Why I Am Running For City Council

Hello Red Deer,

I have decided to put my name forward to run in the City Council Election on October 16, 2017.

Before I get to telling you why I am running, I want to tell you on what pretenses I am not running.

I am not a politician. I am not running in the City Council Election to become one. I am also not using City Council as some sort of stepping stone to a different political career.

I am not running in hopes of boosting or otherwise furthering my business or that of friends. Neither from name recognition nor from favourable city policy. In fact, I don’t have a business. With that said, I understand business is vital to any community and supporting them needs to be a priority of council. It just won’t be businesses associated with me personally.

I am not running for the money or the need of a job. I have a job I love: teaching high school students, and occasionally instructing at Red Deer College.

I am not running because I think the city is falling apart around us or that past or current Council has done a poor job. I believe, all things considered, we live in a pretty great city and obviously Council, and more importantly city workers, are a significant part of that.

Those statements above are fundamental to my candidacy. Who someone is not is sometimes just as important as who they are. Now, here are the reasons I am running, which help define who I am as a candidate:

I am running because I want to make a difference for Red Deer. I want to help our great city become an amazing city. We are on the cusp of significant changes for a community of our size. The decisions we make today are going to significantly impact the livability of Red Deer for generations to come.

I am running because I want the city that our family has called home to continue to be a great place to raise a family when our children grow up.

I am running because I have experience with policy and bylaws. I have been involved in creating, debating, passing and denying policies and motions in the field of education. Council work is not easy. Nor is it meant to be a place where everyone raises their hand and agrees with everyone else. It is a place for intense and passionate debate, ultimately, if done correctly, resulting in actionable and meaningful direction. A vital component of this work is understanding government systems and the role they should and should not play. I am well versed in this.

I am running because, while I think Council has done a pretty good job, we can do better. If elected, I would be one of the youngest members (at the age of 34) on Council. This is important. When you have a body of people making decisions for a diverse city populous, it too must be diverse.

I am running because I want to plant trees that I will never live to see fully grown. As stated above, I don’t have a short term goal or personal invested interest in becoming a City Councillor. This allows me to, if elected, to make decisions with the future in mind. Our kids’ future, not necessarily my future. It’s this type of thinking that ensures Red Deer continues to invest in planning like our well-known trail system.

I am running because I believe I am a good candidate for you and our city.

If you would like to learn more about my candidacy, what I stand for, or have questions, please visit:

Come October 16, you will have your say in the future of Red Deer. If, like me, you believe that the above beliefs and values are what you want to see on City Council, make me one of your eight selections on Election Day.

I won’t let you down.

Your neighbour,

Brice Unland

Red Deer

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