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2017 Election is at the halfway point and communications is the issue. Here is how to connect.


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The election of 2017 is at it’s halfway point and the largest number of questions that I am hearing is about finding answers. How do I find out what they stand for? What do they plan on doing about_________?
Do I need to google 51 names to find out what they stand for?
I can feel their frustration because even with my charts, computer storage I cannot get responses from many. Why? Many incumbents may feel it unnecessary or are unable to repond to hundreds of e-mails or they may have regretted putting something in writing before. It is easier to find out what people and politicians have written on the internet than ever before. What to do. has lots of up to date information. offers lots of information, and offers lots of information. Some candidates have websites with information.

Starting on Wednesday there will be forums for the public to hear from, and question the candidates. You may get answers to your questions and you may get rhetoric and platitudes. At least you may get a sense of what they may be like after the election. So here are the forums.

General Forum
Wednesday, October 4 at 6:00p.m.
Location: Harvest Centre at Westerner Park
Host: Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce

Diversity & Inclusion
Date & Time: Thursday, October 5, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Location: Memorial Festival Hall (4214 58 Street)
Host: Welcoming and Inclusive Community Network

Red Deer College Student Forum
(Mayoral candidates)
Date & Time: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Location: Margaret Parsons Theatre (1400), Red Deer College
Host: Students’ Association of Red Deer College

Construction, Land Development and Real Estate Industry Forum
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 from 6:30-9:00p.m.
Location: Radisson Hotel Red Deer has on their website an official list of candidates with phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the public. These were supplied by the candidates for contact information. I am listing them below;

Number of Positions to be filled: 1
Name Phone E-mail Address
Sean Burke 403-392-2893 [email protected]
Tara Veer 403-358-3568 [email protected]

Number of Positions to be filled: 8
Name Phone E-mail Address
Sandra (Sam) Bergeron 403-304-9884 [email protected]
S.H. (Buck) Buchanan 403-348-3240 [email protected]
Valdene Callin 403-348-9958 [email protected]
Matt Chapin 403-347-1934 [email protected]
Michael Dawe 403-346-9325 [email protected]
Rob Friss 403-597-1355 [email protected]
Calvin Goulet-Jones 403-872-4253 [email protected]
Jason Habuza 403-597-8712 [email protected]
Tanya Handley 403-596-5848 [email protected]
Vesna Higham 403-505-1172 [email protected]
Ted Johnson 403-396-5962 [email protected]
Ken Johnston 403-358-8049 [email protected]
Cory Kingsfield 403-352-6450 [email protected]
Jim Kristinson 403-318-0330 [email protected]
Lawrence Lee 403-346-7388 [email protected]
Kris Maciborsky 587-679-5747 [email protected]
Doug Manderville 403-318-0545 [email protected]
Bobbi McCoy 403-346-0171 [email protected]
Ian Miller 403-392-4527 [email protected]
Jeremy Moore 403-357-4187 [email protected]
Rick More 403-340-9330 [email protected]
Lynne P Mulder 403-392-1177 [email protected]
Bayo Nshombo Bayongwa 403-307-1074 [email protected]
Matt Slubik 403-848-3762 [email protected]
Jordy Smith 587-377-4384 [email protected]
Brice Unland 403-597-4321 [email protected]
Jonathan Wieler 403-358-8270 [email protected]
Frank Wong 403-872-3238 [email protected]
Dianne Wyntjes 403-505-4256 [email protected]

Number of Positions to be filled: 7
Name Phone E-mail Address
Nicole Buchanan 403-596-4611 [email protected]
Matt Chapin 403-347-1934/ 403-346-6821 [email protected]
Jason Chilibeck [email protected]
Bill Christie 403-597-8354 [email protected]
Dick Lemke 403-347-1963 [email protected]
Dianne Macaulay 403-588-8806 [email protected]
Bev Manning 403-358-2035 [email protected]
Patrick O’Connor 403-598-0870 [email protected]
Ben Ordman 403-346-5885
Cathy Peacocke 403-342-6043 [email protected]
Angela Sommers 403-309-4546 [email protected]
Bill Stuebing 403-347-5319 [email protected]
Jaelene Tweedle 403-754-2501 [email protected]
Jim Watters 403-340-9392 [email protected]
Chris Woods 403-318-0503 [email protected]
Laurette Woodward 403-346-9447 [email protected]

Red Deer & Area
Number of Positions to be filled: 5
Name Phone E-mail Address
Murray Hollman 403-391-0336 [email protected]
Adriana LaGrange 403-347-0225 [email protected]
Cynthia Leyson 403-848-1232 [email protected]
Kim Pasula 403-350-1808 [email protected]
Carlene Smith 403-392-6042 [email protected]
Anne Marie Watson 403-348-1064 [email protected]

Highway 11 Ward: Rocky Mountain House, Caroline, Eckville, Sylvan Lake
Number of Positions to be filled: 1
Name Phone E-mail Address
Dorraine Lonsdale 403-845-4117 [email protected]
Liam McNiff 403-887-5308 [email protected]

QE II Ward: Innisfail, Bowden, Olds, Didsbury
Number of Positions to be filled: 1
Name Phone E-mail Address
Sharla Heistad 403-994-3871 [email protected] ACCLAIMED

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