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10 days before voting day in Election 2017. Will insanity be the word of the day?



“ The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” Is a great saying that has been credited to Albert Einstein, but there is no guarantee, but it is a great saying.
It is also something we should keep in mind during elections.
Prior to the last election we rated 15th on the national crime severity index, and now we are rated 2nd and we now have the most fentanyl and opioid deaths in Alberta. Should we not have doubled down on the issue last election.
CBC did a story about Red Deer’s air quality being the worst, years ago. The monitors have been reading, “Demands Immediate Action” since 2009. Drawing national attention since 2010. We are not even addressing the issue.
While the province grew, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and our surrounding communities grew in 2016, Red Deer lost 975 permanent residents. Hardly spoken. The neighbourhoods comprising 31% of the population lost 777 of the 975 permanent residents. No corrective actions planned.
The only Recreation Centre north of the river was built almost 40 years ago. The last school built north of the river was in 1985. The neighbourhoods north of the river have never had a high school but there are plans for 6 south of the river, 4 already opened.
We have 10 days to go before election day, and how do we communicate with the candidates. The general forum saw each question asked, being answered by only 2 candidates. Introductions were only 90 seconds and closing remarks were only 30 seconds. You could not get to know much in that format.
Some candidates do not return calls or answer e-mails, so confusion reigns and this benefit’s the incumbents. This almost guarantees all the default votes go to the incumbents, and since almost all the incumbents are running, we will end up with almost the same group as last time.
I am not insane, and in that case, I would not expect different results.

There are more forums. I have included some below and I have also included names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. These came from the city’s contact list on

Have concerns? Contact as many as possible to find out as much as possible.

Diversity & Inclusion
Date & Time: Thursday, October 5, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Location: Memorial Festival Hall (4214 58 Street)
Host: Welcoming and Inclusive Community Network

Red Deer College Student Forum
(Mayoral candidates)
Date & Time: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Location: Margaret Parsons Theatre (1400), Red Deer College
Host: Students’ Association of Red Deer College

Construction, Land Development and Real Estate Industry Forum
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 from 6:30-9:00p.m.
Location: Radisson Hotel Red Deer has on their website an official list of candidates with phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the public. I am listing them;

Number of Positions to be filled: 1
Name…….. Phone……. E-mail Address
Sean Burke…… 403-392-2893……
Tara Veer ….. 403-358-3568 …..

Number of Positions to be filled: 8
Name …..Phone …..E-mail Address
Sandra (Sam) Bergeron …..403-304-9884 …..
S.H. (Buck) Buchanan …..403-348-3240 …..
Valdene Callin …..403-348-9958 …..
Matt Chapin ….. 403-347-1934 …..
Michael Dawe …..403-346-9325 …..
Rob Friss …..403-597-1355 …..
Calvin Goulet-Jones …..403-872-4253 …
Jason Habuza ….. 403-597-8712 …..
Tanya Handley …..403-596-5848…..
Vesna Higham ….. 403-505-1172 …..
Ted Johnson ….. 403-396-5962 …..
Ken Johnston ….. 403-358-8049 …..
Cory Kingsfield ….. 403-352-6450…..
Jim Kristinson ….. 403-318-0330 …..
Lawrence Lee …..403-346-7388…..
Kris Maciborsky …..587-679-5747…..
Doug Manderville …..403-318-0545 ……
Bobbi McCoy …..403-346-0171 ……
Ian Miller …..403-392-4527 …..
Jeremy Moore …..403-357-4187…..
Rick More …..403-340-9330 …..
Lynne P Mulder …..403-392-1177 …
Bayo Nshombo Bayongwa …..403-307-1074 ……
Matt Slubik …..403-848-3762 …..
Jordy Smith …..587-377-4384 …..
Brice Unland …..403-597-4321 …..
Jonathan Wieler …..403-358-8270 …
Frank Wong ….. 403-872-3238 ……
Dianne Wyntjes …..403-505-4256 ……

Number of Positions to be filled: 7
Name …..Phone….. E-mail Address
Nicole Buchanan ….. 403-596-4611 ……
Matt Chapin ….. 403-347-1934/ 403-346-6821 …..
Jason Chilibeck ……………………………………
Bill Christie …..403-597-8354……
Dick Lemke …..403-347-1963 ……
Dianne Macaulay ….. 403-588-8806 …..
Bev Manning …..403-358-2035 …..
Patrick O’Connor …… 403-598-0870 ……
Ben Ordman …..403-346-5885
Cathy Peacocke …..403-342-6043…..
Angela Sommers …..403-309-4546 …..
Bill Stuebing …..403-347-5319…..
Jaelene Tweedle …..403-754-2501 …
Jim Watters …..403-340-9392…..
Chris Woods …..403-318-0503…..
Laurette Woodward …..403-346-9447 …

Red Deer & Area
Number of Positions to be filled: 5
Name …..Phone…… E-mail Address
Murray Hollman …..403-391-0336…..
Adriana LaGrange …..403-347-0225…..
Cynthia Leyson …..403-848-1232 …
Kim Pasula …..403-350-1808…..
Carlene Smith …..403-392-6042 …
Anne Marie Watson …..403-348-1064 …

Highway 11 Ward: Rocky Mountain House, Caroline, Eckville, Sylvan Lake
Number of Positions to be filled: 1
Name ……Phone….. E-mail Address
Dorraine Lonsdale …..403-845-4117 …
Liam McNiff …..403-887-5308 …..

QE II Ward: Innisfail, Bowden, Olds, Didsbury
Number of Positions to be filled: 1
Name….. Phone….. E-mail Address
Sharla Heistad …..403-994-3871 ….. ACCLAIMED


We want free trade with everyone but Canadians living in other provinces.



bc-wine Pipeline


Free Trade with everyone but ourselves.
Canadians have been hearing a lot of talk about the need for and benefits from free trade with the Americans, the Europeans, the Chinese, and the Americans. Yah, let’s get it done.
What about free trade within our own country with other provinces?
Not so much.
We have been fighting amongst ourselves over healthcare, education, labour certification, lumber, minerals, water and a thousand other things. The latest is Alberta and British Columbia over oil and wine.
British Columbia with it’s fragile government put up barriers to the twinning of a pipeline, citing environmental concerns. Alberta countered with a ban on British Columbia’s wine.
There is a connection between oil and air pollution but there is also a connection between wine and alcohol related deaths. So is one government more righteous than the other? No, they both looking after the economic well being of their respective provinces.
British Columbia has great dealings with other governments over their energy resources, especially in the north, so they are not so pure in their stance. Alberta will continue to drink their wine, most notably from other countries.
The Federal government is the missing player in this game. They have the power to solve this situation. They can push the pipeline, which they previously approved, through British Columbia’s legal challenge. Will they?
Alberta has not been a supporter of this federal government and British Columbia has shown more support. This government needs British Columbia seats in the next election and will not gain any seats in Alberta in any case.
If they push the pipeline agenda they will be seen as anti-environment and lose seats in British Columbia and possibly in other areas that are environmentally sensitive areas.
If they do not push the pipeline agenda, they may retain their seats in British Columbia but may lose seats in the more right-wing economic sensitive ridings in other parts of the country.
We, Albertans, have been consistent in denouncing the Liberals for everything they have done or said, oftentimes without justification, in the past. We are reaping what we have sown in the political arena, as we wait for the next shoe to drop.
Mr. Trudeau, will push the pipeline agenda, and there will be people who will still complain, drive cars, fly airplanes, heat their homes and drink wine, drive under the influence, or know someone who will die due in some part to alcohol.
Then we will find another provincial barrier to argue about while we clamour for free trade with everyone else. Right?

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A rural response to Gerald Stanley’s acquittal from a Saskatchewan farmer..



As a person who lives on a farm in rural sask. I can offer the following insights into rural realities. I only speak for myself and my family. I don’t claim to know what I would or wouldn’t do if I was in the Stanley’s situation, nor if I was in that vehicle with Colton. I hope I never have to find out. I don’t know what life is like on farms in other places, I can’t speak to that.
I can only offer what knowledge I have of rural life…
1. If you live on a farm you are responsible for everything yourself. Snow removal, garbage disposal, water, sewer, security and safety. If your house starts on fire it’s very unlikely that the FD will arrive in time to save it. If you have a heart attack it’s very unlikely that the EMTs will arrive in time to save you. And if your family is attacked it is very unlikely that the RCMP will arrive in time to save you. You are basically on your own. I don’t feel that to say that the Stanleys could have locked themselves in the house and called the police is very reasonable. They weren’t in the house, they were all over the yard. Maybe their door didn’t even lock. Had they been in the house already they may have just hid there like their neighbor did. We can’t know either way. And where I live the earliest RCMP response would be greater than 30 mins. A lot can happen in 30 mins.
2.Anyone who enters a farmer’s property with the intent to steal from or threaten the occupants should be aware of the likely presence of weapons. All of the farmers I know have guns. More than one. Some have many. They aren’t solely or primarily for protection from would be thieves or attackers. some people collect guns, some people enjoy target shooting or hunting. On a farm it is pretty much necessary to have a gun. Where we live there are coyotes, raccoons, cougars, wolves, wild boars etc. An aggressive or rabid animal can attack your family dogs or a beloved animal may be injured or sick and need your mercy. It’s just a rural reality. But a gun can kill people just as easily as animals so everyone should just be aware that on farms there are usually guns.
3. The reasons farmers are easy targets for crime are the very same reasons they are often forced to deal with it on their own. Essentially no effective police response and isolation.
I don’t live in an area with a lot of rural crime. We’ve been robbed before and neighbors have had vehicles stolen and equipment vandalized but I would not say it’s a regular occurrence. Regardless, I have fears. I fear that this far from town someone will get injured or have a heart attack so I have our land location written by the phone and I took CPR. I fear that a snowstorm will take out our power and block our roads so we have a genset and snow moving equipment. I fear that our sewer will back up so we have an alarm and an extra pump. And I fear that if someone came into my yard with the intent or ‘the perceived intent’ to hurt my family the police would be of no help. So we have dogs, and locks on all our doors. And guns. And when guns get involved people can get hurt or killed. My point is we have to take extra precautions for things that urban people are comfortable letting ‘the professionals’ handle. Most farmers, most men actually, will do what they feel is necessary to protect their families and deal with the consequences later. No one wants to be in that position but when you live on a farm you are. You can not depend on anyone else to protect you or save you.
When people are intoxicated their judgement is impaired and they do not act or react in a predictable way. And it is safe to say when people are scared their judgement is impaired and they do not act or react in a predictable way. It’s very unfortunate that this tragedy happened at all and I feel terribly sad for all involved.

Regan from Saskatchewan

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