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‘Military-aged’ Chinese men are suspiciously gathering in Panama, journalist warns Tucker


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From LifeSiteNews

By Matt Lamb

‘What I began to suspect was that the Chinese migration is actually being cloaked by the economic migration coming from South America,’ journalist Brett Weinstein told Tucker Carlson.

Young Chinese males are gathering en masse at a “camp” in Panama, an independent observer told Tucker Carlson recently.

Bret Weinstein is a former college professor and evolutionary biologist by training who was forced out of academia after opposing racial identity politics. He and his wife are now commentators and researchers willing to challenge liberal ideology on topics such as the COVID jabs.

San Vincente, Panama is not really a city, but rather a “camp,” Weinstein told Carlson.

“In this camp, the rule that you’re able to go in and walk around and talk to people, is not in evidence,” Weinstein said. 

Guards did not let him in to the camp, but Weinstein was able to approach the Chinese migrants outside of the camp at several shops.

He said they are not willing to talk to outsiders.

“It is not a friendly migration,” Weinstein warned. He said most of the migrants are male and “military-aged.” There are “few, if any children,” in this group.

“What I began to suspect was that the Chinese migration is actually being cloaked by the economic migration coming from South America,” the journalist said. The Chinese migrants have a “different motivation,” he said. In fact, the migrants bypassed the more dangerous Darien Gap to get to Panama, since they have the money to hire boats.

“There was no desperation in evidence,” he told Tucker a few minutes later, saying that the people coming through were not people coming from poor countries. He also said his friend with him found a cartoon video in Chinese that appeared to show people how to travel through Central America.

At just “one edge of the camp” he saw 150 people, but the amount must be much larger, he speculated.

His concerns are further confirmed by a recent “60 Minutes” report that found Chinese migrants are the “fastest growing group trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico.”

“Last year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported 37,000 Chinese citizens were apprehended as they illegally crossed the border; that’s 50 times more than two years earlier,” CBS News reported.

Weinstein said that the mass migration through Central America into the U.S. begins in Ecuador, where people can enter without a visa.

He also said the United States and the United Nations are underwriting the migration, which is primarily economic, not political.

He said:

You see NGO emblems all over the place, proudly American flags. They’ve paid for the water system, the toilets that are there. The United States government is facilitating this economic migration. And it’s unmistakable, as is an organization called the IOM, which is the International Organization for Migration. It’s a branch of the UN. And if you read their charter, tou will discover that this organization believes that migration is an inherently good thing, that it’s always good. And so they see it as their job to bring it about to facilitate it. And in this case, that’s particularly tragic because their desire to induce people to migrate is causing people who are woefully unprepared for the Darien Gap to try to make that journey. And, the humanitarian tragedy is … immense.

He said border controls are “effectively lifted” at the Panama border. He lived and visited Panama decades ago and the situation was much different. “That’s clearly the result of a massive coordination. And, of course, it’s resulting in a large migration.”

Border patrol can, but isn’t, tracking migrants coming into the U.S.

Weinstein further warned that U.S. officials are not collecting basic “biometric” information on migrants that would be helpful identifying a “troublemaker.”

“What we’re doing at most is asking them their name and their birth date and taking them at their word,” he said. In contrast, he shared when he returned from Panama, a camera scanned his face and border patrol knew his name immediately.

Weinstein said he thinks “there is an invasion taking place” and referred to the migrants as “sleepwalkers” as opposed to sleeper cells.

“And there’s also a massive migration,” he told Carlson. “And the migration is causing us to have difficulty discussing the invasion, which is a distinct phenomenon.”

The Darien Gap, as noted, is dangerous to cross. The 60-mile-long Gap “hosts some of the highest mountain ridges in Panama, as well as hundreds of rivers and heavily forested valleys,” the pro-migration Human Rights Watch reported. “It is inhabited only sparsely, mostly by Indigenous communities and criminal gangs that benefit from the absence of government authorities.”

Yet, Weinstein suggests China might be looking to pave a passage through as part of its Belt and Road Initiative. The program involves China building infrastructure in different countries as part of a soft power approach.

“What many people who know about the Belt and Road Initiative don’t know is that they have also…the Belt and Road Initiative is largely about Africa and Asia, but apparently there’s been a considerable amount of thinking in China about how Belt and Road would work in the New World as well,” Weinstein said.

He said he observed a “massive concrete and steel highway bridge, being built over the to river into the Darién,” though it’s not clear who is building it.

Weinstein also warned that a plan by some Democratic leaders, such as Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, to make it easier for migrants to serve in the military is dangerous. He theorized that the COVID jab mandates were meant to create a military that was entirely “compliant’ and followed even immoral orders.

He said:

Now, what happens if migrants are given citizenship in exchange for military service in the U.S. military? That seems to create a major hazard, because the perverse incentives for a migrant and the lack of allegiance to fundamental American values means that that would be just the kind of force that could be used to impose tyranny on other Americans because they would have, you know, no history with us that would cause them to think twice.

The Chinese are long-term thinkers, Weinstein said, which causes him concern about what is happening.

“Maybe I’m imagining what I saw. But if I’m not, then all of those Chinese migrants who don’t want to talk about what they’re doing moving into the U.S.. They’re going to do something,” he said. “I don’t know what it’s going to be, but I don’t know when we became so naive about the fact that we have. There are parties abroad who do not wish us well and would not mind at all seeing us, removed from our position of power.”

Carlson noted there are plenty of economic opportunities in China and other surrounding countries.

The Darien Gap is not an “obvious” place for unemployed Chinese people, Carlson said.

Panama doesn’t seem concerned about mass migration

Though hundreds of thousands of people are moving through Panama, leaving trash and bodies behind, the country doesn’t seem concerned, Weinstein said.

“Mostly they don’t say anything. And what we were told was that this was kind of the deal, that if they ushered people through, they facilitated their movement, then those people would keep going,” he said. “And this is a temporary cost for Panama. I think if the people of Panama thought that the migration was going to stop and they were going to have to absorb all of these migrants, there would be riots in the streets.”

Weinstein concluded by reiterating his concerns about the COVID jabs. He called them “gene therapy.”

“The message that was injected into so many people was like a firmware update,” the evolutionary biologist said. “It was a firmware update that caused the immune systems of those people to take up a new way of viewing the world.” He and Tucker noted the Chinese had rejected the mRNA vaccines.

He questioned why, if the COVID shots were so good, they had to be forced onto people.

He called it “conspicuous” there was an “absolutely obsession” with everyone getting jabbed could not be explained just by corporate greed.

“And the fact that we specifically insisted on vaccinating the entire military and threw people out who wouldn’t take it. We vaccinated all of our frontline workers,” he said. He recalled what he told his wife during one show. “I said it, even if these are wonderful shots, it seems insane, given that we don’t know what their long-term impacts are, that we would vaccinate all of anybody with them.”

“Especially people we need,” Carlson said, referencing military and frontline healthcare workers.

“The people we need most,” Weinstein responded. He said more must be done to figure out what has been done with the shots and how to fix the harms.

If his concerns are real, “it is essential we figure out how to neutralize the vulnerability.”

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China Likely Exploiting Biden’s lax border policies — imperiling US security

Published on

A young Chinese national man moving through Reynosa, Mexico in this May 2023 photo by Todd Bensman

By Todd Bensman as published February 26, 2024 by The New York Post

AUSTIN, Texas — In the Trump administration’s final three years, a dedicated FBI effort, the China Initiative, nabbed dozens of Chinese Communist Party spies who, posing as scholars, relieved top American research institutions and their naïve professors of sensitive and prized national-defense research.

Those spies had flown into American airports — hiding their military service and Chinese diplomatic relationships — quite legally on cultural-exchange and student-visa programs.

But in a series of stunning make-up presents to China for Donald Trump’s crackdown, his successor President Biden in July 2021 summarily killed a ready-to-go Trump regulation that would have required much more rigorous and frequent vetting of Chinese student and cultural-exchange visa applicants.

That same month, the Department of Justice dropped strong charges against five visiting researcher spies as a diplomatic sop amidst the new administration’s outreach.

Team Biden ended the China Initiative itself in 2022 on grounds the spy-hunting program — especially its name — contributed to bias against US-based Chinese immigrants.

If the Chinese spy services weren’t utterly thrilled with these generous offerings, the Biden government has now outdone itself.

His Department of Homeland Security has let in at least 44,000 Chinese nationals who illegally crossed the southwest border from the time he took office through January 2024, most of them flying first into Ecuador on cheap tourist visas available for a few bucks online.

More Chinese nationals are crossing the San Diego border than Mexican nationals.

While there’s no evidence to support theories China is sending troops in civilian clothing to await Beijing’s attack orders, it’s virtually certain some of these young men and women are at least spies.

SEE ALSO BENSMAN’S: Joe Biden Just Condemned America to More Chinese Espionage – and Worse

And we have a good idea of what they want to do this year, based on China’s relentless past espionage campaigns against the United States and our intelligence community’s determinations.

There are the usual missions we know quite well from Trump-era prosecutions.

China “will likely continue” to “employ economic espionage” and “seek to illicitly acquire our technologies and intellectual property,” concludes DHS’s own 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment.

But the report adds lesser-known layers.

Chinese operatives will work hard online all year to undermine November’s elections, sow political division and erode faith in the country’s institutions and democracy, using AI-driven social-media campaigns.

Besides exfiltrating our technology and running influence campaigns during 2024 and beyond, China will employ operatives to target, find and “repress” anti-regime opponents living and speaking out in America.

Those operatives will use “physical assault, threats, harassment and defamation, rendition” — kidnapping out of the country — “to suppress oppositional voices,” the threat assessment says.

China will be the most aggressive actor in that kind of activity, the assessment declares, adding this surprising tidbit without much elaboration: “Beijing has used a small number of secret, unsanctioned ‘police stations’ in the United States to identify, monitor, and harass dissidents. Its global ‘Operation Fox Hunt’ has sought the extradition of Chinese dissidents under false legal pretenses” so they can be kidnapped and dealt with.

What better way to staff those secret police stations and accomplish its other missions than by moving all the operatives necessary into America over its wide-open southern border?

There is no less risky way in.

China is sending them in because, like the millions of other nationalities coming in from all over the world, its apparatchiks well know Biden’s Border Patrol will quickly process almost all of them into the country on their own recognizance to later claim asylum and sink roots into American society for years with almost no questioning or vetting at the border to discern past service in China’s military and intelligence services.

For Chinese spies and government operatives, border crossings offer far less chance of detection than do student-visa-application processes, which take place in a US consulate or embassy in China and supposedly require face-to-face interviews and intelligence-database searches.

In April, the Biden DHS drastically reduced the number of interview questions Border Patrol agents have to ask Chinese illegal immigrants, from 40 to just five.

Why eliminate even this thin membrane of border vetting?

To avoid large backups of humanity at the border that news video drones can capture and speed up flows to US interior cities.

Many are no doubt regular economic immigrants hoping to live in America, land of the free.

But China would be stupid not to put spies into this almost-unregulated flow, and the spymasters are not stupid.

They are patient, willing to invest in long-term outcomes in lengths of time that certainly match five-year asylum-claim backlogs.

The many Chinese immigrants I have met on the trail in Mexico are among the best equipped, best dressed, most thoroughly coached on what to say and knowledgeable about trail travel.

Some are quite well educated.

Their spies are certainly trained well enough to get through five questions at the border.

Then, as time passes, they will no doubt enroll in top universities, nab gigs at top research institutions, join the US military posing as anti-Communists and enter federal-government service.

It may take a long time for US counterintelligence to discover the ones who came in over the border.

By then, because of Team Biden’s extreme national-security mismanagement, the damage will already have been done.

Todd Bensman is a senior national-security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

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Brownstone Institute

Gears of the Refugee Machine

Published on

From the Brownstone Institute


This refugee epidemic is an orchestrated phenomenon, planned and supported by international organizations in cahoots with the United States government. It is not intended to solve a refugee problem. Its purpose is obviously something other than an amelioration of the suffering of displaced people.

A solid majority of American citizens now recognize that Biden’s many millions of alleged refugees are anything but the real deal. In all probability, some of these illegal immigrants are members of the “tired and poor” seeking a shortcut into the United States, but also include a number of spies, drug mules, human traffickers, criminals, and convicts. As for legitimate refugees, in all likelihood they represent less than 10% of the total.

The moment Biden took office, he invited the world to come to America — illegally.

He dismantled the proven methods used to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and publicly encouraged foreigners to come through the Southern border. As the numbers of illegal immigrants increased, the border patrol were shifted from patrolling the border to sitting behind desks and helping illegal immigrants to gain entry into the country. Most of the border patrol resent having been converted into neutered bureaucrats but had to follow orders or else get drummed out of the corps.

In short, Americans (indeed, the entire world) now realize that the Biden administration is dedicated to getting as many illegal aliens into the country as possible. This is, of course, aiding and abetting illegal behavior, but rampant corruption in the media, academia, and politics ignores or dismisses it.

Captive to leftist agendas, these institutions view citizenship as an antiquated concept that, along with an anachronistic constitution, must be eradicated — no holds barred.

Since Biden became president, his ushers have guided roughly nine million illegals into the United States. By pretending that they are refugees from war or persecution, it was possible to cloak them in sympathetic attire: ‘No compassionate person would ever reject a poor, mistreated refugee.’

At the start of Biden’s presidency, the flow of illegal immigrants originated from relatively few countries, most of which were in central America. In those days, a majority were impoverished people seeking a better life — illegal in their entry but not malevolent in their intent. A certain remainder, however, were not good people.

But over the past three years the border jumpers have started coming from all around the world — so much so that they now represent over 160 different countries. Most of them, by the way, are healthy, single, young men.

Since war and persecution are considered to be the causes of refugee flows, one should ask if it is reasonable to believe that three-quarters of all the countries in the world are afflicted by war or oppression. Next, one might ask why it is that women and children and the elderly are less susceptible to becoming refugees than healthy young men.

This refugee epidemic is an orchestrated phenomenon, planned and supported by international organizations in cahoots with the United States government. It is not intended to solve a refugee problem. Its purpose is obviously something other than an amelioration of the suffering of displaced people.

Since this refugee invasion is tearing apart our country, the federal government — especially the Department of Homeland Security — should be publishing detailed statistics regarding daily, weekly, monthly, and cumulative numbers for illegal immigrants admitted into the United States. There should be similar tabulations for deportations, gotaways, etc. Comparable tables should be readily available for age and sex structure. Parallel statistical fact sheets regarding contraband and drug seizures along with relevant data regarding the apprehended smugglers should be made public as well.

As long as the government was anxious to scare the bejeezus out of everybody regarding Covid-19, it had no trouble publishing data regarding infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. The fact that it is not doing anything similar for the ongoing refugee invasion suggests it is trying to hide something.

Since there are only about 35 countries in all of the Americas, this infiltration out of Mexico across our Southwest border includes invaders from about 130 additional countries located overseas. Those people fly to the Americas, but not to the United States (which is their destination). We can draw a couple of conclusions: they are not poor and they would have trouble getting into the United States legally. Most anybody who could get into the US on a visitor’s visa and then simply overstay would do that rather than flying to, say, Mexico City and then hoofing it northward.

Huge chunks of the American populace have been hoodwinked into thinking that anybody who crosses the border illegally is just trying to grab a share of the good life and should be allowed to remain. But, alas, the invasion is an orchestrated phenomenon. We have known for years that various countries and non-governmental organizations have been organizing and assisting the mass movement of people up through Mexico to and across the US border.

This was evident even back in the first year or two of the Trump presidency when organized caravans of illegal immigrants were arriving with the specific intent of numerically overwhelming the border patrol.

We now know that even the United Nations is involved in housing, feeding, and transporting would-be illegal immigrants headed north. It follows that our federal government is the main source of funding for much of this UN effort. The American citizenry remains ignorant about this.

Border crossings in Central America are tightly regulated for people like you and me, but clustered hoards of illegal immigrants are magically waved through from one country to the next. There are six or seven border crossings to be made before reaching the United States. Do you really think administrations in those countries are unaware of the situation? The unencumbered passage of millions of migrants is only possible if critical palms have been well greased — by Yankee dollars that Americans have paid in taxes.

For those who are unaware, the frontier zone between Central America’s Panama and South America’s Colombia is called the Darien Gap — a thick, wet jungle of hill country through which no road passes. Until recently, it was rarely penetrated and only by extreme adventurers or suspect characters, but now has three different jungle trails for illegal wannabes headed north. On any given day, thousands of people complete the trek, virtually always in large groups accompanied by several guides.

This 50-75 miles of jungle trekking has become a conduit for those from the Caribbean and South America who can find no easier pathway to the US. It is also favored by many of those coming from overseas since the country of Ecuador does not require a visa for entry and the circumvention of designated border crossings into Colombia is relatively easy.

Those with means but from countries whose citizens are severely restrained from traveling to other countries fly to Quito, circumvent the Colombian border stations, hazard the Darien Gap, and use either their feet or buses and trains to reach the US border. And virtually always this is done as part of a large group consisting mostly of strangers.

Many Americans are unaware of the degree to which illegal migrants are recruited and assisted by international and non-governmental organizations — all of which wish to see the United States Southern border eradicated. The flood of illegal immigrants across the border is clearly an invasion being sponsored by a globalist ideology.

This video documents the nature of all that support and the characteristics of the actual migration.

What with the assistance of the UN and nongovernmental agencies, the Panamanian end of the Darien Gap now has established encampments offering meals and dry sleeping arrangements for the clusters of migrants who make the passage. More sinister is a separate camp specifically for Chinese passage-makers.

Evidently, crossing the Darien Gap takes the lives of some who become sick or have an accident, but the attrition is not sufficient to deter the flow. The larger point is that getting into the United States from distant locations involves a support system designed to game the American border controls. Millions of illegal border crossers are part of something bigger and more nefarious than simple, individualistic decisions to sneak into the United States.

American citizens are being exploited by the globalist elite that view countries as anachronisms. So convinced are they of their own moral superiority that the wishes of America’s ordinary people carry no weight. What we on this side of the border view as a chaotic influx of illegal immigrants is in fact a planned effort, a coordinated attempt to break down the integrity of the United States, the only country in the world still in a position to defeat the globalist agenda.

It is a difficult battle since much of America’s elite has been seduced into believing that globalism imposed from the top down is the ideal way to achieve the “unification of all humanity” — an idealistic goal that would just happen to put many of those same elite in control of the envisioned New World Order. The ordinary American who disapproves of illegal immigration wants it to stop but many of the national leaders want it to continue (although they hide their true intentions).

For all its flaws and weaknesses, for all its corruption, the United States remains the final bastion for protection of individual rights. The system being imposed from the top down will inevitably sacrifice the will of the people to the globalist vision — and that will prove to be the essence of tyranny and a wellspring of untold suffering.

Those interested in this topic might appreciate the more detailed observations of Bret Weinstein in the Dark Horse Podcast. He develops a hypothesis (i.e. a possible explanation of a phenomenon) that there are in fact two different migrations going on, one involving very large numbers of people from a great variety of source areas and evidently motivated by a desire for a better life, but the other being a purely Chinese flow that enjoys greater affluence and therefore less hazardous transit.

Bret explores the possibility that this sub-stream is in fact a Trojan migration designed to inject into the United States a sort of fifth column of healthy young males that with the ripeness of time will be well-positioned to undermine America whenever a US-China conflict becomes kinetic. He observes that this stream maintains a separate identity until having completed the journey through the Darien Gap but then presumably becomes integrated into the larger flow before reaching the United States border, thereby masking its distinct character. The meat of Bret Weinstein’s hypothesis is discussed between the 10th and 110th minutes of the podcast.


  • Spike Hampson

    A retired academic, Spike Hampson did a PhD in population geography at the University of Hawaii and the affiliated East West Center. For most of his career he was a geography professor at the University of Utah and a ski instructor at Deer Valley.

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