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Federal cash to support staffing, protective equipment, and cleaning supplies in Red Deer Public Schools


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Red Deer Public welcomes federal money to address COVID-19 needs

Red Deer Public Schools welcomes the provincial announcement on distribution of federal funding that will help support COVID-19 needs across schools in the Division. In total, the provincial government is distributing $250 million to local school jurisdictions on a per student basis. Red Deer Public’s portion of those funds with 11,000 students is $3,921,750.

“We knew the Division would face significant costs related to COVID-19 and we are tracking all those numbers,” said Board Chair Nicole Buchanan. “We appreciate that the province distributed these funds leaving it to school jurisdictions to make the best use of the funding following federal guidelines. These are significant dollars and without those, we would have to utilize our limited reserve funds.”

Following federal conditions on the use of funds, Red Deer Public Schools will allocate funding to support COVID-19 related costs in staffing, adapting learning spaces, Personal Protective Equipment, cleaning and safety considerations as well as online learning. Specific allocation in these areas include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment = $127,000

  • Additional cleaning and caretaking supplies = $613,000

  • Staffing and supports for at-home learning = $1.26 million

  • Anticipated substitute costs related to COVID-19 illness and isolation of staff = $1.86 million

“The Division has worked diligently preparing for back to school. Over 90% of our students have returned to at-school learning which started September 1 with staggered entry of students. The remaining students will be supported with at-home learning. Initial response from students, parents and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. We salute our schools for being well prepared and excited to welcome students back,” said Buchanan.


Southside Dodge donates new van to Ronald McDonald House

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Matt Swainson (Vice President & General Manager, Southside Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram) -left , Lori Rechlo (General Manager, Ronald McDonald House Charities Alberta – Red Deer House) – right

Submitted by Sarah Heibein, Stakeholder Relations Manager, Central Alberta Ronald McDonald House

We’ve received a donation of use of a Dodge Caravan from Southside Dodge- they’ve been an incredible support of us over the years.  Attached is the photo we took at the dealership when we picked up the keys on Friday.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Alberta, Red Deer House is truly grateful to Matt Swainson and his entire team at Southside Dodge for their steadfast support of our work to keep families together during the unimaginable hardship of the need to travel for medical treatment for their sick or injured child. Our House is not a nice to have, but a need to have, and we are honoured to work with such an amazing community partner in Southside. The use of the 2021 Dodge Caravan will help us to keep our operating costs down so that we can focus on our work to keep families close.

We have operated in the city for over 8 years, ensuring there is a safe and comfortable place for families to rest while they focus on the recovery of their child(ren).

We are grateful to everyone in Red Deer who supports us!  😊

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Smiles Thru Lindsey reaching out with a new video message and urging Albertans to look out for each other at this challenging time

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The holiday season is well behind us, we’re heading into the coldest part of the winter, and although the days are starting to grow longer there’s still a definite lack of daylight in our lives.  The winter blues are a real thing and this year we have COVID, a whole new serious problem to add to our mental health issues.

COVID is also the reason the Smiles Thru Lindsey team has not been able do public events for many months.  Unable to reach out physically through school visits and fund raisers, Smiles Thru Lindsey is reminding Central Albertans to check in on each other.  Also, please follow the Smiles Thru Lindsey Facebook page .  They’ll lead you to the resources you or your loved ones need right away.

Meet Lindsey and the Smiles Thru Lindsey team in this powerful video.  …And remember to check in on the people in your life.

If you’d like to help Smiles Thru Lindsey with a donation please click here.

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