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MY Canada does not include the leadership of Justin Trudeau


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With the tumultuous 2020 Canadian political scene unfolding like a daytime soap opera, who needs Netflix?

Truly, let us examine the Cirque de Government de Canada that we have had the horror of witnessing.  But first we must set the stage:

Prior to the start of 2020, we have witnessed the debacle that is now known as S.N.C. Lavalin, the international scandal with roots in corruption-graft and greed world wide that seems to operate in Canada without fear of legal action against their business practises.  Not only did Prime Minister hide his connections to the company, but he dismissed highly competent and highly placed associates who questioned his motives.

We also have as part of the package, a publicly acknowledged vacation to a private island whose interests in Trudeau connections include his family foundation and our Prime Ministers alleged embracing of the Islam faith.

Question Period?  Question Period?

Ah, we must mean the seemingly difficult task of responding to a query from the Official Opposition which usually was met with a programmed response along the following line:

“The government of Canada prides itself on being transparent on issues that affect Canadians.  We have approved (sic) more pipelines than the Harper Government.  We are a government of law and order (although we will not allow any federal police force to stop illegal and rampant demonstrations).  We value our oil and gas industry and are working hard to support …..(you get the idea).”

Black face?  Let’s talk about black face…no, better not.

Sexual assault allegations against Justin Trudeau…oops.

Can we forget the Greta Thumberg appearance in Alberta and oil jurisdictions?  It is amazing how she just appeared at the right time to help turn the federal election and focus attention on how dirty Alberta oil really is.  We have to remember the connection between a former Trudeau associate and Thumberg as well.

Political Bias in reporting?  Since the Liberal regime has gained power, the power of free speech and free press has been decreased.  Add to the fire, federal funding for friendly media outlets that does not include True North and Rebel News.

Protests over the pipelines in BC, Alberta and Ontario-ah, that was a great couple of months.

Assisted suicide…Abortion funding worldwide…W.H.O. funding….Chinese contracts for Canadian oil exploration…

Ah, now that sets us up for 2020…Trouble, trouble, trouble.

Canada is BACK folks, we are BACK!

Back in trouble as the Liberal government continues to press its brand of socialism-fueled by the mis-labeled and mishandled global pandemic, our China friendly Prime Minister has ballooned our deficit to $300 Billion (estimated), our unemployment rate to 20 + %, our business failure rate to a similar number all while opening the coffers with debt funded relief programs for nearly everyone except seniors and veterans (nothing new here).

We cannot forget our federal health minister with ties to China…very suspicious…

This year we also said goodbye to the mythical seat on the UN that Trudeau campaigned for so expensively…And it was due to not enough campaign time and money, nothing to do with His reputation globally.

Fueled by fear and a complete lack of political and economic sense, the reigning government has hobbled democracy with shutting parliament down until September, has stopped any meaningful debate on the future of our country, has stopped any efforts to remove Mr. Trudeau from office legally and turned Canada in to the country most likely to become a 3rd world entity by the year 2025!

One very significant issue ignored by main stream media is the private prosecution bill put forth by Norman Travesy and the future of both our free trade agreement and freedom of Trudeau IF and WHEN he is found guilty of corruption, there is plenty of drama folks.  July 27 cannot come too soon.

If we add the new WE scandal over student grant financing and the third ethics investigation into the government of Justin Trudeau, a dreadful pattern has emerged.

I say all of this to simply state a fact.

If Canadians have any sense, any morality, any ability to look in to the future, we CANNOT, CANNOT be saddled with a leader who is a pathological liar, narcissistic by nature, irresponsible and undisciplined in any situation other than dealing with school crossing duties!

The time has come for a real leader to step up and take Canada back into a position of respect, into a position of leadership, and a position where we look after our interests first.  We need to clean the swamp as another notable leader has.

We need to:

Stop funding abortion around the world.

Stop funding W.H.O.

Stop any global initiatives that weaken our country.

Stand up for seniors, veterans and small business.

Remove corruption from the government, top down!

It is time to remove Mr. Trudeau from office, Official Opposition.

It is time.

This is no time for weakness, but rather bold action and confident leadership.




Tim Lasiuta is a Red Deer writer, entrepreneur and communicator. He has interests in history and the future for our country.

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Shelly Flint Appointed as New CEO of Westerner Park

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Westerner Park, a distinguished agricultural society and premier exhibition venue in the heart of Central Alberta, is pleased to announce Shelly Flint as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This decision culminates a thorough and extensive search process, with the Board of Directors expressing their enthusiasm for the promising journey ahead under Shelly’s leadership.

Tyler Nightingale, President of the Board of Directors, shared his excitement about the appointment, stating, “After a comprehensive search, we are thrilled to welcome Shelly. Her extensive experience, skill set, and knowledge align seamlessly with the strategic direction of Westerner Park, ensuring a positive and enduring impact on both the organization and the community at large.”

Tara Lodewyk, Red Deer City Manager, added, “Shelly immediately connected with the mission of Westerner Park and the value it brings to the culture of our city and region. We are looking forward to working together and are confident in her leadership of Westerner Park.”

For the past two decades, Shelly has served as a senior executive, spearheading diverse teams within Alberta’s dynamic entertainment and finance sectors. Her tenure as the former CFO at the Calgary Stampede equips her with a distinctive insight into the intricacies of Westerner Park, enabling her to adeptly navigate its challenges and leverage its opportunities. Coupled with her roots in Central Alberta, Shelly is poised to steer the Park towards growth and long-term sustainability.

Shelly expressed her eagerness to join Westerner Park, saying, “I was thrilled at the opportunity to return to Central Alberta, where I grew up! Leading this purpose-driven organization will allow me to contribute to my community and affect meaningful change.”

Shelly Flint’s robust leadership, commitment to community, and extensive experience makes her an exceptional choice to lead Westerner Park into the future. The entire Westerner Park team eagerly anticipates the positive impact she will bring to this renowned institution.

About Westerner Park

Westerner Park is Central Alberta’s largest tradeshow, agricultural, sports, entertainment, and convention facility. A not-for-profit organization and agricultural society, Westerner Park typically generates $150 million annually in economic activity, hosting over 1,500 events and 1.5 million visitors each year.

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