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Niobe Thompson brings us a new documentary about humans and horses | Nature of Things



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    We’re surrounded by facebook posts, insta-stories & tweets, giving us, which seems like weekly, teasers of how the world is making innovations in human transportation. With tap ready headlines like “Canada falling behind in the race to build Elon Musk’s hyperloop.” Always driving us to look for the next best way to get to point B. But did we ever stop to wonder, and look back, before the world of trains and Teslas, how humans transformed the world of around us with horse power.

    ?What is it that makes humans and horses so perfect for each other. And how have we transformed the wild horse we tamed 6,000 years ago into over 400 specialized breeds today.

    To answer these questions, Canadian celebrity anthropologist-turned-filmmaker Niobe Thompson, part of David Suzuki’s team at Nature of Things. Takes viewers on an epic journey across eleven countries on three continents and back in time to the mysterious beginnings of the horse-human relationship. Over three spectacular hours of cutting-edge science and gripping adventure, split up into a three part series launching Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 8PM (8:30 NT), with episodes 2 and 3 airing on subsequent Sundays. Thompson explores the evolution of horsepower, discovers how our ancestors tamed the horse and learns fascinating new insights into the body and mind of this unique animal.

    Tickets for Advance Screening at the Winspear Centre on September 17th @ 6PM

    Thompson goes a global adventure of discovery, living and riding with horse nomads in Arabia, Siberia and Mongolia, travelling into the field with archeologists, geneticists, and horse psychologists, and above all, getting friendly with horses everywhere he goes.

    In Episode 1, Origins, Thompson takes us 45 million years back in time to meet Dawn Horse, a creature that led to all horses today. Tiny, forest roaming, vulnerable to predators, and a fruit eater, Dawn Horse’s fossil remains are brought to life by evolutionary biologist Martin Fischer and Thompson’s team of 3D animators.

    How do these huge animals practically fly?  Thompson visits some of the fastest, and most valuable, horses on Earth, and learns how elastic energy and a bizarre ability to breath-hold make these some of the fast land-runners in nature.

    Why are horses so willing to please? Through some fascinating experiments, English horse psychologist Karen McComb discovers that horses use 17 different facial expressions to communicate. (That’s one more than dogs and three more than chimpanzees!)

    Thompson spends a day in the Canadian Rockies with “extreme cowboy” Jimmy Anderson, a horse whisperer who has left the old idea of “breaking horses” behind. Anderson doesn’t break horses – he starts them. We get to learn his secrets, as he starts an “unbroke” colt.

    Excerpts from

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    Alberta Podcast Network

    ‘Speaking Municipally’ nerds out on civic politics



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  • What goes on at City Hall has more effect on your day-to-day life than anything any other level of government does, but not everyone has the time or inclination to pay close attention.

    Enter Speaking Municipally, a podcast that offers a weekly discussion on key stories in municipal politics in Edmonton.

    Hosts Troy Pavlek and Mack Male are passionate about the topic and keen to distill the information to its essence: “We pay attention to Edmonton City Council so you don’t have to!”

    Speaking Municipally is an offshoot of Taproot Edmonton, which Male co-founded in 2016 to help fill some gaps in the local media landscape. Taproot publishes stories based on what its members are curious about, as well as weekly newsletters rounding up information on topics of interest to Edmontonians, including the Council Roundup.

    Pavlek is a software developer with a deep interest in civic affairs, having run for city council in 2017 and serving as his community league’s president. Together, he and Male shine a light on local decision-making, and make a lot of bad puns along the way.

    Here’s a bit more about the team behind Speaking Municipally:


    Q. What will people get out of listening to your podcast?

    A. Our listeners get insight about the decisions being made at City Hall as municipal government is the one that most directly impacts their day-to-day in the city.

    Q. If you could have any guest on your show, who would you want?

    A. Troy: Coun. Jon Dziadyk

    Mack: Matthew McCauley, Edmonton’s first mayor, to hear his thoughts on how Edmonton has turned out.


    Q.What podcasts do you listen to?

    A. Troy: Serial, The West Wing Weekly, The Press Gallery, 99% Invisible, Let’s Find Out, Revisionist History, Slow Burn, S-Town, Trump Con Law, Decoder Ring, Walkcast, The Daily, Thunder Bay, PopCycle, Ear Hustle

    Mack: The Daily, BBC’s Global News, Freakonomics Radio, 99% Invisible, How I Built This, Planet Money, Canadaland, CBC Spark, Let’s Find Out, That’s a Thing?!


    Q. Do you have any unusual hobbies or talents?

    A. Troy: I eat Treatzza Pizza and watch movies.

    Mack: I make charts about my life, like the number of lattes I drink.

    Q. Write your own epitaph — what would it say? 

    A. Speaking Municipally was a long-running podcast that, despite the best efforts of its creators and passionate advocacy of its vocal core listenership, ended up proving conclusively that no one is interested in municipal politics.


    Q. What has been your favourite episode and why?

    A. Troy: A new Season — The first two-and-a-half minutes represent something that no Edmonton municipal politics podcast has done before. It was innovation.


    Mack: Terrawillegar Drive — Most of our episodes cover a variety of topics, so I really liked this one which went deep into a single topic.


    Be sure to connect with Speaking Municipally via Taproot Edmonton on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can also follow the hosts on Twitter: @mastermaq and @troypavlek.

    Over the next several weeks, Todayville will introduce you to members of the Alberta Podcast Network, so you can invite even more Alberta-made podcasts into your ears! You can find Speaking Municipally and dozens of other shows at

    About Alberta Podcast Network

    The Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB, is on a mission to:

    • Help Alberta-based podcasters create podcasts of high quality and reach larger audiences;
    • Foster connections among Alberta-based podcasters;
    • Provide a powerful marketing opportunity for local businesses and organizations.

    Alberta Podcast Network Ltd. is pursuing this mission with funding from ATB Financial and support from other sponsors.

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    Update: AMBER ALERT Cancelled – Update



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  • March 16th, 8 AM

    Update from EPS:

    An off duty Calgary Police Service member spotted Hjalte and Noah while driving. Hjalte was arrested by RCMP in Okotoks and remains in custody. Hjalte is facing a charge of abduction under the Criminal Code, Section 283(1). Noah will be returned to his father.

    March 16th, 5:30 AM

    The Amber Alert for Noah Ducharme has been cancelled.
    Noah and his mother were located in Calgary at approximately 5:30 a.m. Noah is unharmed.



    Friday 11:45 PM

    The Edmonton Police Service is issuing an Amber Alert for a child who was abducted today (March 15, 2019) at 2:50 p.m. from the Waverley Elementary School in the area of 68 Street and 89 Avenue.

    Noah Ducharme, age 8, is 4 feet tall, approximately 70 lbs, with short brown hair, wearing a dark green hoodie, light coloured jeans, and yellow and black Nike prescription glasses.

    Noah was abducted by his mother Brianne Hjalte, 31, who is described as 5’7” tall, approximately 180 lbs, with dark shoulder length hair, wearing a dark jacket and dark pants.

    Hjalte and Noah left the area on foot heading westbound on 89 Avenue. They are believed to be travelling in a 2008 Silver, Jeep Patriot with Alberta plate Z W K 8 4 4.

    It is believed that Noah is in imminent danger. The public is advised to not approach the suspect.

    Anyone who sees this vehicle, Hjalte or Noah, is asked to call EPS immediately by calling the complaint line 780-423-4567, or #377 from your mobile phone.

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