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Wild TV launches streaming app for hunting enthusiasts


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Wild TV launches streaming app for hunting enthusiasts

If you’re a hunter, or an enthusiast, this new APP from Edmonton’s Wild TV Inc might be the perfect addition to your entertainment options.

Wild Television Network (Wild TV), the number one hunting, fishing, and outdoor lifestyle television channel in Canada, is launching its subscription streaming service, The Wild TV App, to provide its fans in North America access to its trove of hunting content anywhere and anytime.

After running a successful linear TV channel for over two decades, Wild TV expands its services to offer hunting enthusiasts a new way to experience its unparalleled hunting content with The Wild TV App for only $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

The Wild TV App will feature shows made by hardcore hunters who share their stories, lessons and experiences from the most exceptional hunting environment globally – the Canadian Wild. It will also include the network’s hit shows, including How to Hunt, The Edge, Trapping Inc., Mitchell Payment’s Moment of Truth and Non-typical Nation, to name a few.

Ryan Kohler, President of Wild TV Inc., said the Wild TV App would complement their linear television service and help further realize their vision of building the strongest hunting community in the world by promoting excitement, wellness and conservation.

“The launch of The Wild TV App marks the beginning of a new era for us and our fellow Wilders. We know what makes a great hunting entertainment because we eat, sleep and breathe hunting. Every show in The Wild TV App is hand-picked by a hunting expert,” he said.

“With The Wild TV App, we also want to bring people closer together and inspire them to get outside to hunt. We want to further strengthen the hunting community by entertaining, sharing knowledge and respecting the ecosystem,” Kohler added.

The Wild TV App is available on all Apple and Android devices, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TVs and Fire Sticks, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, and the web

About Wild TV:

The Canadian wilderness has the best hunting in the world and we want you to explore what makes it so great. Wild TV is the only viewing platform for hunting enthusiasts made by hardcore hunters that share stories, lessons, and experiences from the most exceptional hunting environment in the world – The Canadian Wild.

Our shows are made by hunters, for hunters! We know what makes great hunting entertainment because we eat, sleep and breathe hunting. Every show is hand-picked by a hunting expert, who would rather be outside hunting.

We are Wild TV. Contact your local service provider to subscribe to our television channel today. Or click here to purchase the Wild TV APP and get access to exclusive hit hunting TV shows featuring some of the biggest names in the hunting world.


(This article was originally published on October 21, 2021)

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The Most Prominent Business Sponsorships in the CFL

Published on

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is more than 100 years old.  For millions, the love for Canadian football is never coming to an end. That’s a good sign for businesses who affiliate themselves with any of the nine clubs in the CFL.

Some of the most prominent business sponsorships in the CFL clubs are in the online gambling market. You don’t have to look far before stumbling on an online bookmaker that allows you to bet on CFL games. The CasinosforMoney site provides a handful of online casinos that have partnered with CFL clubs and offer you a chance to play a wide range of games. Online casinos or betting sites invest heavily in the league to be advertised on the LED screens. This is an ideal marketing strategy that’ll help the companies attract more players into gambling with them.

Below you will find some prominent business sponsorships in the CFL.

Betting Firms

Like other leagues in the US, Europe, and other parts of the world, the CFL has partnered with betting sites in sponsorship agreements. This move is aimed at benefitting both parties. The league will get funding from the bookmakers. On the other hand, online bookmakers will place advertisement signs at all CFL stadiums to market their brands.

The two prominent online sports books that have partnered with CFL are Bowmans Sportsbook and recently BetRegal Casino. These operators have entered into multi-million deals with the CFL for a given number of years. The companies will reach out to more fans, teach them about sports gaming, and bet responsibly. As a result, more players will come in and gamble with the casinos.

Bank of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) has a significant engagement in sports, sponsoring some community-based leagues and professional teams. For example, the company supports the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes in the CFL.
The BMO’s generosity in sports can be attributed to its success across different parts of the world. Today, BMO has 150 companies in various parts of the world and continues gaining credibility due to its participation in public affairs.


Safeway is a Canadian supermarket that has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the CFL. As a result, the supermarket has launched a contest that allows its customers to win prizes that includes game tickets. Safeway understands that most of its customers are CFL fans. As a result, their shoppers win the prizes after shopping in any of their stores.


Purolator has been sponsoring CFL since 2003. Purolator Courier Ltd. has been operating as the official CFL courier, supporting the league by running the Purolator Tackle Hunger program. This award-winning program has given the fans a chance to help people struggling with food insecurity. Fans can bring non-perishable foodstuffs or donate money during some select games in the season.

Final Thoughts

From online bookmakers, to financial institutions, to local companies, small and large businesses have come in to sponsor the CFL.  Whether the goal is to affiliate with a national passion, or a wildly popular regional team, these businesses can use the CFL to market their brands, attract more customers, and remain on top of the competition. Critically, this business strategy has gone a long way in benefitting the CFL clubs, fans, and sponsors.

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Important Financial Advice That You Need To Know

Published on

We all know life is tough. You have to work hard just to get by, and sometimes you’re not even sure if you will be able to make ends meet. Money problems are a common theme in many households, but they don’t need to rule your every waking hour. That’s why it’s so important for everybody, regardless of their income or economic standing, to take some time out regularly and do some financial planning. The following article has some useful tips on how you can get started with this process!

Average income

Even though statistics can’t hold up a realistic image of the overall population, they can allow you an idea of how your household is financially stable compared to the majority. Canada median salary is just under $40,000 per year. This means that 50% of the population makes less than this number each year, and the other 50% makes more.

Do you know what your household income is? Maybe it’s time to start looking for investment opportunities. If you’re not making as much as the average household, don’t worry. There are still ways to get your finances back on track without too much effort or thinking.

Budgeting and credit cards

One of the easiest ways to stay afloat in a bad financial situation is by keeping a budget. This allows you to see exactly where your money is going, and you can start to make some financial decisions based on what’s leftover at the end of the month. This will allow you to prioritize and pick between which bills need to be paid.

Credit card debt is one of the biggest problems we’re seeing in the economy today, and it’s also become a popular source for extra spending money. Let’s face it, credit cards are extremely easy to get your hands on these days. If you don’t have one, there is probably somebody around you who does. They’re very popular with young people because they can be used for almost anything without having to carry cash around all the time! However, this also means that more money is being spent. 

Calculate your monthly income and compare it to your expenses. If there isn’t enough money going into savings each month, then you need to find something else to cut back on or start looking for extra income sources. 

Business ideas

When you’re trying to get your finances back on track you must find ways of generating extra income. There are many different opportunities out there, but some are better than others. Maybe there are things around the house that you no longer use that could be sold for quick cash.

Everyone has something they can offer to people. This can be a great way to earn an extra few bucks each day! For example, if you enjoy baking why not start a home-based business? You can make cakes and sell them online or even start up a small stand at the market, etc… If baking is not your thing then think of other services that you could provide. 

Stock market

Buying stock in companies has become extremely popular recently because everybody wants to make their money grow. If you have enough patience, you can make something of this investment. Invest only if the potential returns are higher than the other options you have at hand!

Retirement planning

Nobody wants to spend their retirement years staying in bed all day because they’re broke. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest problems we are seeing right now with the population, especially seniors who suddenly lost everything when the 2008 recession hit us hard. This means that many people are forced to keep working after “retirement age” even though they would prefer to relax and enjoy life. But how can you make sure that you will be able to live comfortably once you retire? There are investments such as RRSPs that allow tax-free growth of your savings (up to a certain amount). You might want to look into them if you don’t know about them already.

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to pay attention to your finances. We hope this article has helped give you a few ideas on how to get started on the right foot! You can start by prioritizing and paying off bills, creating extra income streams, or investing in retirement. No matter what financial situation you’re currently in, there are always opportunities for improvement. 

Some of the most important financial advice involves understanding your own needs and habits. It’s easy to get carried away with spending, but you also want to make sure that you have enough money for retirement. Don’t let money take over your life.


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