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Confidence or Non-Confidence?


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I was particularly struck by a piece that Blaine Calkin wrote today on the premise that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not want an opposition, he wants an audience. He also stated that without potential oversight on the activities of the Liberal government through a House of Commons mechanism, that the parties who agree with the hybrid parliament consider themselves functionally non-essential due to their lack of commitment to work on the behalf of Canadians through our present state of leadership crisis.

To these points, I heartily agree.

If we consider the state of the country, with Health Officials running the tables with their rotating messages of fear (wear those masks) and inconsistency (Walmart is fine but don’t consider opening a church or playground) and our Prime Minister working from home despite being clear, then we clearly have a leadership crisis.

I will discuss these topics one at a time to not present a confused message.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is back at work after being hospitalized with Covid 19. Mr. Trudeau is still not fully back at work after exposure months ago.

President Trump is working hard and taking preventative measures while tackling hard issues of opening the economy up and dealing with potential vaccines and other treatments. Mr. Trudeau is very cautious about opening the economy up, while simultaneously financing Canada’s citizens hobbies and watching the economic health of Canada spiral into unheard of debt numbers. Yet a mere 5 years ago, there was a surplus….

Sunny Days Justin has turned a roaring economy into a mere shadow of its former self through loathsome policies aimed at the energy sector. He has mushroomed immigration numbers while promising untold billions of dollars to other countries and organizations to promote policies he just cannot in Canada.

Press Conference

Mr. Trudeau, through his hand-picked press conference attendees, can announce anything without fear of retribution or tough questions. Rebel News has recently sued the Privy Council to gain access to press conferences as they have been singled out for exclusion from public discussions.

The $1 billion dollar media buoy up has had the effect of locking Liberal control of media; now only the information that the government wants out gets out, and they do not have to worry about media pressure as Al Jazeera doesn’t ask tough questions.

In short, the present Liberal regime has now institutionalized censorship.

South of our borders, Mr. Trump welcomes tough questions. It provides opportunity to educate, and sometimes to use sarcasm, a tool which may soon become illegal in Canada to make solid points.

Mr. Johnson also was not afraid of media outcry and public disapproval upon his return to work.

Mr. Trudeau, fresh off his morning nap and jammy snack, seems unable and unwilling to answer tough questions. In fact, he seems almost disinterested in running a democracy anymore.

With regards to the perception that Liberals, Bloc Members and the NDP do not consider themselves to be essential to Canada, that is very astute.   However, with the decision to back the ruling Liberals in their hybrid parliament as a combination of live and virtual MPs, any effort to provide real opposition and discussion on the difficult decisions that are being made without interference or question has been nullified.

If Walmart, Superstore and Liquor store employees can go to work as essential services, then the civil servants who were elected better get off their couch, put on their suits and work clothes and get to work!

If they are not willing to do that, then resign and get a job where you don’t have any responsibility to the public that pays your wages.

Using the logic that civil servants have been given, soldiers who fought in wartime should have stayed home just in case a stray bullet might get them, or dysentery or malaria or some equally dangerous malady infect them in the cold, wet trenches. I, for one, am pleased that they did not. They were afraid, but they went to fight and free the world!

Staying home and fiddling while the country descends into informational, organizational and economic chaos is cowardly!

The very frightening aspect of this situation is what the final cost will be once Dr. Tam and other authorities declare it safe to be in public without masks and force fields. Decisions like closing the world down and watching while Rome burns should not have been in the hands of the W.H.O. and medical officials. A real solution should have involved every field of expertise from economics to education and been very limited in its powers granted to governments.

Looking at the various components of society that were deemed essential, it is very interesting that retail, grocery stores, manufacturing, food supply and distribution and health services were included. Spiritual homes like churches and mosques were not considered essential, yet throughout history, when crisis hit nations, people turn to GOD first, not their local pet store or liquor distributor when it gets really tough.

Financially speaking, with the power that a fully functioning prime minister is supposed to have, where are his calls to the banks and financial institutions to not just stall payments but really help by cutting interest rates and forgive debts where necessary in this time? The banks will still make money but instead of calling on the banks to be part of the solution, Minister Morneau and Prime Minister Trudeau have and are allowing banks to continue their pillage of everyday Canadians!

Immigration wise, it is reprehensible to continue to allow immigrants into Canada who will be on the public payroll for many years while we as a country struggle with the legacy of this epidemic. Mr. Trudeau should immediately STOP all immigration for a period of 2 years until regular Canadians are more stable! If he does not, he is not serving Canada first!!!

With so many issues (other than the ones I have mentioned), swirling around the Liberal handling of the Covid 19 event, in support of the best solution and strategies to work though the nationally imposed regulations (not laws) I find it very interesting that in a time when we are to work together to find a solution that we are not.

With MPs staying home, and quickly imposed Covid 19 financial safety nets coming out of the sky, the future of Canada is not looking bright. As a concerned citizen, I offer one more solution to our dilemma.

Close your eyes and imagine a world without a Liberal government in Ottawa….

As a country, we are in a wartime state and we have no wartime leader. There are no inspiring speeches or every MP working together to solve problems and shore each other up. As a country, we need a leader to take charge and work for the best of Canada, not U.N. Policies and W.H.O. mandates.

There is one way this can be accomplished.


What would happen IF every Conservative MP went to Ottawa and called a non-confidence vote IN the house? Hmmm, it would be a disaster wouldn’t it.

Clean slate…Democracy? You bet.

While the present situation is dangerous, I prefer a Canadian future without the Liberals and their international masters running our Country. I prefer a country that looks to Canada first, not the U.N or other international groups.

There is talk of many major U.S. political crime families who meddle in politics in our country. The Soros Foundation and the Tides Foundation need to go. Eliminate the weakest link in our country and we stand a better chance of becoming the Canada we once were.

If I were to be able to have the ear of Mr. Sheer for five minutes, I would humbly ask him to be the leader we know he can be and topple this puppet government!

My vote is obvious, what is yours?

Tim Lasiuta

Tim Lasiuta is a Red Deer writer, entrepreneur and communicator. He has interests in history and the future for our country.

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