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Do you need to take your car back to the dealership you purchased from for service?


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This is Andy Parkins, the Service Manager at Kipp Scott GMC Cadillac Buick.
A common question I’m always asked is “do I need to take my car back to the
dealership I purchased from for service?” The answer is no you don’t, but why
wouldn’t you want to take it back to the people who know your vehicle inside
and out? When people think of the word “dealership” for service they think:

• Over priced
• Don’t work on other brands of vehicles
• Don’t sell tires

All the above is not true. There is
huge value in taking your vehicle
back to the dealership. Did you
know our dealership requires all
employees to do yearly training? A
Question to ask yourself is – when
you’re sick, do you want the best
doctor available or do you look for a
backyard doctor that kind of knows
what to do? The answer is easy, we all pick the best doctor because we want
the highest quality of workmanship and knowledge. You can look at your
vehicle the same way; dealerships being the best doctor and a generic shop
being a back-yard doctor. Why wouldn’t you want the most trained and
qualified people working on your vehicle.

At the dealership, we are required to have proper equipment for testing and
repairing vehicles and access to check for recalls and up-to-date information
to help aid in diagnosis and repair. With all the proper tools and training
provided at a dealership it can save the customer time and money by taking it
to the experts.

We strive to give the best service
each time but we are human and
make mistakes, we do everything
in are power to make it right when
things don’t go according to plan.
If you love the service you get at the
dealership we do work on all makes
and models and would love to be
your vehicles one stop shop!

When you think of tires I’m assuming you think of Fountain Tire, Canadian Tire,
etc. Did you know dealerships sell tires and have great relationships with the
tire manufacturers too. We have a 30-day tire Price Match Guarantee so why
wouldn’t you want the best deal on tires? Along with tires we also do every-
thing from rims, lift kits, performance parts and cosmetic upgrades.

Hopefully after reading this article you can see the added value in bringing
your vehicle back into the dealership. If you have any questions or would like
to give us a try please contact me at [email protected] I would
love the opportunity to gain your business. Myths surround just about
anything even in the car industry we will be putting together a list of the top
5 myths about buying a car, find out what they are next month.

Kipp Scott GMC Cadillac Buick is a family-owned business that has proudly served Red Deer, and all of Alberta, for over 50 Years since first opening our doors in 1968. Treating our customers with respect has always been our number-one priority, and we believe when it comes to selling vehicles, honesty is the best policy. Rest assured we’ll do everything we can to make sure you leave our dealership 100% satisfied.

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Downtown Business Spotlight: Root 51 Salon and Spa

Published on

This week’s Business Spotlight shines on Root 51 Salon & Spa! This unique establishment is located right on 4814 51 St and offers anywhere from haircare to spa treatments to relax and pamper. We spoke with the owner to learn more about this wonderful establishment!

What is your business?
Our business is a small locally owned salon & spa.

When did your business open?
We downsized & renovated this main floor in 2016 & changed our name to Root51 (previously Techniques Hair Therapy & Day Spa in the Millennium Center for 2 decades!)

What makes your business unique?
We have asked our valued guests this same question the responses we got: our education, our flexibility to accommodate, our selection & knowledge in our top-shelf natural products for both hair & skin, our prices are extremely reasonable for the level of experience (over 30 years) & education (over 100K worth of education!!!) (in a big city I would charge 35-40% more for the same treatments), and we work hard and are very proud of this next one…our Cleanliness – often they say your place is always spotless! (even before Covid!!)

What are some products/services that you offer?
Full-service Salon hair Care & Spa treatments that are non-invasive. Michele specializes in colours, balayage & ombre, colour corrections & blondes. Smoothing treatments are in high demand for silky soft straight looks and perms for waves or more body. With 30 years of cutting hair, some guests have said “that’s the best-shaped haircut I ever had.”
Spa treatments are effective and relaxing with visible results after one treatment ~ home care is a must because maintenance is easy than correction. Our skincare line is exclusive to us in RD and is composed of sea plants and seawater with many benefits to your facial skin as well as your body and well-being!

Why did you choose Downtown Red Deer as the location for your business?
In 2000, the Millennium Center was a brand new and very central location — when we changed the location to 2 block north on 51 st ~ we wanted to be able to still cater to our professional corporate downtown business people.

What do you think makes Downtown vibrant?
I believe it’s the local entrepreneurs big & small that make downtown a vibrant place.

Website: Root 51 Official Website
Facebook: Root 51 Facebook Page

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Downtown Business Spotlight: Artisan Food Market on Ross

Published on

This week’s Business Spotlight shines on Artisan Food Market on Ross! This unique restaurant is located right on Ross Street (106, 4916 Ross Street) and offers a large selection of locally made products. We spoke with the owner to learn more about this wonderful establishment!

What is your business?
Artisan Food Market on Ross is a specialty food store. We carry a large selection of local, national, and international foods and ingredients.

When did your business open?
We opened on April 1, 2020.

What makes your business unique?
We carry a large selection of local items and have a variety of frozen meals.

What are some products/services that you offer?
Customers can place orders for their favourite D Dutchmen Dairy or Black Forest German Bakery products and the requested items will get delivered to our store the following week. Additionally, customers can shop online and have their products delivered to their homes even during the times that we are closed. If a customer wishes to place an order they can simply visit us at

Why did you choose Downtown Red Deer as the location for your business?
As a Red Deerian, I wanted to make a positive impact for our downtown by setting up a local market store right here.

What do you think makes Downtown vibrant?
I love the flower gardens at the city hall and the assortment of independent shops in our downtown core.

Finish this sentence: I love Downtown because…
It’s my home and it’s my place for adventure.

Website: Artisan Food Market on Ross Official Website
Facebook: Artisan Food Market on Ross Facebook Page

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