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City of Red Deer

Blue and Black Cart Collection begins this week. Here’s everything you need to know!


From The City of Red Deer

Blue and Black Cart collection kicks off week of May 6

The carts have all been rolled out, residents had some time to get acquainted and now Blue and Black Cart collection is set to start next week.  Together, with the Green Cart, it completes Red Deer’s cart program implementation.

Throughout the months of March and April, Blue and Black Carts were rolled out to homes who currently receive individual garbage, recycling and Green Cart collection. The Blue Cart replaces the blue box, and
the Black Cart is for all other household garbage.

“We are excited to see Blue and Black cart collection start next week,” said Janet Whitesell, Waste Management Superintendent. “We have worked hard to create a program that has been tested, tweaked
and modified to ensure we are launching a program that will work for the residents of Red Deer.”  Collection for the Blue and Black Cart will take place every other week, on alternating weeks. That means
garbage will be collected one week and recycling collected the next week. Green Cart collection remains weekly. Residents received a colour coded calendar to make keeping track easy, and they can sign up for
weekly notifications through Notify Red Deer (

The Blue Cart replaces blue boxes, and in general, everything that used to go in the blue box can go in the Blue Cart, with the exception of glass. Place paper, cardboard, metal cans and plastics numbered one
through seven in the Blue Cart. The Black Cart is for remaining garbage that can’t go in the Blue or Green Cart, which in general is things like Styrofoam, disposable diapers, and unnumbered plastics. Detailed
information was attached to the Black Cart delivered to each home, and more information is always available at

“Since April of 2018 when the Green Cart program launched, we have reduced the amount of garbage sent to landfill from households by 27 per cent,” said Whitesell. “For three months last year, we collected more in the Green Cart than we collected garbage at the curb which means a significant amount of material was composted and those nutrients returned to agricultural soils, instead of being landfilled.”

“The three cart system streamlines collection, and the way households bring their waste out to the curb or the alley,” Whitesell continued. “We are confident that we have a program that will not only reduce the
amount of waste going to our landfill, but engage and inspire residents to take steps to reduce their household waste, and our overall greenhouse gas emissions.”

Residents can learn more about the new cart program at a presentation on Tuesday, May 14 at 6:30 p.m. at Red Deer College’s Alternative Energy Lab, along with representatives from the Recycling Council of Alberta who will talk about system-wide opportunities in how Alberta handles waste.

Neighbourhood Collection Schedule
Anders Park East Thursdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Anders South Thursdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Aspen Ridge Thursdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Bower North/South Wednesdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Clearview Meadows Thursdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Clearview Ridge Thursdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
College Park Tuesdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Davenport Fridays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Deer Park Estates Fridays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Deer Park Village Fridays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Devonshire Fridays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Downtown Wednesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
East Annexation area Tuesdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Eastview/Eastview Estates Thursdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Evergreen Wednesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Fairview Mondays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Garden Heights Thursdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Glendale/Glendale Park Estates Tuesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Grandview Wednesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Highland Green/Highland Green Estates Mondays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Inglewood West Wednesdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Ironstone Wednesdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Johnstone Crossing/Johnstone Park Mondays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Kentwood East/West Tuesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Kingsgate Tuesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Lancaster Green/Lancaster Meadows Fridays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Laredo Fridays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Lonsdale Fridays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Michener Hill East Thursdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Michener Hill West Wednesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Mountview Wednesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Morrisroe Thursdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Morrisroe Extenstion Thursdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Normandeau North/South Tuesdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
North Annexation area Mondays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Oriole Park/Oriole Park West Mondays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Parkvale Wednesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Pines Tuesdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Riverside Meadows Mondays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Rosedale Estates/Rosedale Meadows Fridays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
South Hill Wednesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Sunnybrook/Sunnybrook South/Southbrook Wednesdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Timberlands/Timberstone/Timber Ridge Tuesdays – Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Vanier East/Vanier Woods Fridays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Waskasoo Wednesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
West Lake Mondays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
West Park Mondays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Woodlea Wednesdays – Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)

Setting your carts out for collection:

Carts are picked up by an automated collection truck, so it’s important to follow these collection instructions.


Set out by 7 a.m. on your regular collection day, year-round.


Make sure the lid is closed and place the carts on flat ground with at least one metre clearance all around and above each of them so the truck’s collection arm can pick it up and empty it. This includes ensuring both carts placed that day, and any extra yard waste has the same clearance so the automated trucks can access it. If the collection contractors are unable to properly access your carts, they won’t be able to collect the contents that week, so placement is an important step.


Front street collection: Place the carts on the street with the wheels against the curb and white directional arrows pointing toward the street. Make sure the carts are away from parked vehicles or other obstructions such as trees, and that it is not blocking traffic.

Back alley collection: Place the carts with the wheels toward your property and white directional arrows pointing toward the alley. Make sure the carts are not placed against a fence or garage, and that it is not blocking traffic.

Make sure to roll your carts back to your property after they have been emptied.

Sign up for alerts

Use your Notify Red Deer account to sign up for cart collection schedule alerts.


Carts Frequently Asked Questions

Phone: 403-340-BLUE (2583)

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City of Red Deer

Environmental Master Plan steers Red Deer’s sustainable future



From The City of Red Deer

City Council adopted an updated version of the Environmental Master Plan, a document which will guide Red Deer’s environmental strategy now and into the future.

The Environmental Master Plan (EMP) was originally released in 2011 and serves as a guide to improve environmental sustainability in Red Deer by setting goals and providing short-, medium- and long-term strategies. The EMP is designed to provide The City and the people of Red Deer with a road map to improved environmental performance. The updated plan outlines clear goals and measurable targets, as well as suggested actions for The City to undertake during implementation.

“The EMP refresh is a higher-level document that was designed to provide a foundation for strategic decision making in the future. We focused on six areas: air, ecology, energy, waste, water and community design, which combined transportation and built environment from the previous plan,” said Nancy Hackett, Environmental Initiatives Supervisor, “Each of the sixareas have specific targets and metrics, but we refined the plan to 20 actions that providebroader direction.”

A variety of public engagement sessions provided key community insight that was used to assess current conditions and determine future focuses and goals for the plan. In addition to sessions with targeted community groups, a Community Engagement Group took part in monthly, in-depth sessions to discuss Red Deer’s focus areas, targets and actions for the future.

Now that the plan has been adopted, City Staff will begin implementation to ensure Red Deercontinues on its’ path of reducing its environmental footprint.

A full version of the EMP is available on the City’s website at

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City of Red Deer

Goulet-Jones says City’s new Environmental Master Plan means higher taxes and an assault on energy sector



This opinion piece was submitted by Calvin Goblet-Jones

City Council Unanimously Rejects reason by approving a severely flawed Environmental Master Plan.

I honestly can not believe every councillor voted in favour of this document, I am severely disappointed in our Council Today.
Make no mistake, this document deserves to be put through the shredder.  There are a few good elements of the $150,000 document such as strengthening our inner city forests however the document is nothing more than a glimpse into a future of higher taxes, bans and a continued assault on our energy sector by a council who says they support energy.
Of course the document is full of buzzwords and flowery language but this document rejects the benefits of our local energy sector.  Instead of looking towards cheap natural gas as an energy source they look to failed renewable energy projects that you and I will pay heavily for.  The Document wants to limit Red Deers energy consumption, wants to limit your personal fuel consumption, and wants to ban ban ban.  The document wants to ban wood fires, wants to heavily regulate vehicles, and wants to shift all the vehicles the city owns to be electric which will cost taxpayers heavily.
Quickly, take a look at Action 20, they don’t mention a ban outright but they mention open air burning, wood burning and vehicles as part of their “action plan” it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to interpret what they mean.

Look at Focus Area where they want to limit consumer energy consumption and how they reject our local cheap, economy supporting fossil fuels.

Shame on Council for Unanimously approving this document.
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