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Penhenge: a Central Alberta Monument


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In Central Alberta, a scant 7 years ago, the landscape of Penhold was changed.

Penhenge Four

What was once a vacant lot surrounded by trees, became something new.

One town councillor noted that he used to play in those trees (pointing to the corner of the lot), and he had fond memories of those years but that it was time for the land to be something else..

Deconstruction of a piece of land into a building is a difficult, long process.  When our pioneer relatives arrived in this country, their piece of paradise was nothing like they imagined.

Trees, or flatness as far as the eye could see often met their gaze after finding their property pin.  All they could was look to the future when their family would thrive in a home built with love by hands accustomed to hard labour.  All they could look forward to was a better life than they left in the ‘old country’.

All around this corner of bare land in Penhold, the community grew and now, it was time to build.

Contractors and architects understand the concept.  Construction workers put their skills and strength to work t0 transform bare land into buildings and gathering spaces.

As a reporter, I watched the project start and progress.

One day, I managed to capture the ‘barrenness’ of the land with piles of dirt, snow drifts and the grace of steel girders soaring into the sky and I was moved with my mental image of Stonehenge in England as the sun set.

Penhenge one

This project, with its soaring beams seemed more than a corner mall for the moment, it transformed into a spiritual place in the process of redemption.  Where aboriginal peoples may have gathered centuries ago, it would now  be home to modern day pioneers with dreams of owning their own business and supporting their families.

As The sun began to set, I crawled through the snow drifts and captured the elegance of the building as I gazed upon Penhenge..

No druids would practise their religion here, nor sacrifices make on the stone piles.  But modern day stone masons and labourers would create something new from raw materials.

Penhenge Two

But what would follow would change Penhold forever…economic life to a town that was searching for a spark to create jobs and provide services to its citizens.

For now, however, the beauty and mystery of Penhenge held me breathless with its timelessness and eternity.  The sun would set, and another day would begin with its rising.






Tim Lasiuta is a Red Deer writer, entrepreneur and communicator. He has interests in history and the future for our country.

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Downtown Business Spotlight: Tribe

Published on

This week’s Business Spotlight shines on Tribe! This unique restaurant is located right on Ross Street (4930 Ross Street) and offers a menu inspired from places all around the world. We sat down with manager, Brandon Bouchard, to learn more!

What is your business?

Tribe is a restaurant and bar located in the heart of Red Deer’s downtown on the Ross St Patio.

When did your business open?

Our space has been open for roughly 4 years. In that time we’ve expanded and doubled in square footage and also tripled our staff.

What makes your business unique?

We believe we have the “sexiest” room in town. Our guests are often commenting positively on the space and how much they love the warm ambiance. “There’s no other place like this in Red Deer”, “I feel like I’m in another city”, or just “Wow” are the words we hear the most. Our “Modern World Food” is very popular and is inspired from regions around the globe. And one of the main reasons we continue to remain a hot spot in the downtown, we believe, is our staff. Our team is absolutely amazing. Friendly, funny, and flirty… the staff’s number one focus is the guest experience and it shows. Our room is often filled with laughter and huge smiles. Our goal is that no one leaves hungry, and everyone leaves happy!

Our slogan is “Eat a Little. Drink a Little. Flirt a Little. Tell Your Most Awesome Stories.”

What are some products/services that you offer?

Aside from the obvious dine-in and takeout options we also offer private party bookings and can typically cater to groups of easily 40-50 guests. We also offer the occasional theme or event nights such as Tapas nights, Wine Tasting events, Holiday Parties and more!

Why did you choose Downtown Red Deer as the location for your business?

Tribe, as well as it’s sister store Sunwork’s Living, are located downtown because Red Deer’s downtown is the place to be! To be surrounded by so many other unique shops and businesses makes being in the area a truly wonderful experience and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

What do you think makes Downtown vibrant?

In order for any downtown to be vibrant, the citizens need to occupy that space. With the growing number of retail shops, restaurants and bars, and other services that can be found in the area it’s no wonder folks are visiting the downtown more than ever. Shopping local and supporting small businesses is important now more than ever and with endless locally owned businesses in the area it’s no wonder we are seeing more vibrancy in the area, and we believe this trend will continue to attract NEW businesses downtown.

I love Downtown Red Deer because… most everything you might need or want can be found in one attractive and exciting neighbourhood, and your friends are probably there too.

Looking for some “Modern World Food” for dinner or maybe looking at attending one of their event nights? Check out Tribe’s social media pages and website for more information!





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Penhold Flight Instructor Releases Updated Instruction Manual For the 21st Century

Published on

Sky Wings Aviation founder Dennis Cooper lives to fly.

“2020 marks 50 years of flying for me,” said Cooper in a phone interview.  “I was a cadet and part of the glider program but got my pilots license in 1971 at Cold Lake before I even had my drivers license.”

Cooper later earned his Commercial license under Cecil Sorenson and other seasoned ex-Canadian Air Force pilots who transferred their tremendous knowledge base.  Working with Johnson Air Services and Pultz Aviation, he obtained his instrument rating and began his pilot career in earnest.

“One of the tools I had as a young pilot was the Pultz Instructor Manual and sometimes he (Pultz) would ask me questions and I would offer input,” he remembered.  “The original book was a 3-ring binder and we used that format for a long time at Sky Wings as well.”

Fast forward to the present.

“With current technology, many of our students wanted the manual in an electronic form so now instead of just having a softcover book that gets scuffed, dirty and ripped we now have a hardcover AND an electronic version for use everywhere,” added the instructor.  “Since the original book was written, much had changed.”

Changes to the original include an index which the first book did not have according to Cooper, modified levels of instructors, GPS information which did not exist years ago, procedures and general knowledge brought about by technology.

“We kept the artwork from the original,” said Cooper.  “It’s great and captures what we wanted.  We also added enhanced study and review questions based on feedback from students who have been through testing. The result is now a 558 page Instructors Manual that can follow a pilot from the beginning of their career to their end goal, no matter what that looks like.”

The new updated manual can be used in conjunction with Transport Canada publications.  It can adequately prepare a commercial pilot for the Transport Canada Flight Instructor written examination, the in-flight training and ground instruction, as well as the test flight.

Priced at $99 for the hardcover and $90 for the softcover, the “Cooper Flight Instructor Manual” is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo and 3 flight suppliers at present.

“I bought Sky Wings Aviation in 1982 and even today I still feel the same when a new student flies for the first time.  I am excited when our students enter the plane, travel the runway and rise into the air for the first time for their first circuit, then return,” said Cooper whose wife Sherry also teaches at the school.  “I enjoy watching the transfer of knowledge from instructor to student, but most significantly, watching them conquer the air just like the Wright Brothers 118 years ago.”

Cooper is not finished yet with 3 more books ready to rewrite for the 21st century.

For more information on Sky Wings Aviation and the 9th Edition of the Cooper Flight Instructors Manual, go to:

Home – Skywings Aviation


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