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The Day After


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Well our respective leaders have expressed their concerns both for Alberta and Saskatchewan to our Prime Minister.

Premier’s Kenney and Moe both informed Mr. Trudeau of issues that must be resolved to help our provinces get back on their feet. The problem for us though is how much can Trudeau give without offending eastern Canada or the environmentalists. the big ticket items are: cancel the carbon tax, renegotiate equalization, and to let us build pipelines.

We all know that the carbon tax isn’t going away. I suspect Trudeau has spent millions of tax dollars on carbon offsets in his many attempts to sell himself to the world as a climate saviour. The Paris accord meetings alone cost us millions, never mind all the rest. Unlikely he backs down on this and angers his environmental friends.

If equalization is renegotiated in our favor, the cash flow to eastern Canada will have to shrink or stop altogether. This would send the budgets of those provinces into deficit territory fast, especially Quebec as they are the largest recipient. I don’t think we’ll get much political support down east for this idea as much as we might want it. Trudeau will not jeopardize the support he so desperately needs from the BQ to keep his agenda rolling.

How about building the Trans Mountain pipeline. Now that Trudeau has nationalized it, perhaps he’ll actually try to get it built. I can see SNC Lavalin consulting on the project, oops never mind that joke; it’s quite likely though that Trudeau uses it to his best advantage.

Allowing this one pipeline to be built, and at the same time assuring his supporters that no more pipelines will ever be built again due to Bill C-69 and Bill C-48, might be just what he needs to placate Albertans (for a time) and the environmentalists. Owning it, he can always force a shut down of production, so sort of a win all around for him.

The global investment community already knows that Canada is closed for business. Unless the government gets out of the way, the only pipelines built in our future will be done by the federal government. They will control our oil production forever. Trudeau’s plans for Phasing out the Oil Sands is already underway.

As I’ve said before, Independence for Alberta is the only reasonable option I see left to us. Everything else leaves us at the mercy of a system of government that exploits us, and keeps political power firmly vested in the east.

Once we’ve overcome the sentimental reasons to remain at the mercy of Ottawa, and embraced the logic of taking control of our own affairs, we can become an Independent nation. After that we can move forward working together as equals.

After our success, we can reach out to neighboring provinces to join us in our new nation, with a constitution that is based on Liberty, equality, and individual rights.

I really do hope that we can bring all western provinces on board, and maybe our eastern friends will change their ways, develop their economies and stand on their own two feet.

Some day, Alberta truly will be Strong and Free. In the course of us creating this new nation, we could possibly save all of Canada.

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Norm Wiebe is a local Financial Advisor and political policy enthusiast. He and his wife Lera, live in Red Deer with their two children. Norm uses facebook to promote ideas, so look for him there.

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Youth worker charged with child luring

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From the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT)

A youth worker has been arrested and charged with child sexual exploitation offences. ALERT is investigating the possibility of additional victims.

ALERT’s Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit arrested the 28-year-old suspect on February 2, 2024 with help from the Edmonton Police Service. Abraham Woo was charged with child luring, making child pornography, possession of child pornography, and distributing child pornography.

Woo has also been known to use the aliases Abraham Calling Bear WooAbraham Collingwood, and his Snapchat handle WolfBoy22.

ICE alleges that Woo was involved in luring of at least one child whom he had known previously though his youth work with Pasqua First Nations in southern Saskatchewan. These alleged offences took place over the social media applications Snapchat and Facebook.

The offences were first reported to Saskatchewan ICE in January 2024, and associated to an investigation by Fort Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan RCMP.

ICE’s investigation, which included a forensic examination of computers and electronic devices seized from Woo’s home, has led ICE to believe there may be additional victims. Amongst child sexual abuse materials, ICE identified photos that appear to have been taken in a locker room facility.

ICE is releasing a censored version of these photos in hopes of identifying the location and/or possible child victim.

Woo has worked as a youth worker or had access to children through his employment in both Saskatchewan and Alberta.  ICE believes that Woo worked with children at the following organizations/entities:

  • Pasqua First Nations Education: youth worker and education assistant;
  • Edmonton Bent Arrow Society: lodge keeper;
  • Shadow Dragon Youth Group Home: group home staff member;
  • Leduc Boys and Girls Club: youth programs coordinator; and
  • Pa Metawe Games: youth camps.

Anyone with information about this offence is asked to contact their local police, or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-222-TIPS (8477).

Woo has released from custody and is scheduled to appear in court on February 28, 2024.

ALERT was established and is funded by the Alberta Government and is a compilation of the province’s most sophisticated law enforcement resources committed to tackling serious and organized crime.


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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith delivers state-of-the-province address

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