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City Council decides to keep investigation into one of it’s own a secret


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When governments have to release information they really don’t want the public to know about, they’ll release it late Friday afternoon.  That’s the one time in the week virtually no one is paying attention to the “news cycle”.  In fact, a Friday before a long weekend is as close to a perfect time to bury some information as you can get.  Reporters are people too.  They’ve got long weekend plans and they’re trying to get done early like everyone else.  Reporters are just as anxious as the average person to get home and desperately finish packing so they can rush out and pay more more to gas up (long weekend price hike coincidence/tradition).  More likely in these days of covid they’re just rushing home to fill up a glass (also more expensive but worth it at virtually any price, right?).

That’s why it was so interesting to see this news release from Red Deer City Council on Friday afternoon at 4:09.  It was actually posted to the city website at 4:05, so now I now it takes about 4 minutes for an email to get to me (It’s those fun little details that make the world go round eh?).

Actually I didn’t see it at 4:09 because like most people I don’t sit still in the afternoon watching my inbox to react immediately to every email.   Maybe I should.  Instead I typically check my email periodically, and typically that happens far less regularly late Friday afternoon.. especially on the Friday of a long weekend.. especially this particular Friday.  Instead of seeing this at 4:09 I was rushing from a quick trip to Calgary to pick up our oldest boy (U of C student) and I was transitioning to hockey coach, going over some U13 drills on the Hockey Canada website to prepare for our late afternoon U13B West Country hockey practice.  (The kids were awesome by the way). Then it was a meeting with team parents.  Then it was home to late supper.  Then it was movie night with our two boys.  Then to bed without even checking email and phone messages.

Just as they hoped (in my own humble opinion) I and many others didn’t see this email right away.  Now that I have seen it, I’m in quite a conundrum.  It’s a long weekend and I have plans to continue painting trim on our house.  I also plan to continue safe social distancing practices by staying away from loved ones for the second Thanksgiving in a row.  While painting I’ll also wonder why our governments and doctors aren’t aggressively pushing for early treatment so we can relieve pressure on our hospitals and save some lives and stop living in fear.. but I digress.

Saturday morning I started the typical upkeep of and periodically checked email messages.  Then I came across this beauty sent Friday afternoon at 4:09.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is….

News Release from the City of Red Deer

Second Code of Conduct investigation closes

(Red Deer, Alberta) – An investigation stemming from a code of conduct complaint received by City Council on May 7, 2021, has closed, and a majority of Council did not accept the investigation report at yesterday’s Council meeting. The investigation is considered complete and will remain confidential under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).

“City Council’s Code of Conduct bylaw is a set of expectations for Council member’s conduct and behaviour. This is the second of two Code of Conduct complaints that were investigated in 2021,” said Deputy Mayor Lawrence Lee.

All municipalities in Alberta are required by the Municipal Government Act (MGA) to have a Code of Conduct Bylaw that sets shared expectations for conduct or behaviour. The bylaw outlines how members should conduct themselves while carrying out their responsibilities and establishes a review and investigation process when a complaint is received. The City of Red Deer passed its Code of Conduct Bylaw (2608-2018) on July 23, 2018.

After a review committee of three Council members initially reviewed the complaint, there was a majority vote to proceed to formal investigation. An investigator was hired to investigate and report back to City Council, and City Council had three meetings on this issue.

“Upholding City Council’s Code of Conduct, procedural fairness, relationships and role clarity are essential as we work to ensure good governance that is in the best interest of the organization and our community,” said Deputy Mayor Lawrence Lee.

Council passed a second resolution directing the confidential report be shared with the City Manager to prepare a confidential memorandum outlining “lessons learned” to be brought back to Council in the first quarter of 2022. The memorandum should make recommendations on the integration and relationships of the Mayor and Council’s office with administration. Through the City Manager, the staff and council will work together to move forward.

For more information about City Council’s Code of Conduct Bylaw, visit

So what does all this mean?  Well we know there was an investigation into the conduct of at least one member of city council.  We know three councillors reviewed this complaint.  Then the majority of council decided we (taxpayers) should pay an investigator to look into this complaint.  (That doesn’t sound cheap).  We know council met three times to discuss this complaint. Then the report came back and the majority of Red Deer City Council did not accept the investigator’s report that we (taxpayers) paid for.  And.. we know the investigation is considered complete and that it will “remain confidential” until someone pays for and goes through the process of applying for a Freedom of Information Request.

WE also know this might be the last time this council will meet before the 2021 Municipal Election.  What a brutal meeting to have hanging over your head as you gun for re-election!  Makes me feel horrible for all those candidates I know (and in some cases REALLY like) who have to face the electorate in a few days.  Kind of makes me SUPER curious about the contents of this second investigation.  Seems like precisely the kind of information I’d like to have before I decide who to vote for in a few days.  But as is happening so much these days, our elected officials are saving us from the details and we should rest easy knowing that they have our best interests in mind (you know, before their own).

So we’ll have to imagine how Thursday’s “in-camera” conversation went (and thousands of voters will be doing just that).  I guess someone must have said something like “I know this seemed like a big deal back in the spring.  I know we talked about it in three separate meetings and that three of us reviewed it and we all decided we should hire an investigator to look into this.  Buuuuuuut.  That was such a long time ago.  Now it’s fall and with an election just days away, frankly we’ve got better things to worry about.”   To which the majority of council must have said something like “You know. You’re right!  I don’t know what we were thinking back there in the spring.  The truth is there’s nothing to see here.  Why don’t we prove it by telling the people who pay us absolutely nothing about why we spent our time and their money investigating a complaint that three of us reviewed in the spring and the majority of us voted to proceed to formal investigation.”   Then I guess someone called for a vote.  When only Buck Buchanan and Dianne Wyntjes disagreed, (as reported here in this really interesting opinion piece/video by 2017 Council candidate Calvin Goulet-Jones) those seeking reelection all took off to presumably check on their election signs.

Actually this being the “Second” Code of Conduct investigation, it reminds me there was a “First” Code of Conduct investigation back in April.  Although that investigation started 1 month before this one, it actually wrapped up more than two months ago.  Investigation #1 resulted in Councillor Buck Buchanan facing some embarrassing disciplinary measures.  Remember that?  That news release was also released late in the afternoon, but NOT late Friday afternoon.  The news release regarding investigation number 1 was released at 4:59 Monday, July 26.  Media types know this means it’s going to be all the rage come Tuesday morning and will have lots of time to build up for the rest of the week.  Here’s what that looked like (in case you’re keeping score of the Council Code of Conduct investigations at home)….

News Release from the City of Red Deer

Code of Conduct investigation closes with sanctions for Councillor Buchanan

Following an independent investigation stemming from a complaint received by City Council on April 15, 2021, Councillor Buck Buchanan faces sanctions for breaching Red Deer City Council’s Code of Conduct Bylaw. By a majority vote on July 26, 2021, Council accepted the findings in the investigator’s report, which conclude that Councillor Buchanan breached three sections of the Code of Conduct Bylaw.All municipalities in Alberta are required by the Municipal Government Act (MGA) to have a Code of Conduct Bylaw that sets shared expectations for conduct or behaviour. The bylaw outlines how members should conduct themselves while carrying out their responsibilities and establishes a review and investigation process when a complaint is received. The City of Red Deer passed its Code of Conduct Bylaw (2608-2018) on July 23, 2018.The formal Code of Conduct complaint (C-01-2021), submitted by Mayor Tara Veer in response to public and staff complaints, alleges that Councillor Buchanan breached the bylaw through his social media activity in January 2021 and prior actions, causing City Council to lose leadership credibility and frustrating The City’s pandemic response efforts.

After a review committee of three Council members initially reviewed the complaint, and by majority vote determined that it should proceed to formal investigation, SAGE Analytics Inc. was hired to investigate and report back to City Council.

SAGE is a municipal consulting firm with expertise in governance evaluation, dispute resolution, and council code of conduct complaint investigations. SAGE utilized a process that included interviews and follow-up with both parties, witness interviews, a review of related correspondence received by The City, document review, analysis and report writing.

With the investigation complete, the findings conclude that Councillor Buchanan breached three sections in the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw:

  • 7.1, which states “members shall uphold the law established by the Parliament of Canada and the Legislature of Alberta and the bylaws, policies and procedures adopted by Council.”
  • 7.2, which states “members shall respect the Municipality as an institution, its bylaws, policies and procedures and shall encourage public respect for the Municipality, its bylaws, policies and procedures” and
  • 4.1(d), which states, City Council must “arrange their private affairs and conduct themselves in a manner that promotes public confidence.”

According to the findings, a social media post made by Councillor Buchanan in January 2021, combined with his prior actions, amounted to a breach of the bylaw. SAGE determined these actions were disrespectful to the local pandemic response efforts and increased a division in the community between individuals in favour of and opposed to health restrictions. SAGE’s report finds that through Councillor Buchanan’s actions, The City’s reputation was damaged, and The City’s pandemic response efforts were negatively impacted. They also determined he demonstrated a pattern of conduct where he made negative comments that did not promote public confidence in The City’s pandemic response efforts.

Having accepted that Councillor Buchanan contravened three sections of the Bylaw, Council considered the sanctions recommended by SAGE and ultimately resolved by majority vote to require that Councillor Buchanan:

  • Issue a public apology to Red Deer residents, businesses, staff, and Council for his actions and social media post on January 27, 2021, which caused increased confusion and division in the community during a time of crisis; and that this apology be provided to the satisfaction of Council, during a public portion of a Council meeting.
  • Arrange an in-person meeting with the AHS Central Zone Medical Director, or designate to offer a personal apology to Alberta Health Services for any harm caused by his public comments during the pandemic response.
  • Be suspended from all Council committees and all Deputy Mayor rotation duties until sincere apologies are provided.
  • Complete social media training hired and paid for by The City of Red Deer that aligns with typical media training for City staff.

The investigation is considered complete. Councillor Buchanan continues to serve as Red Deer City Councillor.

This is the first formal Code of Conduct complaint received by The City of Red Deer.

So we have two Code of Conduct investigations against this council.  The first looks kind of like an expensive slap on the wrist to Buch Buchanan for daring to ask on Twitter whether AHS had shown up at a restaurant in Sylvan Lake that was protesting covid restrictions.  (The Horror).  The second complaint?  Well it looked like a bigger deal back in the spring.

Just before I let you go back to Turkey prep and avoiding your loved ones I’d like to offer some free advice to the members of City Council who voted to keep the details of investigation number two from the people who pay for everything they do and for their salaries (as insufficient as they may seem to those who have to cash the cheques).  I admit this has to be free because in all likelihood no one in their right mind would pay for it.  However I’m avoiding the paint brush for just a few more minutes.  Here goes:  I really think it might be a good idea to tell voters who was investigated and why.  That’s it.  The problem with keeping this quiet is that it will tarnish not just the unfortunate soul(s) who was investigated.  Now all of you who voted this way will be part of that same embarrassment and presumably you could pay the price for this.

Yes 31 percent of the 60 percent of Canadians who vote, continually vote for Justin Trudeau no matter what aboriginal female minister he turfs for daring to question his friends at Canada’s most notorious construction firm, or how many times he wears black face or how many times he declares a holiday to recognize one of the most serious problems in Canada and then forgets he might be the most important person to appear at events on that day and accidentally takes his family on a private jet to an 18 million dollar hideaway (and then forgot to hide very well).  No matter what, some elected officials will have a blind following.  But you are definitely taking at least a small risk here.  Some people are paying attention (hi Calvin).  And some people talk to other people.  And some of those people will be voting.   And some people will jump to the conclusion that you voted to keep this quiet because you care about something else, anything else, more than you care about the voters who you are undoubtedly shaking hands with at the farmers market right now while you tell them that nothing is more important to you than they are.  But something is more important.  You should tell us.

Sorry for rambling.  I’ve completely run out of things to say.  If you want to run a beer over to our place to reward me for doing a second rate painting job.. just keep your distance.   I’ve got a valid negative covid rapid test that has to last until I get another one and another one before my vaccine kicks in.


After 15 years as a TV reporter with Global and CBC and as news director of RDTV in Red Deer, Duane set out on his own 2008 as a visual storyteller. During this period, he became fascinated with a burgeoning online world and how it could better serve local communities. This fascination led to Todayville, launched in 2016.

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The book that could spell the end of Anthony Fauci and the incredible push for vaccine mandates

Published on

In the end, it all comes down to well meaning but twisted ambition, with a nice big helping of good old fashioned and really evil, greed.

At the beginning of this time we’ll forever simply call ‘covid’, we dutifully lined up in front of our neighbourhood Costco while the owners of small independently owned stores were forced to lock their doors and watch helplessly as the businesses they built over a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears drifted away from them.  Over time, we’ve become accustomed to measures like masks and distancing rules, and regulations that allow 18,000 people to watch a hockey game (mostly without masks), or 100,000 people to watch a football game (entirely without masks), while the parents of grade 12 athletes can not come into a gym to watch their own children compete for a long prepared for championship title.

Today we wait to see which vaccine mandate will rock someone’s world next.  It’s become clear over the last several months of mandates that a good percentage of people (somewhere around 25%) feel they’re being forced into a vaccination they aren’t so sure about taking (they’re still not approved) and a further percentage of people (8 to 10%) will simply not agree to take an emergency ordered vaccine. I’m not saying any of this is right or wrong.  I’m just saying it clearly makes no sense.  I’m just saying..

Everyone I’ve talked to since covid has begun, and I mean EVERYONE has admitted in private conversation if not very publicly, that this restriction makes no sense, or that restriction is contradictory to another one.  EVERYONE admits the various restrictions, rules, and regulations our governments have used to respond to covid just don’t add up.  And for the few people who can’t bring themselves to admit it, even to a close friend.. just ask yourself how the “two weeks to flatten the curve” is going at the two year mark.

For me, the biggest mystery in an ocean of mysteries has been the complete lockdown on access to and information about medical therapies. Anyone who puts in the effort to look behind the curtain of attack articles, can see there are preventative treatments, early treatments, and now “long covid” treatments which are showing tremendous success.  As you can see at and, 0ver 25% of the world’s population has access to at least ONE of the effective treatments.  While millions of Canadians chuckle at unintelligent, simple people who take Ivermectin (horse paste they call it), those poor simple people in nations such as India and Japan have nearly eliminated covid. Here, all we hear is that vaccines are the ONLY answer.  Usually they say it’s “the best way” to fight covid.  They leave out the part where they’ve banned every other way of fighting covid. You can argue if you want about how widespread Ivermectin use is in India and Japan, but you can’t really argue with data.  Take a look at these graphs from and you’ll have to conclude something different is going on in countries where early treatment options aren’t always the butt of the latest woke-joke.

Sorry for the long lead-in.  If you stayed with it, here’s the reward.  There’s a new book out by best selling author and life long US Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  Yes, this is the son of THE Bobby Kennedy, and the nephew of President John F Kennedy.  If you’re one of the millions of ‘simple’ people like me who just can’t understand why we’re not even allowed to talk about actually treating covid, this book will set out an argument that makes it all finally come together.  That’s what The Real Anthony Fauci is all about.  Either this book is shedding a WORLD of lies, or it will put AN ENTIRELY NEW LIGHT on what is driving the forces behind covid-19 vaccine mandates.  If you have a bit of time, check out the video interview below with RFK Jr.  The allegations go well beyond disturbing and right to shocking.  It’s going to be interesting to see if this book will make a difference.  For me.  I don’t really care what happens to Dr. Fauci.  I just want politicians to show courage and stand up for the most vulnerable people.  It’s time to save lives by allowing Albertans, and Canadians to use some of the two dozen or so medical treatments which have emerged to fight covid in the last two years.

Here’s the description of this book by Amazon

Pharma-funded mainstream media has convinced millions of Americans that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a hero. He is anything but.

As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci dispenses $6.1 billion in annual taxpayer-provided funding for scientific research, allowing him to dictate the subject, content, and outcome of scientific health research across the globe. Fauci uses the financial clout at his disposal to wield extraordinary influence over hospitals, universities, journals, and thousands of influential doctors and scientists—whose careers and institutions he has the power to ruin, advance, or reward.

During more than a year of painstaking and meticulous research, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unearthed a shocking story that obliterates media spin on Dr. Fauci . . . and that will alarm every American—Democrat or Republican—who cares about democracy, our Constitution, and the future of our children’s health.

The Real Anthony Fauci reveals how “America’s Doctor” launched his career during the early AIDS crisis by partnering with pharmaceutical companies to sabotage safe and effective off-patent therapeutic treatments for AIDS. Fauci orchestrated fraudulent studies, and then pressured US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators into approving a deadly chemotherapy treatment he had good reason to know was worthless against AIDS. Fauci repeatedly violated federal laws to allow his Pharma partners to use impoverished and dark-skinned children as lab rats in deadly experiments with toxic AIDS and cancer chemotherapies.

In early 2000, Fauci shook hands with Bill Gates in the library of Gates’ $147 million Seattle mansion, cementing a partnership that would aim to control an increasingly profitable $60 billion global vaccine enterprise with unlimited growth potential. Through funding leverage and carefully cultivated personal relationships with heads of state and leading media and social media institutions, the Pharma-Fauci-Gates alliance exercises dominion over global health policy.

The Real Anthony Fauci details how Fauci, Gates, and their cohorts use their control of media outlets, scientific journals, key government and quasi-governmental agencies, global intelligence agencies, and influential scientists and physicians to flood the public with fearful propaganda about COVID-19 virulence and pathogenesis, and to muzzle debate and ruthlessly censor dissent.

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Bruce Dowbiggin

China Rules: Will Trudeau Give Beijing Olympics His Blessing

Published on

Q: How many Canadians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Two. One to ask permission from CCP boss Xi Jingping and one to then screw it in.

The tennis world has been roiled by the sudden absence of Chinese star Peng Shuai. Peng seemed to have gone missing for two weeks after publicly accusing a high-ranking Communist Party apparatchik of sexually assaulting her. The repercussions of her reported abduction could have wide-ranging effects—including on the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

Her sudden disappearance drew the ire of Serena Williams (“Devastated and shocked”) and the World Tennis Association. Steve Simon, the  president of the WTA, says “`I remain concerned about Peng Shuai’s health and safety and that the allegation of sexual assault is being censored and swept under the rug. I have been clear about what needs to happen and our relationship with China is at a crossroads.”

Simon says the WTA is so concerned that it is willing to forgo billions from China if the case is not properly resolved. (This in stark contrast to NBA stars such as LeBron James who talk social justice about Kyle Rittenhouse in the U.S. but cravenly capitulate to Chinese authority when their running-shoe endorsements are threatened.)

The tipoff that China is concerned that Peng’s absence might hurt the Olympics came when she was made available Sunday via conference call to IOC President Thomas Bach, IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair Emma Terho, and IOC Member in China Li Lingwei.

Peng thanked the committee for its concern and explained she is “safe and well” in her home in Beijing and would like her privacy respected. But it was hard to know who controlled her words— especially as the interview was staged with IOC suits, who stand to lose a lot from any Olympic boycott.

Also lending credence to the conspiratorial nature of Peng’s condition was the news that China has temporarily blocked CNN’s feed in the country to prevent the network reporting the story (If it’s true it would be the first story CNN has reported properly in a long time.)

The Peng kerfuffle is the latest example of China’s tin ear on human rights. It  comes as many are questioning whether nations should boycott the Winter Olympics, slated to start in February. Even U.S. president Joe Biden, who is hopelessly compromised on China by his son’s grifting, has said the U.S. might do a diplomatic, not athlete, boycott to protest China’s high-handed attitude lately.

There could be more. Many are now saying having the Games in a nation that sponsors concentration camps and suppresses democracy in Hong Kong is comparable to staging the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin where Hitler was allowed to whitewash his regime even as it geared up for genocide.

It also recalls the reaction of the West in boycotting the Moscow Olympics in 1980 over the Soviets invasion of Afghanistan. The IOC has been traumatized ever since about politics and— witness Peng’s sudden “appearance”—wants this snowball stopped.

Clearly the IOC— which awarded the Games to China— will make no stand itself on Peng. The collection of princes, plutocrats, klepto-rulers and time-serving criminals has never let a little human-rights violation get in the way of profit. Whether it’s rewarding China or Putin (Sochi) it has  major concerns when the IOC’s alleged brotherhood hurts the bottom line.

For a struggling Biden, whose polling is tanking, the boycott issue could provide an easy win. Keep the politicians and state actors home, let the athletes have their medals, snub Xi  and appear to be taking the high ground. (Better yet, send Kamala Harris and don’t bring her back.)

The question will then be what will Canada do if the Americans engineer a diplomatic boycott? After the detention of Wauwei executive Meng Wanzhou  and resultant Chinese retaliation would Justin  Trudeau dare tangle with them again, particularly after earlier saying, “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China, Ahh, because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime”?

Why wouldn’t Xi feel confident that no one in Canada will push back? After all, he kidnapped the two Michaels for almost two years and Canada’s prime minister acted like the men had simply gone on an extended Carnival Cruise. Better yet, Canadian voters then rewarded said PM with another term. Xi is laughing.

Plus the federal Liberals are so far up China’s butt they can see Hunter Biden’s shoes. Former PM Jean Chretien and his family connections have long sought to appease the Chinese to protect investment there. Chretien tried to interfere on behalf of the Chinese in the Meng case. As Macleans wrote in 2019, “given the respect Chretien enjoys among senior officials in China, the fact he’s advocating for the Trudeau government to interfere in the court case to make China happy will only serve to embolden Beijing.”

With so much Canadian capital riding on smooth relations with Xi— plus the need to bring China into Trudeau’s daffy climate schemes— does he dare anger the regime by insulting their Olympic propaganda coup?  Canada knows this: If Trudeau shows backbone in a tough international dispute it will be the first time.

Bruce Dowbiggin @dowbboy is the editor of Not The Public Broadcaster ( The best-selling author of Cap In Hand was nominated for the BBN Business Book award of 2020 for Personal Account with Tony Comper. A two-time winner of the Gemini Award as Canada’s top television sports broadcaster, he’s also a regular contributor to Sirius XM Canada Talks Ch. 167. His new book with his son Evan Inexact Science: The Six Most Compelling Draft Years In NHL History is now available on

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