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Molly Bannister Ext. may be history on Monday and certain developers will be smiling.


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The city will be expanding 32 Street to six lanes in the next 5-10 years. At huge cost to the taxpayers.

The city will be expanding 19 Street to six lanes in the next 5-10 years. At huge cost to the taxpayers.

The city will build a traffic circle on 19 Street. Last I heard it would be in the 10s of millions.

The city planners are recommending removing the right of way for the Molly Bannister Extension. One item they talked about was that 19 St. will be widened anyways. That the traffic on 32 Street did not increase as much as they thought since 2006. Isn’t the city spending millions, now re-inforcing 32 Street near 47 Ave, because of a shifting foundation?

The population has only increased by 195 residents in 5 years. The Molly Bannister Ext. was meant for when the population increases by 88,000.

Are the city planners predicting stagnant growth or declining populations?

They want to remove a road allowance that may be a quiet road for many decades, when we hit 188,000 so that the developer can build “now”50 houses where the road allowance is supposed to be.

There will be no turning back,, then, if the city does rebound from this period of stagnant and decline and does see a population of 188,000 then sorry. We are out of luck.

300 families along 32 street would see traffic go from 23,500 per day to 45,000 per day.

For every hiker, biker and skater who won’t have to use a crosswalk, there will be thousands of motorists driving 4 extra kilometers every day.

You can imagine how much emissions will be spewed over the years before they change to electric. 8,000 kms per day minimum at 20 kms per liter of fuel, 400 litres extra of fuel burned every day so hikers don’t have to use a crosswalk. Very environmentally friendly.

There is a very small chance for animals to cross 32 st. now at 23,500 cars per day. What chance will they have 45,000?

The same can be said for 19 Street.

10 years ago I would have supported removing the Molly Bannister Ext. but things have changed. My grandchildren won’t walk in those woods, homeless camps, needles, garbage take something away from the experience.

Seniors, not being able to cross 32St, to socialize, get a hair cut and the convenience store. Children, not being able to cross, as easily to go skating or use the park.

300 families will hear more traffic, see homes devaluate due to traffic. Ask the realtors.

I am repeating what has been said many times already. I know I don’t donate to election campaigns, host parties or socialize with planners and politicians, I am just a tax payer who thinks homeowners should be able enjoy their homes.

Many people have said the city cannot afford to maintain the infrastructure we have now, and our population is stagnant. Our assessment values have been depreciated.

Perhaps we are on the wrong track, now. Maybe we should not tie future councils’ hands.

I am asking the Mayor and Councillors to vote against removing the road allowance, when you vote on Monday September 14.

We are not in a rush to build 700+ houses and we don’t need 50 houses backing onto Piper Creek.

Will we continue down this road and appease a few at the expense of the many?


Political editor/writer and retired oilfield supervisor

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The Laft Hus celebrates 35 years in Red Deer

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The Laft Hus is a replica of an 18th-century farmhouse in the Numedal district in Norway. It was created through the efforts of volunteers, and it officially opened to the public in 1987.

The museum contains many old artifacts and examples of Norwegian arts and crafts and a small butikk of Norwegian items and the house itself is of note due to its traditional sod roof.

The museum and gift shop are open to visitors every day (except Mondays) from June 1 through to August 31, 9:00 am to 3 pm. For the remainder of the year, the Norwegian Laft Hus is open each Wednesday when a group of ladies meet to work on Norwegian arts and crafts.

This year, the Laft Hus celebrates its 35th year in Red Deer. The annual festival will take place on June 18, 2022 and will have many activities, entertainment, Norwegian food and vendors for the visitors to enjoy. Help us celebrate!

For more information, visit their website.

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Central Alberta

Children’s Fest is back in the park in 2022!

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Groups and organizations come together to host the 16th Annual Central Alberta Children’s Festival

Never Grow Up!

After 2 years of re-imagined festivals we are excited to be hosting the 16 th Annual Central Alberta Children’s Festival back in the park. This family-friendly event is held over two days the first weekend of June. The festival is an opportunity for children and their families to get first-hand knowledge and exposure to the arts, to allow their creativity and imaginations to blossom.

June 3rd and 4th Rotary Recreation Park 4501 47A Ave, Red Deer will come to life with music, dancing, children running and laughing enjoying tons of interactive fun!

The community planning committee has been busy putting together a great two days that will enchant and engage children of all ages. With support from various community partners, the festival brings affordable, culturally diverse, and exciting entertainment through featured artists and interactive fun. We strive to allow families to actively engage in learning and playtime by fostering their imagination and creativity. From dancing, ultimate fort building, Laser Chase, Imaginate where you will learn from local artists, glitter tattoos, and performances this children’s festival has it all.

Live shows include:

 Beppie a JUNO nominated recording artist and an award winning music educator based out of Edmonton,

 LANCE CARDINAL ᐊᐧᒐᐢᐠ First Nations artist, designer, and entrepreneur. Lance recently began a new role as Indigenous consultant and designer for the Edmonton Oilers, writing the new pre-game land acknowledgement video and designing the new Turtle Island Logo.

 The Joe Show – Start with a little magic. Add some breathtaking illusions. Stir in appearances from an amazing collection of animal friends with ventriloquism, Sprinkle in a healthy dose of jokes, laughter and fun, and you have the recipe for an amazing show known as the Joe Show

With our admission fee of only $7 per person, or $25 per family or anytime pass $40.00 for a family, every family can enjoy the world-class entertainment and all activities. Included with the admission, families will also have access to free
snacks and water (bring a bottle!), The Central Alberta Children’s Festival welcomes kids ages 0 – 99!

For more information on the festival visit

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