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City of Red Deer

City Council appoints new City Manager after nation-wide search


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The City of Red Deer is pleased to announce the appointment of Tara Lodewyk as the next City Manager. Lodewyk has been the interim City Manager since the retirement of City Manager, Allan Seabrooke in May of 2021.

“City Council and all City staff are incredibly thankful to Tara Lodewyk for continuing to lead our organization through these challenging times, and all the positions throughout the organization that have been acting in an interim fashion as a domino effect,” said Mayor Ken Johnston. “We know we have chosen the right person to lead our organization, as she has done so magnificently through some of the hardest few years our world has seen.”

Consulting group, Janet Soles and Associates conducted a nation-wide search, reaching out to over 250 people across Canada, and interviewed over 40 people for the role. The search committee conducted first round interviews in April, and then in May, City Council participated in second round interviews.

“I have had the opportunity over the last 10 months to lead the organization as Interim City Manager and am incredibly grateful to Council and the City Manager Recruitment Committee for giving me the opportunity to continue to lead our organization on a more permanent basis, providing more stability and consistency for our community and our staff” said Interim City Manager, Tara Lodewyk. “I have a strong and supportive administrative team in addition to the ten years of leadership experience, solid community relationships and knowledge. I love this city, I love our people, and look forward to leading us through what will no doubt be a challenging, but promising, future.”

A City Manager is the head of administration, leads the organization and provides the link between City Council and other levels of government, the community, and administration. Tara Lodewyk has been with The City since 2010 and has held positions such as Manager of Planning Services and General Manager / Deputy City Manager of Development and Protective Services.

Lodewyk has lived in Red Deer since 2000, originally from Melville, Saskatchewan, with her husband and two children. Tara is active in the community and has a passion for people, for our city, and building strong relationships.

“As an organization, we have been through so much change over the past few years. City staff are our number one asset, from every level and department, and having the right people in the right places is of utmost importance – with none more important than the leader of our organization,” said Mayor Ken Johnston. “Red Deer’s tradition of strong city leadership will continue with the appointment of Tara Lodewyk. Her dedication to this city and this organization, along with her background in management and planning, are important building blocks for the future of our vibrant city. On behalf of City Council, congratulations Tara on this appointment.”

The final selection of the City Manager was made by City Council at today’s Special City Council meeting with a unanimous vote. Commencement date for Lodewyk as City Manager is July 1, 2022.

City of Red Deer

Upgrades to Woody’s Athletic Park begin next week

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New track sub-surface and rubber overlay, curbing and barrier-free pedestrian access are all part of the upcoming construction project at Woody’s Athletic Park. On June 26 construction crews will begin mobilizing at the athletic park next to Lindsay Thurber High School to begin the nearly three-month project.

The project will see the replacement of the track’s sub-surface and rubber overlay, installation of inside lane curbing, and creation of barrier-free access throughout the amenity. These upgrades will allow for Woody’s Athletic Park to achieve World Athletics Certification. Obtaining this certification will allow groups to host provincial, national and even international competitions.

“The upgrades to the park will help us to achieve World Athletics Certification, providing more opportunity to attract large scale track and field events to our community,” said Kristin Walsh, Safe & Healthy Communities Manager. “Woody’s Athletic Park already hosts many local competitions, but with the upgrades, there will be an opportunity to host provincial, national, even international events right here in Red Deer.”

Phase One – where we are at:

The first phase will see the existing rubber surface removed to repair and resurface 40-year-old sub-surface, as well as the construction of barrier-free pedestrian pathways to access the park. This phase is anticipated to take about a month. Once complete, the asphalt will sit for about two weeks as a requirement of the new synthetic topcoat surface.

Phase Two – where we’ll go next:

The second phase will begin in August, and it will include the rubber overlay on the track as well as curbing on the inside of turns or lane 1. The new rubber overlay will be red, rather than the current black surface.

Community impact

The impact to the community includes no access to the athletic park during construction until the anticipated re-opening date of September 15. There will be signage and additional fencing to restrict access to the construction area to eliminate risk to the general public, as with any construction site. There should be no impact to surrounding roads, pathways and trails. There may be minor disruptions in the initial set up of the construction access early July, and potential interruption as construction equipment access the site throughout the project.

The user groups who regularly book the track during the summer have found alternate locations to train and compete this year during the closure.

Woody’s Athletic Park is maintained and booked by The City of Red Deer. The total budget for this project is $1.45 million. The project is funded by The City of Red Deer, Red Deer Public School Division, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, Red Deer Titans Track & Field Club, and sponsorship.

The name

The renaming of the amenity to Woody’s Athletic Park occurred in 2023, following a financial contribution by long-time resident, Woody Paylor. Permanent signage featuring the new name will be installed throughout the construction project.

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Contact Information

Address: 4204-58 Street (map)
Located on Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School grounds.

For booking information contact Facility and Park Rentals or email [email protected] or call your bookings specialist at 403-309-8421. Our bookings specialist will ask you for details of your planned event, discuss amenities and walk you through the bookings process.

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City of Red Deer

City Council paving the way for more house suites, backyard suites, tiny homes, and duplexes

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Council adopts new Zoning Bylaw

At Monday’s regular City Council meeting, City Council passed second and third reading of the Zoning Bylaw 3357/2024, replacing the former Land Use Bylaw.

The goal of the Zoning Bylaw is to reduce red tape, permit more uses in each zone and improve ease and understanding of the document. Notable updates include:

  • Reduction from 11 residential districts to 9 zones
  • Reduction from 7 commercial districts to 6 zones
  • Reduction from 5 industrial districts to 3 zones
  • More permitted uses in each zone
  • More gentle density options to provide increased housing options, including house suites, backyard suites, tiny homes, and duplexes
  • Increased building heights to 12.5m that considers sightlines and privacy of existing dwellings
  • Greater flexibility for development applications
  • Expanded definitions
  • Reduction of duplex side yards, removal of side yard setbacks on corner lots, and reduced frontage in residential narrow lots to improve competitiveness
  • New regulations to gently transition existing neighbourhoods to maintain character

Following adoption of the Zoning Bylaw, the following amendments were made by City Council.

Proposed Amendment Public Hearing Date 
Increase suites from 15% to 25% of the houses in a neighbourhood.   June 24, 2024
Allow commercial uses on the main floor of R-H Residential High Density.   June 24, 2024
Correct errors in the PS Public Service Zone use list: (*Recommended) a) Gaming and Gambling Establishment (Only at the Westerner) b) Education Primary & Secondary – Add to discretionary use list   May 27, 2024
Returning the Cannabis Retail Sales setbacks to be consistent with the current Land Use Bylaw 3357/2006   May 27, 2024

“The new Zoning Bylaw incorporates years of public feedback and best practices to make a Zoning Bylaw that will result in more housing options, easier development, and ultimately will improve our competitiveness,” said David Girardin, Major Projects Planner. “With the approval of the Zoning Bylaw today, we are not finished our community engagement as there will be future public hearings on potential amendments in the coming weeks, as well as more formal public participation for each additional phase of the Zoning Bylaw.”

The Zoning Bylaw will come into effect in 30 days. Public participation for phase two of the Zoning Bylaw will begin later this year. For more information, visit

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