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Molly Bannister Ext. may be history on Monday and certain developers will be smiling.


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The city will be expanding 32 Street to six lanes in the next 5-10 years. At huge cost to the taxpayers.

The city will be expanding 19 Street to six lanes in the next 5-10 years. At huge cost to the taxpayers.

The city will build a traffic circle on 19 Street. Last I heard it would be in the 10s of millions.

The city planners are recommending removing the right of way for the Molly Bannister Extension. One item they talked about was that 19 St. will be widened anyways. That the traffic on 32 Street did not increase as much as they thought since 2006. Isn’t the city spending millions, now re-inforcing 32 Street near 47 Ave, because of a shifting foundation?

The population has only increased by 195 residents in 5 years. The Molly Bannister Ext. was meant for when the population increases by 88,000.

Are the city planners predicting stagnant growth or declining populations?

They want to remove a road allowance that may be a quiet road for many decades, when we hit 188,000 so that the developer can build “now”50 houses where the road allowance is supposed to be.

There will be no turning back,, then, if the city does rebound from this period of stagnant and decline and does see a population of 188,000 then sorry. We are out of luck.

300 families along 32 street would see traffic go from 23,500 per day to 45,000 per day.

For every hiker, biker and skater who won’t have to use a crosswalk, there will be thousands of motorists driving 4 extra kilometers every day.

You can imagine how much emissions will be spewed over the years before they change to electric. 8,000 kms per day minimum at 20 kms per liter of fuel, 400 litres extra of fuel burned every day so hikers don’t have to use a crosswalk. Very environmentally friendly.

There is a very small chance for animals to cross 32 st. now at 23,500 cars per day. What chance will they have 45,000?

The same can be said for 19 Street.

10 years ago I would have supported removing the Molly Bannister Ext. but things have changed. My grandchildren won’t walk in those woods, homeless camps, needles, garbage take something away from the experience.

Seniors, not being able to cross 32St, to socialize, get a hair cut and the convenience store. Children, not being able to cross, as easily to go skating or use the park.

300 families will hear more traffic, see homes devaluate due to traffic. Ask the realtors.

I am repeating what has been said many times already. I know I don’t donate to election campaigns, host parties or socialize with planners and politicians, I am just a tax payer who thinks homeowners should be able enjoy their homes.

Many people have said the city cannot afford to maintain the infrastructure we have now, and our population is stagnant. Our assessment values have been depreciated.

Perhaps we are on the wrong track, now. Maybe we should not tie future councils’ hands.

I am asking the Mayor and Councillors to vote against removing the road allowance, when you vote on Monday September 14.

We are not in a rush to build 700+ houses and we don’t need 50 houses backing onto Piper Creek.

Will we continue down this road and appease a few at the expense of the many?


Political editor/writer and retired oilfield supervisor

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Former student lovingly remembered by classmates

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From Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

A former Father Henri Voisin School student, Julie Burke, was lovingly remembered today through an outdoor blessing and dedication ceremony.

The Julie Burke Memorial Bench was unveiled to the Father Henri Voisin School community and blessed by Father Jan. Julie’s family, division senior administration and Grade 5 student leaders were in attendance in a socially distanced manner.

The memorial bench will be a friendship bench for students.

Julie’s former Grade 4 teacher, Jessica Maloughney, fondly remembers Julie as a girl who was full of kindness and bravery, despite her illness, and says that the bench will, “be a symbol of Julie’s love and bravery. Even though Julianna is no longer here with us, she lives on in all of our hearts. When a student is brave enough to sit on the bench, waiting for a friend – Julie will be there with them. When one of you sees someone sitting on this bench, and invites them to play – Julie will be with you too.”

Father Henri Voisin School Principal, Jeff Tuchscherer, added, “we feel extremely blessed and privileged to have been provided this bench by the Burke family. It will honour Julie’s memory and provide a powerful reminder of the value of friendship, as well as the importance of bravery. Present and future students will vastly benefit from this legacy of a child that lived her life with steadfast love in her heart for all.”

The Julie Burke Memorial Bench faces the school playground and will serve as a reminder to all the students at Father Henri Voisin School that nothing is more important than friendship and kindness, just like Julie believed.

Father Henri Voisin School serves over 385 Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 5 students in Red Deer. As a learning institution, Father Henri Voisin School is committed to serving students with a complete offering of learning opportunities delivered within the context of Catholic teachings.

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Alberta RCMP investigating after far-right groups confront anti-racism rally-goers

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RED DEER, Alta. — RCMP in Alberta say they are investigating after an anti-racism rally in Red Deer turned violent on the weekend.

News footage from CityTV Edmonton shows counter-protesters shoving demonstrators who had gathered to denounce racism, but no RCMP officers are seen intervening.

Alberta Justice Minister Kaycee Madu says violence and threats of violence are unacceptable and he has urged the RCMP’s commanding officer in Alberta to get to the bottom of what happened.

Madu says the Mounties have told him they weren’t there for the initial confrontation because protest organizers changed the location of the rally at the last minute.

Kisha Daniels, a co-founder of Black and Indigenous Alliance AB says the RCMP was well-aware of the location change, which was made in response to threats from white supremacist groups.

Daniels says she had been planning to speak at the rally about education and anti-blackness, but the event was interrupted by Yellow Vesters, Soldiers of Odin and other groups honking their horns, blaring sirens and yelling.

She calls what happened traumatizing and says so far the RCMP has not reached out, even though she has footage and other information to contribute to any investigation.

RCMP said in a news release Monday that there was a disturbance as the anti-racism groups were setting up the rally on Sunday.

“Red Deer RCMP were aware of the planned demonstration and had prepared to have adequate resources and specially equipped officers at the event to handle any potential risks to public safety,” the news release said.

“After arriving on scene, members became aware of the alleged assault, were able to de-escalate the situation between the two groups, and spoke with the victim.”

The RCMP said a “second incident,” which they did not explain in the news release, was brought to their attention a day later and they are asking any witnesses to come forward.

“The Red Deer RCMP take this matter very seriously,” Supt. Gerald Grobmeier said in a statement.

“The role of the RCMP at demonstrations is to keep the peace and allow individuals their democratic right to gather. The matter remains under investigation.”

By Lauren Krugel in Calgary

This report by The Canadian Press was first published September 22, 2020.

The Canadian Press

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