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Opinion writer Norman Wiebe says no matter who wins the election it’s time for the Republic of Alberta


For a Freer Alberta

I continually hear a lot of talk concerning vote splitting during this Federal election campaign. This problem is one we’ve faced before and yes, suffered from. Do you vote your principles and values, or do you vote for the blue jersey regardless of what it’s become.

We destroyed the federal PC party once before when we turned Reform in Western Canada. We voted our principles and against corruption. We struggled with the fact that the good guys who stood on principles couldn’t seem to win in our federal electoral system, so compromises were made, a merger was done, and then we conservatives got our win.

After a CPC victory federally, we learned that it didn’t really help Albertans much anyway because even the most accomplished and intelligent politician couldn’t achieve the kind of changes required to free Alberta.

It seems to me that the dollars that flow through Federal transfers to eastern jurisdictions are a vital part of the vote buying process, and no one appears to be willing to risk messing around with that.

This process of transferring vast sums of wealth from one region to another is what helps every party to increase their chances of staying in power. If enough dollars are directed to those eastern jurisdictions, then possibly those votes are inclined your way, and this is what works against Alberta.

Ottawa takes from us no matter what party sits at the helm, and redistributes our wealth to buy votes for the next election. Some federal governments are less bad than others, but no matter what, Albertans are plundered by them all.

The concept of creating a new nation in Alberta is not new. Decades have passed since the last time we had a Trudeau aggressively attacking our economy, and in my opinion, this time must be the last. We have been robbed to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, denied our rights to move our products to market, and little will change under the current system of government.

We might get a pipeline built, and some small amount of relief, but the plunder will continue unabated. It’s certainly far worse under a Trudeau, but no matter who is PM, Albertans are often collateral damage to the political parties seeking favor from eastern jurisdictions.

So is the solution to not vote split and simply endure a less awful situation, or vote your principles and risk a really awful result. I guess I have always made the choice of hope over fear, of principle over compromise, but now I see only one choice.

I think it’s time we dispose of always choosing the lesser of two evils. I believe it’s time we chart our own course, take control of our own destiny and create a new nation that will be a shining example of how things can be done the right way.

We can shed the bad choices of future Canadian federal elections, and make something new. A government that is accountable and responsible. That is closer to the people it serves and follows the guidelines laid out by the peoples constitution.

A constitution that would guarantee our rights as individuals, as equals, protect the people and our property. Not a constitution that would rob from those with no political power, or discriminate based on your DNA.

We can establish a modern state that would be the envy of the world. Free markets, free trade, and a strong economy. A place where competition is the norm, monopolies and corruption are not given opportunity or support. Where transparency of government is a given, and politicians are held to a higher standard, not given a free pass.

Where freedom and liberty are core values not to be tampered with. Where charity and generosity are truly virtuous, and not seedy tools of corrupt government officials. Where merit is rewarded and cronyism crushed.

This is easily within the reach of Alberta, and our friends and neighboring provinces if they wish to join us. The only thing it requires is the will of the people to shed the fears and doubts our detractors constantly push. To ignore the anger of those who stand to lose access to our wallets, and those who imply we are property, and have no right to self determination.

I say it’s time for us Albertans to do the right thing, to create a new nation; not only for us, but for our children and future generations to come.

Norm Wiebe is a Financial Advisor and political policy enthusiast. He and his wife Lera, live in Red Deer with their two children. Norm uses facebook to promote ideas, so look for him there.

Norm Wiebe is a local Financial Advisor and political policy enthusiast. He and his wife Lera, live in Red Deer with their two children. Norm uses facebook to promote ideas, so look for him there.


Alberta’s “Fair Deal Panel” in Red Deer tonight



From the Province of Alberta

Fair Deal Panel town hall set for Red Deer

Alberta’s Fair Deal Panel will hold its second open town hall meeting in Red Deer on Dec. 9.

The Fair Deal Panel is consulting Albertans on how best to define and secure a fair deal for the province. They’re exploring ideas that give the province a bigger voice within the federation, increase power over areas of provincial jurisdiction and advance vital economic interests.

The Red Deer town hall will be held on Monday, Dec. 9 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Westerner Park Prairie Pavilion. Seating capacity is limited so participants should register to attend.

Albertans are encouraged to attend local town hall sessions and share their vision of how Alberta can achieve a fairer deal. Additional town hall locations and dates are being confirmed.

All Albertans will have the opportunity to provide their input online and through other forms of direct feedback as the panel conducts its public consultations until Jan. 30, 2020. More information on how to participate is available at

In addition to receiving input from Albertans, the Fair Deal Panel will consult with policy experts and undertake research to inform its recommendations. The panel will complete its report to the government by March 31, 2020.

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Does the world need more Canadian energy?



Canada Action is trying to reach at least 750,000 people with their Stand Strong With Canada message.

As part of Todayville’s #visionCanada2119 project we’d like to share in this conversation.

Does this make you feel proud?  Is this a campaign you can get behind by forwarding to your various social media accounts?  Is this a step backwards?

We’ve opened comments on this post and we invite your strong and well intentioned opinions.

Please feel free to forward this post to your social media accounts.. and let us know how it goes.

Message From


Canada is a leader in protecting people and the planet – a fact that should be known by every single Canadian.

So, we need your help to get our video to 750,000 views across all platforms by sharing this link with staff, friends, family, and on social media!

We are no longer apologizing – a future in energy and a future in the environment are not mutually exclusive.

The world needs us. We are Canadian energy — and we are proud!

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