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5 Ways You Can Get Involved in Crime Prevention


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This article is provided by the Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre.

If you are already familiar with the Centre, scroll down to the bottom for the 5 WAYS,
but we thought you might want to know a bit about the Centre first 

Did you know that Red Deer has a Crime Prevention Centre?

Since 2012, the Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre (CACPC) has been engaging, educating, and empowering residents and businesses to promote and sustain community safety. CACPC is unique in North America because we are the only Crime Prevention Centre who partners with five (5) other crime prevention organizations including the Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association, Citizens on Patrol, Crime Stoppers, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and Neighbourhood Watch.

How does the Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre help in preventing crime?

Our primary role is to provide education to residents and businesses about how they can protect themselves against crime. We attend and initiate many connecting events where we hand out free Crime Prevention Packages that contain valuable information and resources from us and our partners. We provide CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) reviews for residents and business experiencing crime issues and give them practical ideas on how to “target harden” their properties. We also provide basic and advanced CPTED training, twice per year, with instructors who have their Professional CPTED Designations for those in law enforcement or security, urban or rural planners, councilors, building or fire inspectors, property managers, business owners, and those interested in crime prevention would benefit from this training.

CPTED is based on the premise that “the proper design and effective use of the
built environment can lead
to a reduction in the incidence and fear of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life”.

Does CACPC work with the RCMP?

Definitely! We work in conjunction primarily with the Community Policing division of the RCMP. We support them and they support us. The Centre works with the RCMP to educate residents or businesses about crime prevention. Sometimes we are dropping off crime prevention packages. Sometimes we are connecting with the Community Association for that neighbourhood to put on a crime prevention presentation or doing a “pop-up” information booth or BBQ in a neighbourhood. Sometimes we are cleaning graffiti. And sometimes we go out with RCMP members to perform a CPTED review on properties to give crime prevention suggestions to the property owners.

How is the CACPC funded?

The CACPC is a registered non-profit charity. We receive a portion of our funding form the City of Red Deer as part of their commitment to community safety. However, we need to raise a significant portion of our budget in order to keep operating. We do this primarily through fundraising events such as our Pub Night and  Charity Checkstop (“Coats for Kids & Cash for Crime Prevention”) in October and our Touch-A-Truck event in May, our new FundScrip gift card program, and other fundraising events including raffles and BBQ’s.


5 WAYS To Get Involved in Crime Prevention

  1. Educate Yourself! Please feel free to drop by the Centre and pick up a FREE crime prevention package for yourself and your friends and/or neighbours. You can also check out resources and information on the CACPC website and the Crime Prevention ideas on the City of Red Deer’s website. The more you understand about how to make your property less attractive to the criminal, the better!
  2. Get to Know your neighbours! Did you know that the #1 crime prevention tool is knowing your neighbours? It’s not always easy to meet our neighbours, so here are 3 ways to get to know your neighbours: 1) Become a Block Captain with Neighbourhood Watch. It’s easy! You will be responsible for getting to know 8 of your neighbours (one on each side of your home, 3 behind you and 3 in front of you) and watch out for each other, reporting suspicious activity to the RCMP (via the non-emergency line 403-343-5575), and keeping those 8 neighbours aware of any issues of crime in your neighbourhood. 2) Join your Community Association. If your neighbourhood doesn’t have one, you might consider getting some of your neighbours together and starting one. 3) Join an online community for your neighbourhood, like Next Door. Nextdoor is the world’s largest social network for the neighborhood and completely FREE to join. Nextdoor enables truly local conversations that empower neighbors to build stronger and safer communities. Neighbour are using Nextdoor to recommend a house painter, spread the word about a lost dog, organize a Neighbourhood Watch group or quickly get the word out about a break-in, share information during a natural disaster, find a new home for an outgrown bike and much more! There are also a number of Red Deer community association and crime watch pages on Facebook you can participate in social media.
  3. Support Crime Prevention with your Time! The Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre has a number of event-based (short shift) opportunities to volunteer with us. For more information about our volunteer opportunities, you can visit our website, or check out  You also might be interested in joining Citizens on Patrol (COP). The main goal of the Citizens on Patrol Program is to be on the look-out for any suspicious or criminal activity, to record this activity and, where appropriate, to report such activities to the police. COP members act as additional “eyes and ears” for their community and the police, which assists in reducing crime. All Red Deer COP members receive training from and work with the RCMP.
  4. Support Crime Prevention with your Money! Many people are unable to volunteer but can provide support through donations, buying gift cards through us, sponsorships, or by attending our fundraising events. To donate to the Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre, click HERE. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.
  5. Be a Positive Force in Our Community! When people are empowered, they feel less like victims. So, if you are educated and actively participating in crime prevention by completing target hardening measures for your property, are getting to know your neighbours, and donating your time or money, you are contributing to the solution and therefore will feel empowered! And people that are empowered, are more positive. And, when our friends complain about the crime problem in Red Deer, we can suggest how they can too get involved in crime prevention.

Engaging, educating, and empowering residents to promote and sustain community safety.

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From Night to Day – how a visit with our clinic’s psychologist changd Steven’s life

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From Night to Day

Steven had struggled with his inability to concentrate since he was 15 years old. This lack of concentration affected many parts of his life. He lacked energy, had anxiety and a social problem that kept him from being able to be out and socialize with people. He knew he needed medication to help him.

He had shared his issue with many medical professionals over the years but he never got the help he needed. He talked to the Nurse Practitioner (NP) in the Street Clinic and was so impressed that he listened and was sympathetic and supportive.

The NP arranged for him see the clinic psychologist and wrote a prescription for medication used for ADHD. From there Steven’s life has gone up and up. He says it changed from night to day. He has much less anxiety, feels more confident and his functionality in life has continued to improve.  He feels this help has been a really big positive change for him and he wants to credit the Street Clinic team for their approach to really helping him.

Dealing with Distress 

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The Lone Ranger and the Riders of Justice, Finale!

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Chapter Fifteen:




The Masked Man and Tonto

Miles away Tom Gillis boarded the stage bound for Kievers Creek.   Dust followed the loaded coach as Tom opened his portfolio.  He glanced over the papers and closed the case, satisfied with the contents.   Occupying himself with the passing scenery, he gazed out the window, visualizing  railroad tracks running east to west.  A small herd of buffalo in the distance rumbled along.

A smallish man sat in the corner of the coach.  Holding a pad of paper he wrote as he looked up with a blank look in his eyes.

Tom looked over at the man.

“What brings you out this way?”  he asked.

He looked up, and put his pen down.

“Adventure.  Stories.  Real people.  Not the city type of struggles, real struggles.  Man against nature, man against outlaw.  Stories.”  he replied.

Tom looked around, the scenery flew past the stagecoach window

“I know what you mean.  The railroad brings me here.  My name is Tom Gillis, and yours is?”

“Paul Newman, writer.  Pleased to meet you.”

At the Kievers Creek Full Gospel Church (doubling as the Town hall)  pastor Pat Buttram  walked around the hall.  Gaily decorated banners filled the walls, and the front stage was filled with bright flowers and  musical instruments the Sons of the Pioneers had left there earlier in the day.  The ladies auxiliary was busy preparing a pot luck, and  the Sons of the Pioneers munched a light snack between practicing.

Pat looked at the wide array of good before him.  He reached out to sample one of the cakes.

“Pat, put that back.”  Doc Mix warned.  “Caught you Pastor Pat.  Remember your diet.  No sweets, and lots of exercise.”

“Ahh Doc, just one.  I’ve been doing my exercise like you told me”  Pat implored.

Doc Mix walked over to the pudgy pastor.

“Now Pat, I told you  it’ll be hard in the beginning, and easier later.”

Pat looked down longingly at the smorgasbord of sweets.

“That’s easy for you to say.  You’re not the one being stared down by these home made goodies.  Could I have one now, and a couple later?”  he asked,.

Doc eyed the pastor up.

“Do what you want today, for tomorrow, back on the diet!”

Pastor Buttram smiled and quickly gobbled an apple square.

“Thanks Doc.  Thanks, this is my last day of treats.  I promise.”

Doc Mix grinned and turned back to putting up the last banner.

“For this week”   he said under his breath.  “Pastor, keeping you on a diet is more work than keeping  the whole town healthy.”

Pat smiled and laughed.

“I take that as a compliment Doc.  Now, let me help you finish putting up the banner.  Now I need the exercise.  Besides, people will start coming in about half an hour.”

The sun carried on its trek,  lighting up the sky with florescent glory.  Blue turned to orange, and orange to red.  Soon, before long, the stars would light the heavens, and the moon would again rise to cast its eerie light upon the earth beneath.

As the sun began its final arc to the horizon, the people filtered in.  The hall filled up quickly as word spread like wildfire that the outlaw gang was captured!  Freedom was again present in Kievers Creek and area, it was time to celebrate.  From as far away as Laramie, people came, to say thanks.

Beaming faces filled the crowd, smiling families overflowed the dance floor, children zoomed in and out, and squirted between legs.  Young adults talked amongst themselves, and the adults, those who had their dreams stilled,  now felt their passion for the future renewed.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto mingled uneasily with the crowd.  Grateful ranchers  offered  their thanks and in one case, a daughter in marriage.  The Ranger politely refused.  Soon they found Gene Autry in conversation with with Reverend Buttram, apple pie in hand.

Pat finished the last bite of pie.

“Thanks Gene, and thanks Lone Ranger and Tonto.  If it weren’t for your help, shucks, you know what I’m saying.  Thanks Tonto” he said shaking Tonto’s hand enthusiastically.  “ Thanks Ranger.”

“You’re welcome Reverend Buttram.  We did what anyone else would have done in the same circumstance”  the Ranger replied.

At the end of the hall, the Sons of the Pioneers stepped on stage.    Nearby sheriff Roy and Dale stood beside them.   Bob Nolan put his hands up in the air.

“Ladies and gentlemen”  he started to say.   “The town council has asked me to welcome Roy Rogers officially, even though it’s a little late. “

Cheering came from the crowd.

“We’d also like to officially nominate him as Sheriff, if he’d accept it”  he continued.

Roy stepped up to the front.  He spoke.

“I accept your nomination for the job of sheriff of Kievers Creek!”   he exclaimed.

The people of Kievers Creek cheered again.  They laughed,  yelled, and hollered their appreciation.

Gabby yelled.

“All those in favor of Roy being sheriff, say aye!”   he said.

Every hand in the hall went up.

Bob Nolan turned to Roy.  He offered his hand to him.  They shook.

“Welcome, Sheriff Roy Rogers, to Kievers Creek!  Yee Ha!”

“Speech” Gabby yelled.

The crowd chanted.

“Speech!  Speech!  Speech!”

Dale pushed Roy closer to the edge.  She whispered to him.

“Well, thanks for your support.  It’s been a busy couple of days.  Haven’t really  settled in yet.  I’ve been shot at more times than I’ve eaten here”  he stated.

The crowd laughed.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto waited in the back of the hall.    Tom Gillis, and  Paul Newman walked into the back door.

“Where can I find the Sheriff Bill Stockton?” he asked briefcase in hand.

Tonto pointed to the front of the hall.

“Him there, beside woman.”

Tom Gillis took a step ahead, then turned back.

“Do you own land around here?”  he asked.  “I’m with the railroad.”

“No sir, we don’t.  But the good people of Kievers Creek do.  And they’re ready for you.”  the Ranger said.

Tom Gillis looked at the pair of men.

“Do you ride a silver stallion?”  he asked.

“Yes, I do.”  the Ranger replied.

Tom held out his hand, and smiled.

“Then I guess you’re the Lone Ranger and Tonto, aren’t you?”  he said.

The Lone Ranger nodded.

“Yes, we are.”   he admitted.

“I’m mighty proud to meet you.  I’ve heard stories about you I found hard to believe.  Someday,    you’ll be a legend.  Excuse me Lone Ranger,  I’ve got some papers to deliver to the Sheriff.”

Paul Newman stopped beside the Lone ranger and Tonto.  He held out his hand.

“I’m Paul Newman, pleased to meet you two.  I’ve also heard many stories about you.  Would you mind if I wrote them. “

The Ranger and Tonto shook the writers hand.

“Mr Newman.  It’s a free country.  If the stories inspire men to do what’s right, please do so.”  he replied.

“Remember Mr Newman, we are a people with dignity”   Tonto added.

“Yes, I will Tonto.  Thanks thanks a lot”  he said excitedly.

Tom Gillis walked to the front, the people parted before him.

“Sheriff Bill Stockton?”  Tom asked.

“No, Sheriff Roy Rogers”  he replied smiling.

Tom Gillis looked confused.

“I’ll explain  it to you later.  Now, how can we help you?”  he asked.

“My name is Tom Gillis, and I represent the railroad”  he said matter of  factly.   “I have been charged to buy land for the coming railway.  By this time next year, the sound of train whistles will be a common sound in Kievers Creek.”

The crowd milled around Mr Gillis and yelled excitedly.  In a few minutes, they calmed down.

“Tomorrow, we’ll talk.  It seems that you’re celebrating.  And I think I’ll join you.”

Pat Buttram spoke up.

“You’re welcome to, as folks will be real happy to talk to you.  By the way,  do you like home baking?” Pat said.

Roy started to speak again.

“As a final thanks.  We’d like to ask the Lone Ranger and Tonto up to the front and thank them properly.  Can you come to the front men?”  Roy asked.

Gabby answered.

“They’re gone.  Left a couple of ….”

“Hi Yo Silver Away!”  the Ranger shouted.

Gene smiled.

“God bless’em  both.”  Pat Buttram said.

In the distance, the Lone Ranger and Tonto paused for a moment.  They both turned back and listened to the townspeople joining together in song.  A thoughtful moment passed between them.  Reining Silver and Scout around, they galloped off into the annals of the early western United States.

The Lone Ranger rides again!


Postlude:  Peace, then What?

When I was young

“Wow, that was some adventure Tom”  Eddie said breathless.

“I guess Gene, Roy, the Lone Ranger and Tonto could work together” Bill added.

And it was a grand adventure.   We,  in our alter egos, had triumphed over villainy and made the streets safe for women and children.  Life could go on again in Kievers Creek.  The Lone Ranger and Tonto rode off into the Western United States to take on the League of the Black Arrow, Roy Rogers got Dale, again.  Gene Autry stayed on as head of the Cattlemen’s Association.  The railroad successfully transformed another town.

My mother yelled out the back door.

“Gordon!  Supper!”

I jumped up with excitement.

“All right, guys.  I got to choose supper tonight.  Bye guys.  Don’t forget to close the door when you leave”  I said as I left the fort and ran in for supper.

Ed, Bill and Tom waited for a few minutes.  Their suppers were later.  Bill looked at Tom.

“Scissors, Stones, Paper”  Bill said.

They agreed.

The three boys played.  Bill lost.

“See you later Tonto, Gene”  he said as he left the fort.

Ed picked a number between zero and ten.

“Five”  Tom guessed.

Ed laughed.

“No, eight!  I win.  Your turn to leave.”

Tom left the fort.

“See you Gene.”

“Adios amigo”  Eddie replied.

He crawled out the door, and closed it.

The fort was empty now.  The pictures of their heroes yelled out.

“Thanks.  Adios.   Hi Yo Silver Away.   Until we meet again.”

Eddie closed the door of the fort, his spurs jangled.  He turned towards home, and ran.

Inside the fort, the pages of the comic books began to turn.  They stopped, and…



Thanks for reading folks….if you want this whole story in print form, let me know at [email protected]!

Click here to read more of Tim’s stories, along with the rest of this book.


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august, 2020

fri07augAll Daymon17WALK TO BREATHE from Calgary to Edmonton(All Day)

thu27aug(aug 27)12:00 amsun30(aug 30)11:59 pmHUGE Garage Sale for Crime Prevention12:00 am - 11:59 pm (30) PIDHERNEY CURLING CENTRE, RED DEER, AB, 4725 43 St, Red Deer, AB T4N 6Z3 Event Organized By: The Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre