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Booster Juice Partners with Canadian Developer to Create Video Games Exclusively Available at The Fit & Fun Zone in Toronto Pearson International Airport


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Booster Juice Partners with Canadian Developer to Create Video Games Exclusively Available at The Fit & Fun Zone in Toronto Pearson International Airport


Raoul Bhatt CEO | (Left) Dale Wishewan CEO |

EDMONTON, Alberta – Dale Wishewan, President and CEO of Booster Juice, announced the launch of Booster Juice Game Studios at the Fit & Fun Zone Grand Opening in Toronto. He confirmed the newly formed studio will feature several new and highly anticipated games, consisting of mind challenges, 2D retro games and an interactive Microsoft Kinetic body motion detection games, developed by Game Studio. These titles will be made available exclusively at Toronto Pearson International Airport in the Booster Juice Fit & Fun Zone, which opened in October 2016.

This Grand Opening event launched a new store concept for Booster Juice, who transformed a passenger waiting area into a vibrant and interactive destination for commuters. The Fit & Fun Zone was designed to embrace the Booster Juice lifestyle; offering nutritious and delicious smoothies, freshly squeezes juices, grilled food and grab n’ go items, in addition to a dynamic concept that extends beyond the store to feature interactive large format games. The games were created to offer travelers the opportunity to stay active while on the go.


“We are truly excited about the Grand Opening of our fourth location at the Pearson Airport” said Dale Wishewan. “Our team is dedicated to pushing the envelope when it comes to store design, so working with the GTAA on the concept and Raoul Bhatt on the launch of Booster Juice Game Studios has been fantastic. These games can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and skill levels, so we hope people enjoy them as much as we do.” Game Studio CEO, Raoul Bhatt, commented “Millions of customers have come to expect the best in innovation and compelling content from Booster Juice, and Studios is proud to partner on these phenomenal titles. Partnering with Booster Juice creates a complementary blend of talents, a massive audience base and a shared passion to create something incredible for their customers and beyond.”


Game Descriptions
The motion game immerses players in an intense and cinematic world, enabling players to use their body for the hyper-realistic, dynamic and interactive environments. Booster Juice Surf places the “cool” you in board shorts riding a branded surf board in the centre of a giant wave. Points accumulate as you avoid dolphins and buoys while trying to keep your balance.

Juice Bar Jumper is a 2D running style game and closely resembles the recognizable Booster Juice stores. With incredibly cute illustrations and a suspenseful storyline, a strawberry speedily whisks across counter tops, earning extra points upon collecting yummy blueberries. As time passes, the difficulty increases.

In another 2D game, the same superstar character—a strawberry with a dashing smile—rides a Booster Juice cup like a rocket, fruits firing out instead flames. He flies through the skies avoiding evil candy, collecting tasty fruit and racking up the points.

The third game unravels a darker, more riveting plot involving the destiny of the strawberry. This is a uniquely-styled, intense game, with challenges above and below, where the player has to double tap to slip in between terrifying blenders. In these vibrantly drawn worlds, players must use a variety of skills to survive and gain points.

Additional games were also designed to challenge your mind. These puzzles are formulated to make you think as you match fruit and test your reflexes. Certainly the game play experience is enhanced while sipping one of Booster Juice’s delicious smoothies.


(Left to Right: Giovanna Verilli | Associate Director for retail Food and Beverage GTAA, Scott Collier VP Customer and Terminal Services, Raoul Bhatt CEO Inc, Dale Wishewan CEO Booster Juice, Suzanne Merell Senior Manager Food and Beverage GTAA)

About Booster Juice
The first Booster Juice was opened in Sherwood Park, Alberta in November 1999 by Dale Wishewan, Booster Juice President & CEO, a guy who thought it would be a good idea to sell smoothies in the middle of a Canadian winter. Turns out, taste trumps temperature, and 17 years later there are over 300 locations worldwide. Booster Juice serves its intensely loyal customers a delicious, convenient and healthy alternative to fast food. In addition to their signature smoothies, their menu offers fresh-squeezed juices, grilled food, and snacks. A vibrant brand that attracts an active clientele, Booster Juice has earned multiple awards for the concepts unique offerings and store design.

Raoul Bhatt has combined his design and coding skills to become the current CEO of his company, His company has created a winning formula allowing him to win contracts with companies like Twitter, Yahoo, Bosch, Edmonton Oilers, Edmonton Eskimos, Calgary Flames, Wrestlemania, Northlands Park, Carlton University, Edmonton Police Service (plus Alberta’s 14 other police agencies), among others. One of’s software, FireText, was used during the live event surrounding President Obama’s inauguration. They specialize in video games, desktop software and web and mobile app development.

For further information, please contact:

Booster Juice

Karen Enticknap, National Marketing Lead

Phone: 780 293 3064

Email: [email protected]


Raoul Bhatt

Phone: 780 498 3779

Email: [email protected]

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