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Chief apologizes to LGBTQ2S+ community on behalf of EPS


Edmonton Police Service Chief Dale McFee has apologized to the LGBTQ2S+ community on behalf of the EPS.

The apology is the start of a reconciliation process with members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit community.

It noted that while police have an obligation to uphold the law and to create safe communities for everyone, the EPS has not always demonstrated behaviors and approaches which demonstrate these core values.

“To the members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Two-Spirited community – both across our public and within our service – on behalf of the Edmonton Police Service, I am sorry and we are sorry,” said Chief McFee. “Our actions caused pain. They eroded trust. They created fear. They caused members of the public and our service alike to feel unsafe on their own streets, in their workplaces and even their homes.”

Chief McFee pledged to stand against homophobia, transphobia and any other kind of marginalization, denigration or disrespect. He also invited people to share their stories and to participate in shaping an engagement process aimed at changing the essential nature of the relationship between the EPS and the community.

Chief McFee also indicated that part of the reconciliation will include a look inward to understand the impact that the EPS has had historically, on its own members.

“To make sure we get this right it has to be guided and informed by those in our community. By those who have spoken out before, and by those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to share their voices. We are requesting advice, guidance and partnership,” said Chief McFee, adding that the engagement process will allow people to share often difficult experiences.

The EPS is also asking members of the LGBTQ2S+ community to share their ideas about the engagement process through a specially established website, .The input shared will shape the design of the engagement process, which will be facilitated by external consultants early in the fall of 2019.

A live stream and then recording of the Chief’s speech can be viewed on the EPS Facebook page at


Take to the streets and celebrate Park(ing) Day tomorrow (Friday)



The City of Edmonton encourages people to “take to the streets” for PARK(ing) Day. Celebrated worldwide, PARK(ing) Day asks people, artists and designers to temporarily transform public parking stalls into artistic displays, design installations or other creative activations.
Date: Friday, September 20
Time: Noon – 6 p.m.
Location: 107 Street between Jasper Avenue and 102 Avenue
More than 20 existing parking stalls will be temporarily transformed into parklets to explore. Attendees can expect to see many creative parklets, including Instagrammable walls, kid-friendly urban park installations and interactive sites featuring fun activities and amenities.
“PARK(ing) Day is a powerful way for us to re-imagine how we use our public space,” said David Holdsworth, Senior Planner, Urban Renewal. “As we densify and grow our city toward two million people, the way we use public space becomes increasingly important. Initiatives such as PARK(ing) Day, combined with the new parks and more walkable sidewalks we’re building, show how downtown is transforming into a great community.”
PARK(ing) Day began as a grassroots movement in San Francisco in 2005. It is now an annual global event that empowers the community to re-imagine the public realm and enhance the street for pedestrians.
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Homes by 3Leafs showcases the first single family, shipping container home built in Calgary.



Homes by 3Leafs showcases the first single family, shipping container home built in Calgary. The Alberta based company is changing how homes are constructed by transforming recycled steel containers into high performance, energy efficient homes with net zero capabilities.

September 19, 2019, Calgary, AB ​Homes by 3Leafs gave media an exclusive inside look into the sleek, elegant modern two-storey home made from four recycled shipping containers. The home is nestled in the eco-friendly community, Echohaven, in northwest Calgary.

Som Sourachit, C.E.O. of Homes by 3Leafs describes this moment as pivotal. “Our high performance, energy efficient houses reduce waste in landfills by repurposing steel shipping containers into dream homes. The houses have net zero capabilities and are the new blueprint for how we should build while protecting our environment. “

It’s estimated there are millions of shipping containers piling up in landfills worldwide. The repurposed containers make the perfect envelope for a home, and reduce the heavy reliance on trees used for construction. The steel means shipping container homes are sturdier and will last for generations with fewer repairs than traditional stick builds over time.

The homeowner, Jaime Turner, added “This is a teaching moment for my young daughter. We wanted to build a legacy for her. This is our forever home and we know because it’s made of steel it will last for generations, and an added bonus is, we are being good to our environment!”

Homes by 3Leafs is proud to be leading the way in new home construction. Currently, 6 building projects are underway.

About Homes by 3Leafs

Homes by 3Leafs is a global company based in Edmonton and is comprised of a team of architects, construction experts, designers, and engineers with years of experience developing stunning homes. By using shipping containers to build, Homes by 3Leafs is committed to saving the environment. Thousands of containers pile up in landfills unused while forests can’t be cut down fast enough to support the robust construction industry. The company leads the way with cutting edge technology and new innovations to help the world build beautiful sustainable homes to last hundreds of years.

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