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Red Deer does not have to feel “Disconnected”. Here’s how.


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It has been suggested that Red Deer might be the most disconnected city in Alberta.

Hundreds of channels on television that entertain but do not inform us of local events. Newspapers concentrate on global, national, and provincial news, columnists, comics and advertisements thus, cannot afford much space for local events. Radio stations both local and national cannot spend more than a few minutes each hour on local events. The internet can get you the information but you need to be seeking specific events and prepared to check a whole haystack on the chance of finding a needle.

Yesterday a lady I was having coffee with, said that she was regularly more informed about traffic on the Deerfoot Trail in Calgary than events in Red Deer.

The city of Red Deer does try to keep us informed of city associated events through their website; and on twitter, local radio and newspapers, but you have to know when, where and what to look for.

The residents of Kelowna B.C. has been using a website; to keep informed, find events, sell things, find out about where to go, what to do, and updates to get started as a daily tool.

The residents of Red Deer have a website based somewhat on this style. could be used by and for the residents of Red Deer, to keep informed, advise of events and occurrences, offer explanations and differing opinions.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the citizens of Red Deer want to be informed, connected, and involved with our community. They just dislike having to search numerous locations to be kept informed, of road closures, group events, isolated occurrences, issues affecting daily lives, travel, weather, entertainment, and politics.

Kelowna’s residents use quite regularly, to do all that, as do visitors, corporations and politicians. It has become a popular resource and I am hoping that will follow in that line for Red Deer.

I think it would be quite handy to be easily connected to a useful and comprehensive resource when it comes to local issues, occurrences and upcoming events.

See something, have a question about some event you stumbled across? Pull out your phone or ipad and look up one site that would have the answers. Easy and I think it would be appreciated.

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling disconnected when everyone appears to be blissfully connected. Right? So, Red Deer, please, embrace the website and concept and let us turn our city into the most connected city in Alberta.

I am willing to support it for communications’ sake, will you?


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Shelly Flint Appointed as New CEO of Westerner Park

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Westerner Park, a distinguished agricultural society and premier exhibition venue in the heart of Central Alberta, is pleased to announce Shelly Flint as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This decision culminates a thorough and extensive search process, with the Board of Directors expressing their enthusiasm for the promising journey ahead under Shelly’s leadership.

Tyler Nightingale, President of the Board of Directors, shared his excitement about the appointment, stating, “After a comprehensive search, we are thrilled to welcome Shelly. Her extensive experience, skill set, and knowledge align seamlessly with the strategic direction of Westerner Park, ensuring a positive and enduring impact on both the organization and the community at large.”

Tara Lodewyk, Red Deer City Manager, added, “Shelly immediately connected with the mission of Westerner Park and the value it brings to the culture of our city and region. We are looking forward to working together and are confident in her leadership of Westerner Park.”

For the past two decades, Shelly has served as a senior executive, spearheading diverse teams within Alberta’s dynamic entertainment and finance sectors. Her tenure as the former CFO at the Calgary Stampede equips her with a distinctive insight into the intricacies of Westerner Park, enabling her to adeptly navigate its challenges and leverage its opportunities. Coupled with her roots in Central Alberta, Shelly is poised to steer the Park towards growth and long-term sustainability.

Shelly expressed her eagerness to join Westerner Park, saying, “I was thrilled at the opportunity to return to Central Alberta, where I grew up! Leading this purpose-driven organization will allow me to contribute to my community and affect meaningful change.”

Shelly Flint’s robust leadership, commitment to community, and extensive experience makes her an exceptional choice to lead Westerner Park into the future. The entire Westerner Park team eagerly anticipates the positive impact she will bring to this renowned institution.

About Westerner Park

Westerner Park is Central Alberta’s largest tradeshow, agricultural, sports, entertainment, and convention facility. A not-for-profit organization and agricultural society, Westerner Park typically generates $150 million annually in economic activity, hosting over 1,500 events and 1.5 million visitors each year.

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