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“Bring in the Auditors” Shadow Finance Minister says billions are unaccounted fo


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From Conservative Party of Canada

Trudeau’s accountability equation:
Double the spending + half the audits = a quarter of the accountability.

Bring in the Auditors

Bring in the Auditors

Bring in the Auditors

Posted by Pierre Poilievre on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, Pierre Poilievre, and Conservative Shadow Minister for the Treasury Board, Tim Uppal, held a press conference to call on the Trudeau Liberals to provide the Auditor General’s Office with the necessary funding to audit the government’s unprecedented spending.

As Canada’s top spending watchdog, the Auditor General is a cornerstone of our parliamentary democracy. Shamefully, the Liberal government has flagrantly disregarded this fact over the past five years. Ten years ago, the Auditor General’s Office was conducting 27 performance audits a year. At its current funding levels, the Auditor General can only complete 14 performance audits a year.

In order to underscore the necessity of funding the Auditor General, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre will move the following motion at the Standing Committee of Finance:

That the Standing Committee on Finance call on the Auditor General of Canada to audit all federal programs associated with Canada’s COVID-19 response and to complete all previously-scheduled audits and all audits requested by the House; and call on the government to provide the Office of the Auditor General all the funding it needs to carry out these audits and any other work it deems appropriate.

“Over the last ten years the size of government has doubled, and the number of audits has gone down by half. Massive Liberal spending programs lack basic accountability and transparency, such as their $180 billion infrastructure program. The government has spent billions on projects to date, yet they cannot produce a full list of projects that have received money. In fact, there are roughly 20,000 projects that are not accounted for. This complete disregard of taxpayer money is troubling. It’s time to bring in the auditors,” said MP Pierre Poilievre.

“The Liberals have announced hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending during the pandemic but are refusing to provide an economic update or to be transparent with Canadians,” said MP Tim Uppal. “In a crisis, oversight is more important than ever. But the Auditor General doesn’t have enough funding to conduct audits of government programs. Taxpayers deserve to know how the government is spending their money.”

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5 Central Albertans now in ICU – COVID19 update from Mike York

Published on

Here is your Covid-19 report from AHS for Thursday November 26.
The Central Zone has had an increase of 117 active cases, and also an increase of 46 recoveries since yesterday. There are now 947 active cases in the zone. (71 more than yesterday)
There are now 20 people in hospitals and 5 of these individuals are in Intensive Care in the region.
There was an increase of 9 active cases in the City of Red Deer. This is as a result of 23 new reported cases and 14 new recoveries.
We now have 158 active cases in the city.
Stay safe everyone.
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17 hospitalized in Central Alberta, 4 in ICU with COVID19 – Update from Mike York

Published on

The AHS Covid-19 report for Wednesday November 26 goes as follows:
In our Central Zone, 87 new cases were reported along with 41 new recoveries in the last 24 hours. This brought along with it an increase of 46 new active cases in the region.
17 individuals are now in hospital which is 1 less than yesterday but there are now 4 people in ICU which is up 1 from yesterday’s report.

As far as our fine city of Red Deer, 14 additional cases were reported and 6 recoveries in the last 24 hours. We now have a total of 149 active cases of the virus in our city.

Here are some analytics regarding recent new cases of Covid-19 and how it breaks down into age groups in our Central Zone:
November 21-24 (370 cases in last 4 Days)
0-1 yrs. – 1 case
1-4 yrs. – 11 cases
5-9 yrs. – 14 cases
10-19 yrs. – 72 cases
20-29 yrs. – 66 cases
30-39 yrs. – 53 cases
40-49 yrs. – 55 cases
50-59 yrs. – 45 cases
60-69 yrs – 24 cases
70-79 yrs. – 20 cases
80+ yrs – 19 cases
* Of note – An upsurge in the teenage bracket now has it with the highest % of cases @ almost 20%.
The working class brackets, (20-60 yrs.) represents nearly 60% of all new cases, while the seniors bracket, (60-80+ yrs) represents only 17% of all new cases.
Cheers, and play safe people.
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