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Notley Delivers State Of The Province Address



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  • By Sheldon Spackman

    Jobs and economic diversification are two of the main focus areas for the Alberta Government going forward. That according to Premier Rachel Notley who delivered a State of the Province Address from the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary Wednesday afternoon.

    Notley says Alberta needs to diversify it’s economy and make it more modern by investing more into industries like Agri-Food, Tourism and Technology to name a few, that are further up the value chain. Diversifying in the world’s Energy Markets is also a priority, naming Wind, Solar and Thermal power as future areas of growth.

    However, Notley’s Government also plans to phase out Coal Production and implement a Methane Reduction Program to help Alberta become a leader in Climate Change Reduction, adding the province’s Energy Industry is very open to becoming part of a new Clean Energy economy going forward.

    She says the bottom line remains though, Alberta needs to end it’s land-lock and get it’s products to tide water. Notley says being able to sell to global markets would result in more customers and ultimately more profits for Alberta.

    Notley wants to “set a new and better course for Alberta” and rejects the notion of cutting Public Service jobs in Health Care and Education. However, she says the province’s budget has to move back towards balance, so spending increases will be few and far between in the next little while. She says many new projects will likely have to be funded through budget re-allocations.

    Notley says Education will be key moving forward, adding her government has already restored funding for K-12 education in the province, which she says resulted in eleven hundred new teachers in Alberta since being elected last year.

    The Premier pointed out the government’s launch on October 18th of a new School Curriculum Survey which aims to consult with stakeholders in helping to  create the best curriculum for Alberta’s students in the future. A tuition freeze for another year for Post Secondary students was also announced on October 19th with the goal of making Post Secondary education more accessible. There are also plans for more work-force training in the future as well.

    Notley began her address on Wednesday by paying tribute to former Premier Jim Prentice who died in a B.C. plane crash October 13th. She sent out her thoughts, prayers and condolences to Prentice’s family and friends, describing him as “Gracious” and “Statesman-Like”. In speaking of Prentice’s Public Service contributions to Albertans and all Canadians, Notley said “Jim Prentice made a difference”.

    You can watch the entire State of the Address here:

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    Central Alberta family looking for someone to be their Easter Miracle



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  • This post has been submitted by the mother of a young Central Alberta father.  He moved to Calgary years ago to be closer to medical care.   His wife grew up in Sylvan Lake and Lacombe.  Together they’re raising 2 children and unfortunately their future is uncertain.  

    From Julie. 

    You may or may not have seen a desperate plea from a Central Alberta family trying to save a loved one’s life.  This is the kind of situation that requires a really large number of people to help out.  You never know who’s going to step forward and become someone’s hero.  The key is, they have to know about the situation before they can act on it.  So.. here’s a bit of information about this

    Alex’s Journey

    Having a baby is supposed to be a wonderful time in your life. Alex was born looking healthy; however, it all went wrong for him at 22 months of age.

    After being rushed by his Father and I by car to our nearby city hospital, Alex was hospitalized for 5 days with a 105 degree fever, which nothing would bring down. Alex was in so much pain, screaming a blood curdling sound that made you think someone was murdering this poor baby slowly.

    Once at hospital he was whisked away to try to identify the problem. They told us he was a mess inside and needed to be airlifted to Sick Children’s Hospital. Once there it became a series of surgeries and a lengthy hospital stay. His kidneys were being affected by a blockage he had developed.

    By age four he lost one kidney and again needed several hospital visits and surgeries to help save his other kidney. The doctors explained that Alex has Chronic Renal Failure and would eventually need a kidney transplant. At age 8 we almost lost him again due to a potassium overload in his remaining kidney that gradually slowed his heart dangerously. We made another trip to Sick Children’s Hospital to get his levels back down before his heart stopped.

    Through all these hardships Alex always remained a tough little guy. Now as a 29-year-old with a loving wife and 2 little ones, the time has come for our son and he is in need of a kidney.

    My name is Julie, I am his mother and I have said from the beginning of this journey that I will give my kidney. That being said, it would be wise to have more donors that are willing as well to help him have a greater chance of success. His older brother has also volunteered, so please help us give Alex and his family a happy, healthy life.

    Julie (mom)

    If you have Blood Type O and this something you could do, our family would be so grateful to have the chance to keep him in our lives and give him the opportunity to watch his children grow up. Anyone can be tested to see if they are a match. You will need Alex’s full name so please visit the Facebook Group we have set up and reach out to our admin/s.

    To Get Tested: 403 944 4635

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    Watch: Their lives were changed forever in a moment! CACAC Dream Home Lottery winners on site within moments



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  • You couldn’t have written a better script!  When the Central Alberta Dream Home Lottery Grand Prize was drawn at noon Wednesday, the winners were just around the block!  A police officer sleeping after a busy night shift must have thought he was still dreaming when he replied to a string of phone messages he’ll never forget.  His wife, a social worker at a local high school had just left to return to work when he called her back.  They won the Dream Home and they could go see it right away.  It was took them about a minute to arrive.   Here’s what happened…

    It was an honour to experience this moment with the crew from the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre!  We’d like to share it with you.

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