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COVID cases plummeting in Central Alberta, except in Wainwright area


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Covid-19 cases in Central Alberta Zone are dropping drastically.  Just 19 new cases were reported from August 7 to August 13.

More than half of the remaining 81 active cases in Central Alberta are in the Wainwright area where 44 people are battling COVID.


The number of cases have plummeted in Beaver County at 3, and Starland County at 1.

Wainwright area at 45 account for 170 out of the 224 cases in Central Alberta.  Here’s the Central Alberta breakdown in cases including the 8 municipalities with no cases at all.

Central Alberta Communities – Active Cases
  1. MD of Wainwright – 44
    1. Red Deer – 10
    2. Settler County – 6
  2. Vermillion River County – 5
  3. Flagstaff County – 3
  4. Lacombe County – 3
  5. Beaver County – 3
  6. Red Deer County – 3
  7. Drumheller – 2
  8. Starland County – 1
  9. Kneehill County – 1
  10. Camrose – 1
  11. Lacombe – 1
  12. Mountain View County – 1
  13. Paintearth County – 0
  14. Sylvan Lake – 0
  15. Special Areas 2 – 0
  16. Provost County – 0
  17. Camrose County – 0
  18. Clearwater County – 0
  19. Wetaskiwin – 0
  20. Olds – 0
  21. Ponoka County – 0
  22. Two Hills County – 0
  23. Wetaskiwin County- 0
  24. Minburn County – 0
  25. Special Areas 4 – 0

In the City of Red Deer there are 10 active cases.  2 in “North” Red Deer, 2 in “South-West” Red Deer, and 6 in Red Deer – East.

Here are the total number of cases for the entire province including all the recoveries.


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Central Alberta

Trevor’s Story: I Have Anxiety and Depression. Where Can I Get Help?

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Trevor has suffered from anxiety and depression for a while. He had no idea where or how to get help with this. In discussing this with his doctor, he was referred to a Mental Health Counselor at Red Deer Primary Care Network.

Trevor says, “I, the skeptic, didn’t expect that I would get much help but did decide to work with the counselor. I needed to do something. We had 6 sessions together. The counselor provided me with insight on things that should have been so obvious to me but they weren’t. You don’t know what you don’t know. The counselor provided me with very practical and valuable tools. I came away with a different, more positive way to think about things. And it was just great to have a non-judgmental person to listen to me. It is a relief to just be able to tell someone who was really listening about my struggles.

These sessions were so valuable. I am in a much better state than I was. My struggles are not over but I manage to get through each day using the tools and improved mindset that I learned.

If anyone else is struggling like me I recommend no matter if they think it won’t help  just go, go in with an open mind. Even if you just feel you need someone to talk to you will get valuable tools to help manage your situation.”

To learn more about the RDPCN programs, visit

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The wait is finally over, and Red Deer Polytechnic is thrilled to unveil our new brand to all those who care deeply about our institution. The public is invited to view the livestream of the event, so they can enjoy this historic moment as we all celebrate our institution’s future.

Red Deer Polytechnic has opted to invite the public to a livestream event due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We have determined that a livestream is the best option to safely celebrate this day with the large number of people who care deeply about the history and future of our institution. A recording of the event will be available online, so people will have the opportunity to view it as their schedules permit.



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