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Downtown Business Spotlight: Alberta Business and Health Institute


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This week’s Business Spotlight shines on the Alberta Business and Health Institute, located at 210, 5009 – 50 Ave. We spoke with the Flora and her team to learn more about their programs and how they set up their students for success!


What is your business?

We are a licensed post-secondary school and we are licensed under the Minister of Education through advanced education or private colleges. So we offer post-secondary classes and programs to interested students or those who want to further their career or upgrade their education. All about academics!

When did you open?

2017, but the operation actually started in 2018 because we went through the licensing process. Our first school was in another building, right across from Saputo and above Cash Canada. That’s where we started and when we got a little bigger we moved here [210, 5009 -50 Ave] as we needed a bigger space.

What are some products/services that you offer?

For our courses we have massage therapy, business administration, we have accounting and payroll, medical office assistant and pharmacy assistant and soon to come will be education assistant!

What makes your business unique?

What makes our business unique is that even during these challenging and trying times, we continue to thrive and meet the students’ changing needs without compromising our values and objectives.

Why did you choose Downtown Red Deer as the location for your business?

We’re all from Calgary, but because we are just starting we didn’t want to start in a big city and Red Deer is the closest option. I think because Downtown is the center of everything and you can come to Downtown from anywhere in Red Deer. Red Deer has a lot of far flung communities so we thought, why not start in the center of Red Deer? Let’s go for it! It’s really accessible to everyone.

What do you think makes Downtown vibrant?

I think the diversity of the people who are here, who live here and the diversity of the shops and the businesses that are in Downtown.  If you go to Ross St. there is [King] Donair, beside it is City Roast, beside it is Japanese ramen [JusFruit OishiDesu], beside that is Taco Loft! There’s banks, Scotia Bank, RBC, there’s an Artisan Market, there’s pizza over there – all on one street! And on Wednesday’s there is the Farmer’s Market. Everything is here!


Finish this sentence: I love Downtown Red Deer because…

I love Downtown Red Deer because it feels like home. It’s a small city, it feels like you know everyone!

Check out the Alberta Business and Health Institute online:





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Business Spotlight: Ewyn Weight-Loss Studios

Published on

1. What is your business?

Ewyn Weight-Loss Studios support clients on their weight-loss journey through programing, healthy eating, stress management and much more; they are a hub for healthy living.

2. When did your business open?

This Ewyn studio opened in 2017, but Natalie has been running it since 2019

3. What makes your business unique?

Stabilization and maintenance are what make Ewyn’s weight-loss different, working with clients to reach their goals than helping them maintain the perfect balance for their individualized goals to make weight loss truly sustainable.

4. What are some products/services that you offer?

A FREE consultation followed by individual programming per client to help them reach their goals of healthy living and weight loss.

5. Why did you choose Downtown Red Deer as the location for your business?

The business was already placed downtown when I took over, but I do find that we get about 15-20% of our business from people stating they saw us as they drove by.

6. What do you think makes Downtown vibrant?

The greenery and opportunity for living an active lifestyle with the tails and outside gyms.

7. Finish this sentence: I love Downtown Red Deer because…

I love the downtown Market, and it has such a sense of community and fresh, inexpensive vegetables. I often recommend it to my clients.

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It’s proving to be a lively summer on the Ross Street Patio

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By Mark Weber

With the new designation of being an Entertainment District, there’s an exciting new vibe resonating across Red Deer’s Ross Street Patio.

Earlier this year, City council approved Entertainment District status for the Patio, meaning that the Ross Street Patio is now a place where adults can consume alcohol outside of a licensed premises while taking in various forms of live entertainment. Prior to the May 24th council meeting, City administration determined a new bylaw was needed to support the DBA’s request and sought direction from council before proceeding.

According to the City, Entertainment Districts are new to the province, having been created last December through an amendment to the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act.  “We are getting brilliant feedback – it has been so well-received,”
explained Amanda Gould, the DBA’s executive director. There have been no issues either, she added, pointing out that folks have been responsible and simply enjoying the option to have a drink while listening to artists perform on the Patio each week. “They’re having a drink, they’re getting rid of their garbage, and then they are on their way. It’s been absolutely brilliant – it’s been a dream. “It’s great to be able to offer this to people who come downtown.”

Gould has also noted that the designation would help to further revitalize the downtown core by drawing more folks down to not only check out the entertainment that is running on the Patio all summer, but to also see all that downtown ultimately has to offer.

Business owners have also been saying it’s been a positive move. “Tribe, in particular, on Canada Day saw a 30 per cent increase in sales.”

The regular performances are also proving a major draw this summer. “We get people of so many different walks of life coming down to see them – it’s so interesting to watch the Patio right now. We get in at half past eight, and then you go around the corner to look at the Patio to check and make sure everything is good as we do every morning. People are outside City Roast having coffee, sitting on the picnic benches, having their breakfast, or just sitting down to have a chat – it’s just lovely to see. And then it gets full on the days that we have the entertainment going on.”

Thursday and Friday performances run from 12 – 1:30 p.m. with Wednesday performances going from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. “Wednesdays continue to be our best day as we have the market going on then, too.”

Visitors are invited to come down and purchase all their fresh fruits and veggies between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday.

The annual car boot sale will soon be happening as well – they will be on Wednesdays also, she added. “Wednesdays are ‘the day’,” she added with a laugh.

According to the DBA’s website, “Load up your car, truck, or van with any items from your house that you wish to sell (or that you would normally put out in a garage sale) and come down to Little Gaetz Avenue for the Downtown Red Deer Car Boot Sale.” Pre-registration & payment required for those wishing to sell.

And to top of the celebratory spirit, a special limited-edition beer created by Sawback Brewing specifically for the Patio has proven to be a hit as well. “People love it,” said Gould, adding the beer – available at several downtown restaurants – will be available through the summer. The musical performances and the market both run through to the early fall.

For more about the Downtown Business Association and all that is planned for the Ross Street Patio, find them on Facebook or visit

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