best!

Some of the things that we can help with:

Chronic neck/back pain or injuries
Sports injuries
Joint sprains and Muscle strains
Pelvic Health issues like incontinence or pain
Motor Vehicle Accident recovery
Pain and Stiffness that prevents you from doing the things that you love

How has COVID-19 affected you?

The clinic was closed for about 7 weeks because of the pandemic. It is now open at a reduced capacity to ensure the environment is safe for all of our clients. We are pleased that all of our staff are now back working and have availability to treat you. We appreciate your referrals as we rebuild!

What are you doing to adapt?

At Pursuit Physiotherapy, we have always treated patients on a “one-on-one” basis and minimized wait times. This has allowed us to transition into the “new normal” without disrupting your care plan. We have treatment zones and safety measures in place, including masking, to minimize the potential for virus spread. Also, we continue to offer Video Treatments, also known as Telehealth or Virtual Health. This allows our clients that need to stay home to access treatment. Physiotherapists provide a lot of education and exercise so you’d be surprised how much can be accomplished virtually!

What kind of help do you need?

Help us spread the word: We are open and we want to serve our community. We can see you for in-person treatment or via video. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions to determine your best plan for physiotherapy.

Our New Look at Pursuit Physio

Meet our new Staff!Just kidding. Same great team. Same great treatment. Different look. Longer hair and masks. This is us for the next while!For some information on procedural changes, check out our website:

Posted by Pursuit Physiotherapy Corp. on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

What do you want the community to know?

Being unable to treat patients for almost 2 months really spelled it out for us:
We missed our patients!
Helping you is what we do. We love to offer help to make you feel better, do better, and pursue your goals. This has been a stressful time for our entire community. Do not suffer unnecessarily because of muscle tension, changes to your workplace environment, or new injuries – We would love the opportunity to help you!

Highlights info row image  110, 2840 Bremner Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta T4R 1M9
Highlights info row image  (403) 356-9789
Highlights info row image Hours 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM
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