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Pursuit Physiotherapy- Managing and Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



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  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most commonly diagnosed repetitive strain injuries. It occurs when the median nerve, which is the main nerve that travels down the inside of your forearm to your hand, becomes compressed or irritated as it passes through the carpal tunnel at the wrist. The carpal tunnel is an opening formed by ligaments and bones on the inside of the wrist which allow tendons and nerves to pass through it.

    The problem is that this passageway is narrow and can be easily obstructed by local swelling and inflammation, usually from overuse or direct trauma. For example, repetitive work or leisure activities that involve a lot of gripping or use of the flexors (inner forearm muscles) can cause inflammation of the tendons. Similarly, long hours of computer work with improper ergonomics can cause excessive pressure on the inside of the wrist.

    The common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are numbness, tingling, or burning sensations in the palm of the hand and fingers, often accompanied by skin sensitivity and grip weakness. As the symptoms worsen people often experience sharp, shooting pain from the inner wrist up the forearm and decreased ability to use the affected hand.

    Our treatment strategy is geared towards reducing the pressure on the carpal tunnel area and allowing the median nerve to function properly again. We are able to use a number of different treatment strategies such as:

    • Joint mobilization – stiff joints around the carpal tunnel can cause narrowing of the passageway and compression of the median nerve and flexor tendons. Using manual techniques we will loosen stiff joints and work to restore normal mobility and range of motion in the wrist and hand bones, taking pressure off the nervous tissue.

    • Soft tissue release – it is important to release tight muscles in the forearm and hand that may be compressing the median nerve and contributing to nerve pain and tightness. We can use a number of techniques to achieve this such as massage, cupping, acupuncture, and IMS.

    • Ergonomic correction – we will work with you to determine how to optimize your ergonomic set-up for work or home to minimize strain on your body. A brace may also be recommended to manage symptoms at work or at night. A brace will keep your wrist in a neutral position and prevent the wrist from flexing and compressing the carpal tunnel.

    There are also a number of prevention strategies that you can use to reduce your risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome:

    • Optimize your ergonomic set-up – position your keyboard and mouse so that your wrists are neutral and not hyperextended or flexed. Also be aware of your posture and try to keep your neck, shoulders, and back in a straight and relaxed position. Ergonomic equipment may also be useful especially for people who spend long hours at the computer. For more detail see the full blog on correct ergonomics.

    • Take regular breaks from repetitive activities – prevent tension and strain from building up in your tissues by planning regular breaks for stretching and changing position.

      Seek help from a physiotherapist at the first signs of pain; don’t wait for it to get worse.

    Carpal tunnel release surgery is also an option for chronic cases that do not completely resolve with physiotherapy; however it should be seen as a last resort. A course of physiotherapy treatment is always recommended before having an invasive procedure.

    **It should be noted that NOT ALL WRIST AND HAND TINGLING IS DIAGNOSED AS CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME. Your nervous system is a continuous network of tissue, therefore nerve compression or irritation in other areas of the body such as the neck, back, shoulder, or elbow can contribute to or cause your hand symptoms. Especially if your condition is bilateral (symptoms on both sides), it is likely that body parts other than your wrist and hand require treatment.

    As physiotherapists we are trained to comprehensively assess and diagnose your body as a whole and treat all the factors contributing to your pain. We can help ensure you get thorough treatment to eliminate your symptoms as quickly as possible and prevent it from becoming a chronic condition. Don’t try to treat it yourself off the internet! Leave it in the hands of the trained experts.

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    Prairie police chiefs call on Ottawa for help as meth-fuelled crime skyrockets



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  • OTTAWA — Police chiefs say methamphetamine is fuelling a crime wave in some of Western Canada’s biggest cities as use of the highly addictive drug skyrockets across the Prairies.

    Calgary’s interim police Chief Steve Barlow told a House of Commons health committee Tuesday that the city’s crime rate is going through the roof as the price of meth drops.

    “When I look at the tools on an officer’s belt, there isn’t a single one to help a person in the throes of addiction,” Barlow said. “We will not arrest our way out of this problem.”

    Meth is behind some recent violent and unprovoked attacks, Barlow said. On one occasion, he said a woman stabbed three random people in 20 minutes. In another, a senior sitting on a downtown bench was stabbed multiple times.

    A woman was left paralyzed last month after she was pushed into the path of an oncoming transit train. The suspect is believed to have been high on meth, Barlow said.

    The drug is also motivating residential break-ins, car theft and other property crimes.

    It’s driven by a rise in the amount of meth on the street and a dramatic drop in the addictive drug’s cost — to about $50 a gram now from about $150 in 2015. That means one hit of meth costs about $5.

    Officers are worn out and more resources are needed to address the root causes of addiction and to help people get clean, Barlow told the committee.

    He predicts 2018 will see a record number of meth seizures in his city — more than 1,769 — which is 130 per cent above the five-year average.

    Winnipeg’s police Chief Danny Smyth told the committee his officers have seized more than 20 kilograms of meth this year — nearly double what was seized in 2017.

    Barlow and Smyth said the meth on their streets is being smuggled into British Columbia from Mexico.

    Drug-related crime, in turn, is causing a big backlog in responses to calls for service in Winnipeg, because officers are tied up in health-care facilities with meth users, Smyth said.

    “It prevents us from getting into the community and doing proactive work.”

    Numbers from Winnipeg’s health authority show a 1,200 per cent increase in people going to hospitals because of methamphetamine — up from 12 in April 2013 to 218 this past April.

    Documents obtained by the Manitoba NDP under freedom-of-information legislation also show a rise in communicable diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis which are associated with intravenous drug use.

    Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman told the committee Ottawa must include meth in a national strategy on illicit drugs, strengthen border protection and provide more resources for mental health.

    “Meth doesn’t distinguish between the area of the city in which you reside, your family’s income,” he said. “Addictions and mental health really know no bounds and we are seeing that here in the city of Winnipeg.”

    — By Kelly Geraldine Malone in Winnipeg

    The Canadian Press

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    A LUXURY SPA experience in the heart of Central Alberta



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  • Safari Spas welcomed its first guests in 2003 with a goal of creating a truly exceptional luxury experience for residents in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

    Our team visits luxury spas all over the world in an effort to continually improve what we do.  We want our guests to feel like they are on a mini vacation each and every time they visit.  Our customer surveys tell us we hit the mark on a very consistent basis!

    Come relax in our beautiful spa, where we’ve created a deluxe environment: everything from glass mosaic and Italian tiles, fireplaces, frosted glass, lighted mirrors and extra plush chairs. Safari Spa & Salon offers massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, body polishes, aromatherapy, waxing, and hair styling for men, women and children, among other services.

    Our level of service is over the top.

    We cater to our guests at every turn. We have created an experience within Red Deer that you would expect at a resort spa. It’s all about helping you recharge your batteries, getting your body, mind and soul back into alignment.

    We have a staff of 45, including four managers who ensure your experience is always 5 star. As long term members of our team, they care for the business as if it was their own.  Janelle has been with us since we opened. Chana started as a  hair stylist  and is now an integral part of our management team. Heather and Natasha are newer to the team and are our Customer Service gurus, always taking care of every little wish and desire of our guests.

    We are very proud of our deep roots in this community and support many worthwhile organizations and events.

    Of particular note is our annual Red Deer Festival of Trees, supporting the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation.  We’ve been an active sponsor of this amazing community event since we opened in 2003.

    We offer a variety of sublime services in a luxurious environment.  Click to take a virtual tour.

    We are proud to be the only AVEDA Lifestyle Spa in the region.

    Here are some of our most popular packages:

    Safari Ultimate $355

    Shampoo and Style, 60 minute Chakra massage, 90 minute customized facial, Aveda Spa manicure and pedicure.

    Couple’s Escape $485

    This is the perfect way to spend a relaxing day together. You will each receive a one hour relaxation massage, men’s spa facial for him, customized Aveda facial for her, then enjoy a spa snack and refreshment while sitting next to each other experiencing spa pedicures in our whirlpool pedicure spa chairs with fully adjustable heated massage chairs.

    Oasis $405

    Complete luxury in a serene atmosphere. This ultimate package includes: 1 hour relaxation massage, aromatherapy body wrap, customized Aveda facial, spa manicure, and spa pedicure. Relax in our serenity area and enjoy.

    Savanna $320

    Complete treatment for the body. One hour relaxation massage, spa facial, body polish and shampoo & style.

    Safari Indulge $300

    Sixty minute customized facial, 60 minute hot stone massage, pedicure, shampoo, condition and style.

    Safari Head To Toe $245

    Get pampered from head to toe with our customized Aveda facial, spa pedicure and one hour relaxation massage.

    Rain Forest $225

    A mini sampling of the spa experience. This package includes a customized Aveda facial, spa pedicure and spa manicure with paraffin wax.

    Gentlemen’s Oasis $245

    This package is created for the special man in your life. One hour relaxation massage, men’s spa facial and a spa pedicure.

    Stress Fix Pamper Package $230

    Stress can really take its toll on your physical and spiritual health.  Try our French Lavender infused Stress Fix Massage, pedicure and manicure to help reduce everyday stress.

    Pamper Package $195

    This is for those deserving to be pampered. Included in this package is a spa pedicure, spa manicure and one hour relaxation massage.

    Browse some photos and please click here to learn more about Safari Spa and Salon.   We are located in Unit 100, 31 Clearview Market Way, Red Deer.

    Please contact us through email or phone 403.314-9628.

    We have really convenient hours:

    Monday – Friday 9:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm

    We are closed on the following days:

    • New Year’s Day
    • Family Day (February)
    • Easter Sunday
    • Labour Day (September)
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day
    • Boxing Day

    We are open from 9:00am -3pm on Good Friday, Victoria Day (May), Canada Day (July 1) and Heritage Day (August).

    We are open from 9-5 on Christmas Eve so you can start your Christmas celebration off right.

    Getting ready to celebrate the New Year?  We have you covered from 9-5 on New Year’s Eve.

    We open at noon on Remembrance Day so that we, along with our guests,  can attend services throughout the region.

    Please visit and let us spoil you soon!

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