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The most valuable trees up for auction at the 2019 Festival of Trees – And you can buy them online!


The 2019 Festival of Trees begins Thursday evening with the Preview Dinner.   Hundreds of Central Albertans will see the beautiful tree room and enjoy an evening celebrating together.   Part of the fun is being among the first to see and bid on the incredible decorated trees.

This year the festival is moving online as well, so you can check out all the trees (and much more) and actually make your bids on your phone or computer!

ReadySetAuction, our online bidding system which allows you to bid via computer, tablet or smartphone. To view our exciting auction line-up boasting 150 items, easily filtered by category, click the link below.

The silent auction opens for bidding on Thursday, November 21st @ 4:00pm and closes on Sunday, November 24 @ 2:00pm.

*Please note that your name may show up on media, including various television screens, at the event if you are the highest bidder on an item. If you would prefer not to have your name be displayed, please select “Yes” under the Anonymous Bidding section during account creation.

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Now here’s a sneak peak at the 8 most expensive (in value) trees going into the live auction.   Enjoy and click here if you want to bid (after Thursday at 4 pm).

Wintergreen – Value $2,000.00

Catalog #: 5318
Value: $2,000.00
Starting Bid: $600.00
Donated By: JMAA Architecture Ltd.

9′ tall Christmas tree to fill your home with beauty over the Christmas season.

Pick up items under tree and/or tree top Mon 9-4.

Golden Glow – Value $2,000.00

Catalog #: 1304
Value: $2,000.00
Starting Bid: $600.00
Donated By: Garnet and Crystal Horne

9′ willow pine decorated tree with oversized ornaments and beautiful ribbon.

Pick up items under tree and/or tree top Mon 9-4.  Give delivery info to cashier at time of purchase.


A Shimmering Copper Christmas – Value $2,000.00

Catalog #: 3406
Value: $2,000.00
Starting Bid: $600.00
Donated By: Fairland Cattle Co.
Opens In: 4 hours 31 minutes

8′ pine with 2′ topper with copper highlights and matching items under tree. This tree will be delivered.


Rose Gold Blush – Value $2,000.00

Catalog #: 6317
Value: $2,000.00
Starting Bid: $600.00
Donated By: Drs Lawrence and Alayne Farries

7′ Christmas tree with stunning rosegold ornaments set on a cloud of white feathers – soft and billowy. Includes elegant 20″ matching wreath decorated with white stag hanger.

This tree will be delivered.  Please pick up items Mon 9-5.  Give delivery info to cashier at time of purchase.


Christmas in the Forest – Value $2,500.00

Catalog #: 2418
Value: $2,500.00
Starting Bid: $750.00
Donated By: Barry and Cheryl Simpson
Opens In: 4 hours 29 minutes

7′ Christmas tree decorated with stuffed moose, 3 suitcase accent tables with luxurious red throw and stuffed moose.

Pick up items under tree and/or tree top Mon 9-4.


Here Comes Santa Paws – Value $2,500.00

Catalog #: 1403
Value: $2,500.00
Starting Bid: $750.00
Donated By: Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital

Wooden doghouse with cedar shingles (33″Hx30″Wx34″L). Decorative animal themed Christmas tree on top measures 55″H.

Includes various cat & dog treats, chew toys, blanket, stuffies and two $250 Visa gift cards. Pick up all items Monday 9-5.


Escape to the Mountains – Value $2,500.00

Catalog #: 5407
Value: $2,500.00
Starting Bid: $750.00
Donated By: Johnston Ming Manning LLP

Your escape to the mountains includes a stunning 7′ Christmas tree, Sunbeam fire table, $300 Banff Lodging certificate and a $250 Banff Adventures certificate.

Top this getaway off with Prosecco and glasses and hot cocoa and mugs.  There is a toboggan for the kids with mitts and hats and 2 adorable stuffed polar bears.

Pick up items under tree and/or tree top Mon 9-4. Give delivery info to cashier at time of purchase.


The Nightmare Before Christmas – Value $3,000.00

Catalog #: 1408
Value: $3,000.00
Starting Bid: $900.00
Donated By: Katz Meow Hair Salon

7.5′ tree with decorations based on “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Pick up items under tree and/or tree top Mon 9-4.

Give delivery info to cashier at time of purchase.



When a $708,000 building permit is only worth $176.70.



red deer city hall

The city reported total building permit values for November. It made many sit up and take a second look.

For example a $708,000 building permit for building a stage for Rogers Hometown Hockey really means temporarily assembling a stage with an arbitrary value of $708,000.

The city did not spend $708,000 building a stage but they did collect $100 for the permit and $76.70 for the completion report.

When you look at the $11.5 million in building permits announced by the city for November you could assume that there would be $11.5 million in construction to be done in the next year.

Not if the permits cover items like temporary assembling of structures for events.

Including such items I believe inflates the value of actual building permits. In this instance it was a double edged sword as it inflated the total value but created concern of value for money if the city had spent $708,000 to build a temporary stage.

The value of the release also gives us insight to government hypocrisy or the possibility thereof.

Another permit is for $1.2 million for Alberta Health Services to renovate their Administration Offices. This during talks of rollbacks in pay and lay-offs for front workers and nurses.

$1.2 million would pay for a lot of nursing.

Governments of all levels manipulate their reporting and sometimes it comes back to haunt them, like this one.


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Kipp Scott’s Top 7 Winter Car Care Tips



Getting your winter tires put on is something we generally think about as a way to prepare our vehicle for winter weather but is that the only thing you can do to avoid being in an accident this winter?

Here are 7 tips to help you keep your vehicle in top-notch condition this winter:

1. Make sure you check your wiper blades. Wiper blades usually have a lifespan of a year; however, it is always recommended to get a new pair for the winter months.

2. Check your battery. Batteries have a harder time operating during the winter months than they do during the summer. If your battery is already weak during the summer, it could quickly could turn into a dead battery as soon as the temperature drops.

3. We put antifreeze in our cars for two reasons – one is to keep the engine from overheating and the other is to protect the engine block from cracking during extreme cold.

4. For every 10 degrees of temperature drop, tires will drop 1-2 pounds of pressure. It is important to keep your tires within the recommended PSI to maintain traction, handling and durability.

5. Wax the Headlights and the Taillights! Unnecessary little detail? Think again. Did you know that the slippery surface which results after waxing the lights makes it less likely for an icy coat to build up on them? This helps make it easier and quicker for you to clear your car after a night-long snowstorm and, also makes your vehicle more visible to other drivers.

6. Windshields get dirty very quickly on those wet wintery roads and you can go through fluid very fast. Make sure you top it up regularly and have an extra jug on hand, in case you run out.

7. Use full synthetic oil. Synthetic motor oil’s main reason for working so well in the winter is because of its abilities to withstand the extreme temperatures. The chemical makeup of synthetic oil makes it much less likely to congeal or freeze up.

Our highly qualified technicians are always happy to provide you with exceptional service in a timely manner. Allow them to demonstrate our commitment to excellence –

Call to book 403.343.6633 or book your appointment at

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