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Red Deer MP’s and Conservative opposition calling for federal assessment of rural crime rate



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    Statement by Canada’s Conservatives on Rural Crime in Canada

    Ottawa, Ontario – Conservative Members of Parliament Shannon Stubbs (Lakeland), Blaine Calkins (Red Deer – Lacombe), and Pierre Paul-Hus (Charlesbourg – Haute-St. Charles) today issued the following statement regarding rural crime in Canada:

    “Canada’s Conservatives believe that the safety of Canadians must be the number one priority of any government. Unfortunately, due to escalating crime rates in our rural communities, many Canadians do not feel safe in their own homes.

    “Over the past few months, Conservative Members of Parliament held meetings across the country with law enforcement officers, community leaders and concerned citizens. We heard firsthand about the need for a strategy to address rural crime issues, including filling vacant RCMP positions.

    “That is why we are bringing forward Motion 167, which calls on the Public Safety and National Security committee to conduct a comprehensive and current federal assessment of crime rates and trends, an analysis of RCMP, policing, and staff resources, along with provincial and municipal partnerships, in rural and remote communities across Canada. This motion is an important first step toward making concrete recommendations that will enhance rural crime prevention and reduce emerging crime rates.

    “Canada’s Conservatives will continue to stand up for rural communities and to fight for concrete actions to keep Canadians safe.”

    Rural Crime in Alberta

    Good, hard-working, law-abiding citizens are being victimized daily due to the increase in rural crime. The stories coming out of my constituency are horrible; people should not be afraid in their own homes. The Liberals have not introduced a single bill regarding crime. Not a single bill that will help families in rural Alberta feel safer at night, nothing that protects them from those who conspire to rob and harm them. Not a single bill. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals don’t care about the safety and security of Canadians. 'Like' and 'share' if you agree.

    Posted by Blaine Calkins on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

    For more information, please contact:

    Office of Blaine Calkins, MP

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    Slow down – or suffer the consequences



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  • Strathcona County Enforcement Services nab speeders on Highway 216

     Strathcona County, Alberta – During the past few weeks Strathcona County RCMP and Enforcement Services have received several complaints regarding speeding on Highway 216. As a result, officers dedicated six hours of enforcement to this location amongst other locations in the County over the past weekend.

    During this period of time, our officers detected over 70 vehicles exceeding the posted speed limits with some startling speeds;

    -Two vehicles were exceeding 190km/h

    -Two vehicles traveling at speeds of 170km/h to 175km/h

    -One vehicle traveling at a speed of 152km/h

    -Three vehicles traveling at speeds of 140km/h to 150km/h. 

    The speed limit on Highway 216 is 100km/h.

    Additionally, on the afternoon of Saturday April 14, 2018, a Jeep Wrangler was caught on 17 Street, south of Baseline Road traveling at a speed of 117km/h.  The speed limit on 17 Street is 60km/h.

    A collision at any of these speeds would spell instant death as vehicles and human bodies are not built for this kind of velocity.  At those speeds, a driver is not only risking his or her life, they are also placing everyone around them in jeopardy.  If convicted, a driver exceeding the speed limit by 50km/h or more may face a fine of $2,300.00 and could have their licence suspended for a period of up to 6 months.  Police urge motorist to drive responsibly and make the personal decision to follow the rules of the road.  Don’t wait on a collision or a ticket to change your driving behavior, make the commitment now.

    “Unsafe speed is a long-standing issue and continues to be a leading cause in car collisions,” says Cpl. Shayne Gudmundson of the Strathcona County RCMP. “Speed limits exist for public safety reasons, and we are committed to targeting those who place the public in danger.”

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    Rocky Mtn House- Lock Down at St. Matthew Catholic School



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  • Lock Down at St. Matthew Catholic School

    Rocky Mountain House, Alberta – On 2018-04-18 at 14:08 pm, Rocky Mountain House RCMP were dispatched to a call of an unknown teenaged male carrying a long barrel firearm near St. Matthew Catholic School who then appeared to have entered the school. The school was contacted by police and were placed on lock down. RCMP members attended immediately and cleared the school, determining the school and occupants were safe and unharmed.

    RCMP completed extensive patrols of the area, completed neighbourhood enquires and exhausted all avenues of investigation. Through corroboration between the RCMP and the staff of St. Matthew School the school was deemed safe and the lock down at the school was lifted. The RCMP do not believe the safety of the school or surrounding community is at any risk.

    If any additional information is known by the public regarding this event please contact the Rocky Mountain House RCMP detachment at (403)845-2882. The RCMP encourage the public to continue to report suspicious behaviour in their community to the RCMP or Crime stoppers.

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