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Bitcoin Scams Have Grown by 400% in Canada since 2017


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The Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre (CACPC) is aware of the growing number of Bitcoin locations in the City of Red Deer and surrounding areas. This is a cause for concern as Bitcoin scams have grown by 400% since 2017 in Canada.

Mercedes Messinger, owner of Messinger Meats, reached out to CACPC in the summer of 2020 because of her concern for the number of people experiencing fraud using the Bitcoin machine in her store. She had numerous people returning to the store after they have been scammed and demand their money back, which, of course, was impossible. She, and her staff, have saved many people from putting thousands of dollars into the Bitcoin machine by asking them questions like, “Do you know the person you are sending the money to?”, or “Do you know why you are sending this money?”.

In response to Mercedes’ concerns, CACPC came up with the solution, pictured here, which included the installation of a plastic screen in front of the machine with a decal that says, “STOP. PLEASE REQUEST STAFF ASSISTANCE”, as well as a rack card (brochure) beside the machine to educate users about Bitcoin fraud and providing reporting information for victims of fraud.


  • The following organizations DO NOT accept Bitcoin as a payment method:
    – Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
    – RCMP
    – Government of Canada
    – Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada
    – Utility companies
    – Banks or credit card companies
  • Once you have deposited your cash into the Bitcoin machine, it cannot be reversed and is untraceable.
  • If you are afraid to tell your family or friends about a Bitcoin transaction, or you have a “feeling” something is not right, it is probably a SCAM!
  • If you feel fearful or threatened, you may be a victim of a SCAM! Often times, scammers will keep you on the phone while you withdraw cash from your bank and until you have deposited that cash into the Bitcoin machine to keep the pressure on and to ensure you act “immediately”.

If you suspect you have been the victim of a scam or fraud, don’t be embarrassed and keep quiet. It is important to report this crime as it may prevent someone else from becoming a victim. Here are the steps for reporting fraud or a scam:

  1. RCMP Non-Emergency Line: 403-343-5575
  2. Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, Toll-Free: 1-888-495-8501, Website:
  3. If you gave out your Social Insurance Number or other personal information, you will also need to contact:
    1) Your bank;
    2) Equifax 1-800-465-7166 (After making language selection, say “fraud” or press 3)

NEED SUPPORT? Contact VICTIM SERVICES, Ph: 403-406-2345, Website:

Over the next couple of months, the Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre will be providing FREE posters to Bitcoin ATM host locations and encouraging business owners to hang the poster near their Bitcoin ATM machine with the goal of creating awareness and reducing Bitcoin fraud.

If you would like to learn more about fraud and scams, please visit our website at If we can be of assistance to you regarding issues of crime and crime prevention, please contact us at 403-986-9904 of via email at [email protected].

Engaging, educating, and empowering residents to promote and sustain community safety.

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Central Alberta

Children’s Fest is back in the park in 2022!

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Groups and organizations come together to host the 16th Annual Central Alberta Children’s Festival

Never Grow Up!

After 2 years of re-imagined festivals we are excited to be hosting the 16 th Annual Central Alberta Children’s Festival back in the park. This family-friendly event is held over two days the first weekend of June. The festival is an opportunity for children and their families to get first-hand knowledge and exposure to the arts, to allow their creativity and imaginations to blossom.

June 3rd and 4th Rotary Recreation Park 4501 47A Ave, Red Deer will come to life with music, dancing, children running and laughing enjoying tons of interactive fun!

The community planning committee has been busy putting together a great two days that will enchant and engage children of all ages. With support from various community partners, the festival brings affordable, culturally diverse, and exciting entertainment through featured artists and interactive fun. We strive to allow families to actively engage in learning and playtime by fostering their imagination and creativity. From dancing, ultimate fort building, Laser Chase, Imaginate where you will learn from local artists, glitter tattoos, and performances this children’s festival has it all.

Live shows include:

 Beppie a JUNO nominated recording artist and an award winning music educator based out of Edmonton,

 LANCE CARDINAL ᐊᐧᒐᐢᐠ First Nations artist, designer, and entrepreneur. Lance recently began a new role as Indigenous consultant and designer for the Edmonton Oilers, writing the new pre-game land acknowledgement video and designing the new Turtle Island Logo.

 The Joe Show – Start with a little magic. Add some breathtaking illusions. Stir in appearances from an amazing collection of animal friends with ventriloquism, Sprinkle in a healthy dose of jokes, laughter and fun, and you have the recipe for an amazing show known as the Joe Show

With our admission fee of only $7 per person, or $25 per family or anytime pass $40.00 for a family, every family can enjoy the world-class entertainment and all activities. Included with the admission, families will also have access to free
snacks and water (bring a bottle!), The Central Alberta Children’s Festival welcomes kids ages 0 – 99!

For more information on the festival visit

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Local brewery, Hawk Tail, releases new beer in honour of Alberta growers. Special release event Friday in Rimbey

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News Release from Hawk Tail Brewery

Small-batch brew meets soil health movement in Alberta. Nothing is more satisfying than ingredients that taste great and are good for the environment.

WHAT: In anticipation of its latest release, Hawk Tail Brewery announces a special tapping for its latest creation made from ingredients grown literally in their own backyard. Created with agriculture in mind, the lager is a great way to showcase unique Alberta products like grains, which form malt – a key ingredient in beer.

As the name suggests, Organic Malt Lager is brewed using quality, organic ingredients. However, the vision of this beer extends beyond ingredients and into the soil.

“As a locally owned and operated brewery, we strive to create traditional and refreshing beers as timeless as the agriculture that produces our grains and the environment it thrives in,” explains Randall Vandenhoven, co-owner of Hawk Tail. “This marks an especially poignant stage in Canada’s movement towards sustainability as more breweries work to reduce their ecological footprint.”

Most traditional grain and hop farms use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which can have negative environmental impacts. Instead, the company worked with two notable local companies focused on organic, wholesome food: Kettle Ridge Organics and Replenish Nutrients. With both companies certified organic and focused on soil health, Kettle Ridge Organics and Replenish Nutrients believe that only good barley can grow in good soil. Good beer is a bonus.

“Taste-wise, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an organic and a non-organic beer. However, as a proud Albertan, I wanted to enjoy a beer knowing it was as easy-drinking as it was easy on the environment,” stated Chris Simeniuk, beer enthusiast and owner of Kettle Ridge Organics.

WHEN: May 13, 2022

WHERE: Organic Malt Lager release party starts at 5pm on Friday, May 13th at the Hawk Tail taproom at 6311 52nd St, Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0, Canada. 20 oz pints of Organic Malt Lager is on special $5.50 throughout the evening.

HOW: For more information, visit Hawk Tail’s Facebook page:

If you happen to miss out on the event on May 13, Hawk Tail’s taproom is serving limited quantities of Organic Malt Lager in both pints and growlers, and a small number of kegs are also available. Additionally, Hawk Tail’s Organic Malt Lager is available at liquor stores across the province in 473ml cans.


As a locally owned and operated brewery, we strive to create traditional and refreshing beers as timeless as the agriculture that produces our grains and the environment it thrives in. We pride ourselves on a local experience; quality local ingredients and small-batch production are our focus. Learn more about our beers and our taproom at


Kettle Ridge Organics is a certified organic grain farm near Alix in Central Alberta, Canada. We are a family-owned and operated farming operation that plant and harvest our crops, fix our machinery, and perform almost every other task on a prairie grain farm. For more information, visit


Replenish Nutrients delivers leading regenerative fertilizer solutions to support a farm system that puts healthy soils and grower profitability back on the table. We’ve developed a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers that enhances overall soil function and biology by combining Canadian-sourced nutrients with our proprietary delivery system. To learn more about Replenish Nutrients products, visit

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