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Stay home plea from a healthy Canadian shocked to be a victim of COVID


Shared by Erin Leigh from Chilliwack, BC

Hi Friends and Family!

I have been admitted since I currently need oxygen support. We will wean that off tonight and see how my lungs handle it. I’m currently on oxygen and at 95%. I guess I’ll be monitored for a night or two.

I started having symptoms last Wednesday, and haven’t left my house since. This is a community infection. I have not travelled, nor have I been around someone who has, and I don’t know anyone with this virus. As doctors have said, this virus is unpredictable. I have practiced social isolation and followed the government rules.

I was called this morning by the health department to notify me of the positive test. I was only able to form 1-2 word sentences because of the severe shortness of breath. I was directed to hang up and call 911. To be honest, I expected them to come and say you’re ok, and leave me at home. This was not the case and when I walked to the ambulance, my oxygen dropped. The paramedics told me that they would be rushing me to the hospital and that it may be a bumpy ride. I was placed on oxygen support at that time.

On arrival to the hospital, there were about a dozen hospital personnel gowned up and ready for me. It was organized chaos. Every person had a different role and they worked fast. I was a little incoherent because I was so focussed on breathing. The doctor came to my left bedside, looked me straight in the eyes, and stated “I’m Dr. P. I think you are going to be okay, but I need you to know, if your oxygen plummets more, I may have to intubate you, and you will wake up in the ICU”… shit just got real.

I’ve now stabilized and have been brought up to an internal medicine ward.

I don’t want sympathy. I want people to start listening to what the doctors are saying! This is no joke… please stay home! You are only supposed to be interacting with people you live with… no one else. That means NO ONE! Please do your part, as the medical personnel are working their asses off! These people on the front lines are putting patients before themselves. Because of me, alone, this hospital has probably gone through 3 dozen sets of personal protective stuff (gowns, masks, gloves) since I’ve been treated here, and that’s only a few hours. These workers shouldn’t have to work with a shortage of these things, so if you have any items to donate, please do!

Please #stayhome and stay healthy!

Yes, you may share. If this helps one person, then it’s been worthwhile. I don’t wish this upon anyone!

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Calgary blocks traffic lanes to help pathway users maintain two-metre separation



CALGARY — Fans of a decision by Calgary officials to block off some traffic lanes to give pedestrians and cyclists extra room for social distancing hope others cities will follow suit.

Starting Saturday along certain Calgary sidewalks and pathways with larger volumes of pedestrian traffic, crews have placed pylons and other barricades onto a lane of adjacent roadway for people to step onto so they can safely maintain a two-metre separation from others.

“We’re not encouraging people to go and hang around these places, but what we have done is closed a couple of lanes, again in high-pedestrian-centric locations, just to allow people to have more space between them if they are walking,” explained Sean Somers with the city’s transportation department.

Officials insist that people stay home as much as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak, and say those who must go out should stay two metres away from others.

But many walkways aren’t wide enough to enable people to easily maintain that distance.

Vehicle use appears to be down in Calgary since many people are now working from home, Somers said, so there isn’t as much traffic on the roads.

“Last week I was going in to the emergency operations centre and it took me 15 minutes. I would say normally it’s double that to get there from my house,” Somers said, noting that the idea is being treated a pilot project and will be evaluated to see how well it works.

Greg Glatz, a commuter cyclist in Calgary, said he thinks the newly created bike and pedestrian lanes are fantastic. Even during a late evening ride on Saturday he noticed people on bikes and on foot using one that’s downtown on Memorial Drive near the Bow River.

But he said there was another path during his ride, along Crescent Road, that he said could have used one, where a large number of pedestrians were enjoying the sunset.

“There were eight people walking across the path side-by-side, and someone asked them to make some space, and they did a fake sneeze,” Glatz said. “I would love to see it done up there.”

Kimberley Nelson, who represents Alberta on the Velo Canada Bikes board, said she and other cycling advocates began suggesting the idea of closing some traffic lanes a week ago. Since Calgary announced late last week that it would do it, she said councillors in some other Canadian cities are also advocating for it on social media.

Nelson noted many doctors in Calgary cycle to work.

“Being able to ensure they’re able to do so in a safe manner is really important right now,” Nelson said.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 30, 2020.

— By Rob Drinkwater in Edmonton.

The Canadian Press

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Central Alberta

2 Red Deer people have recovered from COVID-19 – Central Alberta update (March 29)



Information from

The number of confirmed cases as of Sunday, March 29 show 46 cases of COVID-19 in Central Alberta.

For the first time the number of cases in Red Deer has actually gone down over the previous 24 hours, meaning 2 people (from Red Deer – East) have recovered.

Red Deer has 17 cases of COVID-19.

  • Red Deer – East has 12
  • Red Deer – South West has 4
  • Red Deer – North West has 1

Here’s the breakdown in the Central Zone.

  • Red Deer – 17
  • Red Deer County – 7
  • Olds – 2
  • Innisfail – 1
  • Lacombe – 2
  • Ponoka – 1
  • Stettler County – 1
  • Three Hills / Highway 21 – 1
  • Wetaskiwin County – 8
  • Camrose & County – 2
  • Tofield – 1
  • Vegreville / Winburn County – 1
  • Vermilion River County – 2



In this graph we can see there are still no COVID-19 cases in people younger than 20 years old in Central Alberta.

There could be young people carrying the virus, but none have been tested and confirmed positive.

And below you can see the latest numbers from all regions of Alberta

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