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“…Canadians do not understand the importance of the Oil and Gas industry…”


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Producers Note:

Just a beautiful piece of scenery here. We’re so lucky to be in a part of the country where within an hour we can get to the mountains and experience such a beautiful gift that Mother Nature has given us; the Rocky Mountains. Could there be anything more beautiful than white snow, green trees, rich dark grey rocks and blue sky. Thank you, Harry for inviting us out to Canmore to lean on you for your expertise.


“…The conversation around energy and climate, particularly here in Canada has become polarized I think because Canadians … Canada’s an odd country, Canada’s a very large country, from sea to sea to sea, and Canadians don’t really appreciate the importance of the Oil and Gas industry. The Oil and Gas industry is Canada’s largest export industry. It is the backbone of the whole Canadian economy. That’s understood in Alberta and British Columbia and parts of Saskatchewan but it’s not really understood in many parts of Canada.  And this is in contrast to countries like Norway. In Norway everyone understands that their prosperity is based on the the Oil and Gas industry. Everyone knows in Norway that the reason they have great healthcare and great education systems is because of their Oil and Gas industry.  They are also a progressive European country that is a signatory to the Paris Agreement is working toward a lower carbon ecomony, but, they’re doing so in a way that maintains their oil and gas industry…”  Harrie Vredenburg, Professor, U of C Suncor Energy Chair

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Red Deer

Downtown Business Spotlight: DOTS

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This week our Business Spotlight shines on DOTS! This discount designer wear store is located at 4952 50 St. We had a chance to chat with Ann, the owner of DOTS to learn more about this business!

What is your business?

DOTS is an Alberta-based, family-owned, designer discount clothing store. We sell mainly ladies’ clothing, with a small group of men’s and kids. We also carry an assortment of jewelry and knick-knacks.

When did you open?

1995 in Red Deer.

What would you say makes your business unique?

Because of the way our buying is done, we are able to offer up to 80% off other store prices. Our stock changes continually so there is always something new to look at.

What are some products/services that you offer?

Ladies clothing brands from Europe and North America, lots of accessories, jewelry, and knick-knacks.

Why did you choose Downtown Red Deer as the location for your business?

We wanted to be in the heart of Red Deer.

What do you think makes Downtown vibrant?

All of the eclectic mix of stores and services.

I love Downtown Red Deer because… There is a wide variety of unique stores and services that you won’t find in a mall.

If you’re looking for designer wear at a discounted price, DOTS is the place to go!



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The fastest way to get an Aquatic Centre built in Red Deer is to call it an Ice Rink?

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While the communities around us are building, citing lower costs, and available labour, Red Deer is putting off.

Granted the city will be paying off the new ice rinks downtown for years and will be making million dollar payments, for years, to the college to subsidize the construction of their new ice rink. The city, even with grants and subsidies will be paying off the future twinning of the Dawe ice rink for many years.

If only the Aquatic Centre was called an ice rink? The last Aquatic facility we opened 20 years ago, Collicutt, was controversial, expensive and much needed.

Who among us regrets the investment the city made in building the Collicutt recreational complex, anyone? Some wishes that we had built a 50 metre pool, but few deny the success of the investment.

That the Collicutt Ctr. was a huge catalyst in the growth in the south-east corner of Red Deer is undeniable.

Nearly 30 years ago the city leaders felt that with the city population heading towards 60,000 residents, a fourth pool was needed. One per 15,000 population, would be the goal. It would attract growth to the south east corner too.

Today with the population at 100,000 and hopefully 120,000 in ten years would it not be proper to build a fifth pool? One per 24,000 population. We would need 4 new pools to match the original goal of one per 15,000 population.

The city said no, we needed more ice rinks. We rebuilt ones downtown, recently as well as, we built one at the college. We will finish paying for the college rink in about 7 or 8 years. We also want to build another rink at the Dawe centre next year, so we cannot build a pool for another 10 years or so.

6 years ago the city established a committee to make recommendations on the aquatic centre. The city said then it had no land available at that time except the downtown so the committee recomended building it downtown to accomodate an immediate build. Now years later, many things have changed.

Interesting enough the city has 3,000 or so acres they want to develop north of 11a, to house about 25,000 residents at 17 homes per hectare and 2.5 residents per home on average density. So follow a successful precedent called Collicutt Ctr.

Build a Collicutt centre with a 50m pool and an ice rink as catalyst for growth in the northwest.

The icing on the cake in the north-west is Hazlett Lake with 2 miles of coastline. Cities like Lethbridge which has consistent growth and is now more populated than Red Deer built man made lakes for tourist attracting, while we have a natural lake.

We have the precedent, we have the need, we have the land, we have the opportunity and we have the residents requesting it.

Now only if we were in a buyer’s market with low land prices, and low interest rates? We are.

If we could get the tenders to come in lower? What’s that? Red Deer County says their tenders are coming in at up to 50% less than boom tenders.

We have all the ducks in a row, we have opportunity, we the means, we have the desire but do we have the vision and the courage.

I am beginning to think that the city leaders can’t see the forest for the trees. It feels like they took a snapshot years ago and rather than look at present opportunities they look at that snapshot. They use old data, old numbers and old formulas and say the same old statements, and we stagnate and wait for the next generation to present updated plans.

Perhaps now is the time for the next generation, what say you?

Next October is the next municipal election. Let us find candidates and issues that have vision? Perhaps we could get Blackfalds to lend us a few visionaries or annex us? Perhaps the County? Penhold? Sylvan Lake? They are growing while we twiddle our thumbs.


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