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One Eleven Grill shows off new renovations and some new menu creations


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One of Red Deer’s favourite restaurants has put some major effort into updating their space and creating some new menu items. One Eleven Grill opened its doors in 2011 with as a fresh and innovative entry into the local dining scene.

They’ve recently completed renovations and spent considerable time and effort developing some tasty new menu items. Watch the video above to get an idea of what you’re in store for next time you head down to one of the city’s finest restaurants.

About One Eleven Grill: An inviting and stylish restaurant tucked into the heart of Red Deer just waiting for you to discover or rediscover.

Opened on the first day of November in 2011, One Eleven has been thoughtfully and skillfully preparing delicious food and drinks for Central Alberta for years.

Our passion is STEAK! We are committed to quality, serving only the very best locally-owned, grass fed Alberta Triple AAA Beef in both classic and unique cuts.

Our warm, inviting ambiance is the perfect backdrop for everything from a romantic evening, a gathering with friends and family and even a quiet business lunch during the week. We even feature live jazz every Friday and Saturday. Add in one of the best selections of wine in the region, and One Eleven will set the perfect tone for your weekend.

At One Eleven we’re committed to your total satisfaction and we celebrate the people and food of Red Deer and Central Alberta every day.

For amazing food, great music and good times with family and friends, keep One Eleven in mind.

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Is the Meat Industry Equipped to Handle a Pandemic?

Published on

Is the Meat Industry Equipped to Handle a Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted industries across the world. One of the main sectors that’s concerning experts is the meat and agriculture industry. This concern intensifies in Western Canada since much of the land there is farmland. The imbalance of supply and demand is affecting present-day agricultural production. However, farmers and industry leaders are focused on what is still to come in the future.

From labour shortages to potential outbreaks during production, the future of the meat industry is unclear. The outcome will depend on several factors: government aid, the spread of the virus and COVID-19’s behaviour — which is often unpredictable. Ultimately, the present handling of the meat industry may impact its future and relationship with consumers.

Current Standing

The Government of Canada recently decided to assist farms across the country with federal funding. These farms rely on the production and exportation of meats like beef, pork and chicken to reach supply and demand needs. However, as the virus continues spreading, farmworkers need to maintain physical distance and increase sanitation practices. The government’s funding will compensate workers during this time.

For Canada, part of the stress on the industry comes from the exportation needs. While farmers need to meet country-wide demands, Canada is also an international exporter, especially for the United States.

While the industry is currently suffering from labour shortages, production remains relatively stable. Farmers are adapting to meet new supply and demand requirements. For instance, since restaurants are closing, demands for certain foods, like cheese, will decrease. As workers fall ill and farms need to enforce social distancing, though, production is slowing down.

The funding from Canada’s federal government is supposed to help workers, especially those who are newly arriving. Migrants from Mexico and the Caribbean make up a large portion of Canada’s agricultural workforce. However, whether this funding will be enough is yet to come to light. Additionally, ensuring the even distribution of that money to migrant workers is another issue.

The Industry’s Future

Many experts are focusing on the road ahead. While the current path is fluctuating, the future may hold a more dangerous outcome for the industry. If the virus continues spreading at its current rate, farms may see more issues than ever before.

One of the main factors is the labour shortage. Currently, Canada’s farming labour force is lacking. Production is slow, and workers don’t have the resources and help they need to meet demands. In the future, this could worsen as fewer employees are available. For instance, the poultry sector faces significant demands every day. Part of the process of raising chickens includes weeks of tending to them. If there aren’t enough people to do this job, consumers will see the availability of chicken drop.

The issue of perishables will also present itself. As meat processing must be quick, slower production means more goods will go to waste. Meeting supply and demand requires healthy workers to keep the chain going.

The other major factor that will affect the industry is the spread of the virus. That depends on how the Canadian government handles COVID-19 and how efficiently people practice social distancing. Federal funding will aid production, but if the virus remains present, it will continue spreading. If it reaches processing plants, contamination will become a more serious issue than it already is.

Next Steps

To increase resources and support for farmers and migrant workers, the government will need to provide more emergency funding. This step allows the agriculture industry to invest in more tools, sanitation products, financial support and benefits for all workers. Monitoring the spread of the virus is also crucial. If the government can properly track and isolate cases, COVID-19 will dwindle in its effects. Then, meat industry workers will not have to worry about contracting or spreading the coronavirus.

Canadian Federal Government Taking Measures to Reduce Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture



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#RedDeerStrong – Tacoloft can’t wait to open for customers again on day 1 of phase 1 this Thursday

Published on

What does your business do?

We sell tacos and taco accessories such as margaritas, beer and wonderful and fulfilling guacamole.

How has COVID-19 affected you?

My business partner has a compromised immune system so he has been isolated since the day after we opened. We were really looking forward to creating a new experience for Red Deer, affordable, locally sourced food that was packed full of flavour. Our motto is “who doesn’t like tacos and beer?” We brought in a fantastic artist, spent much time and effort in design. We had planned to start going heavy on take out and delivery down the line but had to adapt at a ferocious pace to survive.
We depend on the public because we can not access grants.  The CRA is so backed up it does not know we exist, it’s been two months and constant phone calls and they are so short staffed they tell us to hurry up and wait. We have fantastic landlords and they have been much help, shout out to Tribe restaurant.

I have had some great help from some fantastic staff and we have been working with other businesses too like Heritage Ranch and Sweet Capones to market great “Netflix and Chill Packs”.

We also sell a lot of our different DIY kits that people have been saying amazing things about. We have been doing a Thursday run to deliver the kits to outlying communities like Blackfalds, Lacombe and Sylvan Lake which has helped in keeping us afloat.

The support from the public is essential and has kept us going and hopefully this all ends soon because we have a fantastic Margarita menu with 15 different flavours to roll out.

What are you doing to adapt?

Take out!! Delivery!! We also try to be hilarious because everyone needs to laugh right now.

To book this rooftop patio for groups from 2 to 6 people, call Tacoloft at 403-396-7437

What kind of help do you need?

Public support, government grants and free advertising. (glad we can help)
This is taco cam.   From time to time you’ll see short videos of taco cam on the Tacoloft facebook page.

The Taco knows where its at!!!

Al Pastor Taco Cam!! Get’er in ya !! 403-396-7437 for pick up or delivery!! by Tacoloft on Friday, May 8, 2020

What do you want the community to know?

All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.
Don’t forget to have fun in whatever capacity you can, support local and to remember that this to shall pass.

Highlights info row image  (403) 396-7437


#RedDeerStrong – Former refugee expressing gratefulness to Canada through donation to front line health care workers

#RedDeerStrong – Can’t go to see art? Enjoy Red Deer’s 2020 Online Arts Festival!

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