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Hot Mess – Local artists Erin Boake featured at Red Deer Museum


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Hot Mess: A Residency in Motherhood

The exhibition Hot Mess: A Residency in Motherhood by local Artist Erin Boake will be on display at the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery (MAG) July 20thto September 29th, 2019.  In her exhibit Hot Mess, Boake explores and embraces the chaotic, cluttered and cyclical nature of motherhood.

Boake’s self directed Residency in Motherhood, is an ongoing and evolving experiment in seeing and embracing the beautiful side of the clutter, and the raw, sticky, messy side of parenting.  This project is for the invaluable, behind the scenes, household heroes we call Mom.

hot mess

“It has been thrilling to watch Erin Boake mature as an artist,” says Lorna Johnson, Executive Director. “She has mastered her drawing and painting skills and she continues to challenge herself with creative new projects. Hot Mess shows that even the most mundane of household tasks can be fuel for a creative mind and a source of beauty. We are very pleased to present Erin’s work at the MAG.”

Erin Boake was born and raised in Red Deer, where she completed her first two years of visual arts at Red Deer College, before transferring to Alberta College of Art & Design. She graduated with a degree in Painting in 2003. Erin spent many years traveling and living in various communities around Canada and abroad. Between 2008 and 2013, Erin had the opportunity to live and work in Iqaluit, Nunavut, teaching drawing and design at the Nunavut Arctic College.  Erin has been teaching art for 17 years, and in the last year, has taken over the role of owner and operator of Artribute Art School, alongside her own studio practice.  Erin currently lives in Red Deer with her husband and two small girls, and spends her time doing laundry when she’s not painting it.


After 15 years as a TV reporter with Global and CBC and as news director of RDTV in Red Deer, Duane set out on his own 2008 as a visual storyteller. During this period, he became fascinated with a burgeoning online world and how it could better serve local communities. This fascination led to Todayville, launched in 2016.

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Bull Skit, Red Deer’s beloved improv group is back for season 15!

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From Bull Skit Comedy

Bull Skit Comedy – Celebrating Season Fifteen!

“We’re as surprised as you we’ve survived this long!”-Anonymous Cast Member

Bull Skit Comedy is proud to announce our fifteenth anniversary! Join us as we kick off Season 15 with the Lab: Featuring Lindsay Thurber, and Hunting Hills Improv teams January 20th at 8 PM. As we move into 15th we are here to celebrate community, and create a community at PLAY! Proceeds from the Lab will go directly to these High School teams to support them going to the Canadian Improv Games, and Wildfire in Edmonton. It’s important to us to support initiatives close to us, give back to this art form, and support individuals wishing to develop themselves through play.

2023 has a full slate of shows, January features The Lab, and Maestro. February the month of Love will have An Improvised Love Actually, Gays of our Lives (Show featuring only LGBTQ2+ Performers), and Maestro. March we are back with Sketch & Music with Big Lip Energy, and Maestro. April we welcome spring with an Improvised Musical, Gays of our Lives, and Maestro. Then May we are back again with the OG Sketch Show that started it all, and Maestro. June is
for the families with Improvised Fairy Tales in the park with Calf Skit, and wrapping up our season 15 will be our Dark Carnival in July at Bo’s Bar and Stage.

Each month you will see the show Maestro, this show is a way to open our stage up to improvisers across Central Alberta, and bring us all together. We will have anywhere from 8-13 performers hitting the stage to battle for the coveted $5 bill, the audience votes on their favourite scenes and performers throughout the evening. This show has been performed in more than 20 countries, and was created by Keith Johnstone (Loose Moose, Godfather of Improv.)

We can’t wait to see people back at our shows. The Season will also offer workshops that will get you PLAYING, connecting, and learning something new about yourself. All information, to purchase tickets, or to read up about our awesome-ness please visit

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Top 5 reasons to celebrate the New Year together at the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame

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The Rockin’ New Year’s Family Party is on once again at the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.  
If you’ve been to the Hall of Fame you’ll know why this is such a great idea for some beautiful quality family time.  If you’ve never been, don’t miss this chance to show a really great time to your children while you enjoy yourself thoroughly as well.  You’ll be floored by all the activities for the kids.  In fact, we can guarantee you’re going to be joining them on the downhill ski game, throwing hoops, shooting pucks and throwing balls.. because it’s too much fun to resist!
You will want to step away for a few minutes of quiet though, while you enjoy the Hall of Fame Gallery. It’s a treat to discover and rediscover the best athletes in the history of this sports crazy province!
OK. Here are the top 5 reasons to bring your family to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum on New Year’s Eve!
1) We’re bringing in loads of pizza!
2) We’ve got organized party games to keep the kids busy!
3) We’ve got a DJ!  That’s right.  This is a real party with dancing and everything.. The kids are going to love groovin’ to Rock and Roll with you!
4) There’s unlimited access to all the interactive games and exhibits in the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.
5) We’re dropping the balloons at 9 PM!  That means there’s time to get the young ones home and safe in bed while mom and dad bring in 2023 with the adults.
and a bonus!!!
6) Did we mention the cost?  It’s just $50 per family of four, plus $5 for each additional child.
Don’t miss this chance to experience the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.  Make a ton of fantastic, fun, affordable family memories!
Join us at the Hall from 6 pm – 10 pm on December 31st.  
$50/family (up to 2 adults & 2 kids. $5 per additional child).
Please call us at 403-341-8614 to book your spot before it’s too late.
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