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Dr. Deena Hinshaw says Alberta is flattening the curve


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It’s official.  The province’s chief medial health officer believes Albertans are flattening the curve.   In her daily COVID-19 update, Dr. Deena Hinshaw was asked if Albertans are flattening the curve and she confirmed that appears to be the case as the numbers of new cases are noticeably lower than they have been and they’ve been that way for days now.  Since May 2, there have been less than 100 new cases a day.  You can hear this exchange in the Q and A session right after Dr. Hinshaw’s statement.

Update from the province

Recovered cases make up more than half of Alberta’s cases of COVID-19 at 3,552.

Seventy new cases have been reported, bringing the total number to 5,963.

Six more Albertans have died.

Latest updates

  • Cases have been identified in all zones across the province:
    • 4,003 cases in the Calgary zone
    • 1,111 cases in the South zone
    • 503 cases in the Edmonton zone
    • 229 cases in the North zone
    • 91 cases in the Central zone
    • 26 cases in zones yet to be confirmed
  • Of these cases, there are currently 82 people in hospital, 19 of whom have been admitted to intensive care units (ICU).
  • 730 cases are suspected of being community acquired.
  • The total deaths are 112: 79 in the Calgary zone; 15 in the North zone; 12 in the Edmonton zone; five in the South zone; and one in the Central zone.
  • To date, 632 cases have been confirmed at continuing care facilities, and 82 residents at these facilities have died.
  • There have been 946 cases in workers from the Cargill meat processing plant in High River, with 798 recovered.
  • There have been 566 cases in workers from JBS Foods Canada in Brooks, with 434 recovered.
  • Thirty-eight cases have been confirmed at Harmony Beef since March and 12 have recovered.
  • There have been 160,185 people tested for COVID-19 and a total of 170,509 tests performed by the lab. In the last 24 hours, 3,494 tests have been completed.

Here’s a graph from Alberta Health showing the growing gap between the active cases of COVID-19 and the recoveries.  Within just a couple of days that gap between the number of recovered and the number of active cases has stretched to 1300.


That’s good news for hospitals.  As you can see in this graph the number of hospitalizations is down significantly in every region of the province.

The number of cases in Red Deer is down to 4 now after another recovery.   2 more cases were diagnosed in the last 24 hours in Central Alberta.  There are now 91 total cases in Central Zone.  The new cases are in Vermillion County near Lloydminster and Mountain View County which includes Olds, Sundre, Didsbury, and Carstairs.  There are 11 active cases in Central Alberta.  Here is the breakdown

  • Red Deer City – 36 cases – 4 active
  • Red Deer County – 13 cases – 2 active
  • Mountain View County – 7 cases – 2 active
  • Vermilion River County – 4 cases – 2 active
  • Clearwater County – 3 cases – 1 active
  • Stettler County – 3 cases – 0 active
  • Lacombe County – 3 cases – 0 active
  • Ponoka County – 2 cases – 0 active
  • Kneehill County – 2 cases – 0 active
  • Camrose City – 2 cases – 1 death – 0 active
  • Wetaskiwin City – 8 cases – 0 active
  • Lacombe City – 2 cases – 0 active
  • Beaver County – 2 cases – 0 active
  • City of Lloydminster – 1 case – 0 active
  • Camrose County – 1 case – 0 active
  • Minburn County – 1 case – 0 active
  • MD of Wainwright – 1 case – 0 active


And here are the total number of cases in Alberta.

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