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Is Red Deer on the road to insignificance as hinted at by Alberta Health Services?



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  • Is Red Deer on the road to insignificance?
    There have been many signals that Red Deer is not a player in this millennium.
    Population decline while the county and neighbouring communities are growing. Alberta Health Services has once again taken Red Deer off the priority list. The next high school will be built in Blackfalds. Stars Lottery has a 2018 dream home prize in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge but not in Red Deer like they had in other years.
    Federally Red Deer has been broken up into 2 different electoral districts based out of rural centers. The city had been slow to react to federal plans to split the city and was unconvincing at the 11th hour to prevent it.
    Last year we found out our city’s population declined by 975, while Blackfald,s population grew by 700. Did we stop to think or did we just blame the province? The province took the blame, even though the province grew during this period as did Penhold, Sylvan Lake and the county.
    Blackfalds, 4 years ago, invested in the Abbey Recreation Centre and the town saw rapid growth. Something like 26% growth while Red Deer has only grown around 1.5% in that time frame. Blackfalds is moving forward on twinning their Multi-Plex to the tune of $12 million. Remember this is 4 years after opening their $15 million Abbey Centre.
    The city of Red Deer is delaying discussing building an Aquatic Centre, 16 years after opening the Collicutt Centre.
    Blackfalds, population of 9,916 will spend $1,210 per person twinning their multi-plex just 4 years after spending $2,000 per person on the Abbey Centre. 2013 population of Blackfalds was around 7,500.
    In just a few years Blackfalds has committed about $3,000 per resident on recreational facilities.
    Red Deer, population 99,832 is looking at spending less than $1,000 per resident on recreational facilities in decades.
    Blackfalds has the fastest growing population in Canada.
    Red Deer is abdicating it’s leadership role in Central Alberta. Penhold, Sylvan Lake and Blackfalds have all invested in their recreational facilities in recent years and have maintained population growth while Red Deer has ceased investing in new facilities, and seen a decline in population.
    Red Deer Taxpayers Association have repeatedly acknowledged that Red Deer needs an Aquatic Centre with a 50 metre pool. During next year’s Canada Games which Red Deer is hosting, swimming events requiring a 50m pool will be held in Calgary. We should have built the pool years ago, as it has been almost 17 years since we built the Collicutt Centre’s pools.
    We are known nationally for poor air, and high crime but we are nowhere on the lists of health care priorities, or best place to retire, so are we on the road to insignificance? Some one needs to ask.

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    Dear Pipeline Protesters – an open letter



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  • By: Cory G. Litzenberger, CPA, CMA, CFP, C.Mgr – President & Founder of CGL Strategic Business & Tax Advisors

    Dear pipeline protesters,

    If I asked you to plug in 73 items in your home, could you? Even if you could, now what if I asked you to plug-in 1,100?

    How about starting with 175 items… then ask you to do 10,700 items?

    I’m guessing you would need to do some restructuring to be able to have that many items needing power.

    Welcome to China.

    In the mid-1980s, Chinese communities like Yiwu and Shenzhen were only 73,000 and 175,000 people respectively; and now they are now over 1.1 Million and 10.7 Million people.

    Much of the power generation for this needed upgrade is coming from coal.

    The main port? Vancouver.

    Yes, according to a National Post article:
    Yes, anti-pipeline Vancouver really is North America’s largest exporter of coal
    anti-pipeline BC is home to the largest coal exporting port in North America and going through a $275 Million upgrade.

    If the BC NDP/Green politicians aligning with anti-pipeline protestors are ever going to help China get off massive pollution from coal, they need to help switch them to oil and natural gas.

    I’m all for cleaner air, so can we at least get China to the next stage of energy consumption in society instead of leaving them in the coal mine with a dead canary?

    Or is it, as I suspect, that you only wave the environmental flag in order to get votes from those that don’t know any better just so you can get a high paid powerful position with a pension?

    Clearly, since you are leading Canada in polluting our waterways with raw sewage this must be the case.

    I don’t think you understand that pipelines aren’t just about oil and gas.

    Pipelines are about transporting items in an efficient, cost-effective, non-air polluting way (then say by train or tractor-trailer) all while the same time freeing up cargo spaces on trains and highways for other things that can’t be shipped by a pipeline to help all Canadians.

    Things that can’t be shipped in a pipeline, like wind turbines, solar panels, medical equipment, groceries, produce, grain, potash, home building tools & materials, etc.

    Are pipeline protestors against transporting medical supplies and equipment to help those that need it?

    Are pipeline protestors against feeding the world with our grain?

    Are pipeline protestors against building homes and shelters for those that need one?

    Maybe pipeline protestors are against us building solar farms and wind turbines for energy production?

    I haven’t even talked about the economic impact all of these can do to provide a better quality of life, food, shelter, and healthcare for everyone in Canada.

    But clearly, pipeline protestors must be against that too.

    So please, if you could stop creating a dystopian society, we’d like to get back to building a better place.

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    Red Deer is fading away in the hands of politicians like Marty’s family in Back to the Future III



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  • In the show, Back to the Future III, Marty has picture of his family and the members are fading away. Is the city of Red Deer fading away in the show, Provincial Politics 2018?
    The 2018 Provincial Budget makes you think that Red Deer has pretty much faded away. Little money (1 million) for the hospital over the next 5 years. No new schools, perhaps our declining population may have something to do with that.
    Red Deer College will be allowed to grant university degrees, to be in the same category as Grand Prairie and Lethbridge, but that will be a few years down the road.
    If Marty had a picture of Red Deer, it would show the citizens gradually fading away. Red Deer will be hosting the Canada Games in 2019 and we have updated and replaced some facilities but it feels like preparing for the senior prom, an event not a reason to stay.
    Red Deer has not built a new community recreational facility since 2001. It rebuilt the downtown arena, but it hasn’t built a new public owned facility since Collicutt opened in 2001.
    The city is looking at building a new Aquatic Centre, and it is looking at the possible option of building a new facility and not just rebuilding the downtown pool. It should be opened in 2021 twenty years after the Collicutt opened and 40 years after the Dawe pool opened.
    Here is where the city could step up to the plate, put on their big city pants and make their presence known.
    Lethbridge and Medicine Hat along with many other cities, have both spent money building man-made artificial lakes to avail themselves of tourism activities and to promote growth. Red Deer has a lake, Hazlett Lake.
    Hazlett Lake is a natural lake that covers a surface area of 0.45 km2 (0.17 mi2), has an average depth of 3 meters (10 feet). Hazlett Lake has a total shore line of 4 kilometers (2 miles). It is 108.8 acres in size. Located in the north-west sector of Red Deer.
    The thousands of acres north of Hwy 11a could be home to 25,000 new residents and Hazlett Lake is visible from Hwy 2 just north of Hwy 11a and could offer up Red Deer as a tourist destination.
    Red Deer could stay on the road to apparent insignificance in the eyes of citizenship, the province and the federal government or we could invest in our city, offer something to the residents more than a prom or more of the same. We could invest in growth like growing communities like Blackfalds, Penhold and Sylvan Lake and perhaps we would stop fading away.
    Time is now to step up to the plate.

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