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Leadership Team sets these top 6 Community Safety Priorities


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From The City of Red Deer

Collaborative team announces community safety priorities

The Systems Leadership Team (SLT), a group of community leaders working collaboratively on a coordinated approach to broad community safety issues, announced their “Top 6 in 6” – the priorities they will be focusing on in the next six months.

These priorities were developed following a Safety Summit that took place in June. Over 100 people participated in the Summit, providing feedback to inform the direction for SLT. Using this information, along with data from past community consultations, SLT developed Community Safety Action Areas, and priorities within each action area. The “Top 6 in 6” are the immediate priorities SLT will focus on in the next six months.

  • System Innovation: A central coordination model that enhances collaboration and facilitates knowledge sharing to identify gaps and prevent unnecessary duplication of services.
    • 1) Top 6 in 6 priority: Create a central coordination, governance and integration model that enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • People-Centred Approaches: Strengthen and streamline population-based strategies, which include trauma and culturally-informed practices, to better focus on client needs.
    • 2) Top 6 in 6 priority: Ensure intake processes are streamlined.
    • 3) Top 6 in 6 priority: Develop a trauma-informed workforce to enhance outcomes for clients.
  • Community Mobilization: Enhanced communication between agencies, systems, and greater community to create common understandings and facilitate/create opportunities for community change.
    • 4) Top 6 in 6 priority: Enhancing communication between systems, agencies, and community.
  • Coordinate New and Existing Resources: Create innovative funding opportunities and data integration strategies to support long-term sustainability and more efficient use of allocated resources.
    • 5) Top 6 in 6 priority: Drive data and information sharing, retention and access.
    • 6) Top 6 in 6 priority: Ensure long-term funding stability/innovation.

SLT is focused on community safety, identifying system gaps, potential solutions and opportunities for strategies that enable a more collaborative approach to the community safety challenges Red Deerians are currently facing. It is made up of representatives from The City of Red Deer, Red Deer RCMP, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, Red Deer Public Schools, Urban Aboriginal Voices Society, Alberta Health Services – Central Zone, Children’s Services – Central Region.

In the coming months, a Community Integration Team, an operational team of the SLT, will be working to implement these action items.

SLT leader quotes:

“Community safety is The City’s number one priority, and our work with SLT is critical to ensuring that efforts across the community are coordinated and we are working collaboratively to achieve the same goals and outcomes. These SLT priorities will transform how our systems integrate and function to serve our citizens in the long-term. Combined with the solutions and actions we have heard from the community through our recent crime and community safety engagement initiatives, I am confident that we can make strides toward improving safety for everyone in Red Deer.” – Allan Seabrooke, City Manager, The City of Red Deer 

“The RCMP strongly values the SLT partnership and recognizes the importance of working collaboratively in the community. With this collaborative approach at the core of the SLT mandate, we are now ready to implement our immediate priorities, which will have broad reaching impact across the community. There are many agencies involved in community safety who will play a role in delivering these priorities, and our role as system leaders will be to ensure these agencies have the necessary resources and support in place. It’s only when we’re working together that we will start to see progress on our community safety goals. ” – Gerald Grobmeier, Superintendent, Red Deer RCMP      

“Being a member of the System Leadership Team (SLT) has demonstrated Red Deer Catholic Regional School Division’s continued willingness to work with other local agencies and organizations for the betterment of our community.  The SLT is a dedicated group of people who strive to develop innovative and necessary solutions to create a safe place for everyone in our community.  Our ability to work collaboratively together to share knowledge and expertise exemplifies our commitment to improving our community.” – Paul Mason, Superintendent, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

“Red Deer Public School District sees great value in coordinating our community’s work around community safety. By working proactively and collaboratively today, we can build a stronger community for tomorrow. So many agencies in our community are working so hard on key issues, and by working in a more coordinated way, we can be more effective!” – Stu Henry, Superintendent and Chad Erickson, Student Services – Associate Superintendent, Red Deer Public School District  

“Urban Aboriginal Voices Society (UAVS) is excited to be coming together with system leaders to enhance community safety. Our hope is that through increased collaboration and implementation of priority actions, we will be able to speak and act with a united voice on issues and concerns affecting our community.” – Maggie Loney, Co-Chair Leadership Circle, UAVS

“Alberta Health Services (AHS) is pleased to be a member of the Systems Leadership Team in Red Deer and we look forward to continuing to work with our partners on these priority areas over the coming months. The issue of community safety is multi-faceted, and enhancing it is a big job. No single approach nor one organization working alone will have all the answers. But by working together towards common goals, we can build on each other’s strengths and resources, and enhance the way we all work as one. Together we can create opportunities for positive, meaningful change within our community.” – Janice Stewart – Chief Zone Officer, AHS, Central Zone

“The turnout and input from community agencies and organizations showed passion to work collaboratively to build a healthier and safer community. It is exciting to see contributions from the summit come together to create an action plan. I want to thank participants for laying the groundwork to serve our community better. ” – Peggy Olstad, Associate Director, Childrens Services – Central Region

After 15 years as a TV reporter with Global and CBC and as news director of RDTV in Red Deer, Duane set out on his own 2008 as a visual storyteller. During this period, he became fascinated with a burgeoning online world and how it could better serve local communities. This fascination led to Todayville, launched in 2016.

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City of Red Deer

Fire ban in effect for the city of Red Deer

Published on

Effective immediately, The City of Red Deer has issued a full city-wide fire ban, due to dry conditions and high temperatures. A fire ban is initiated when conditions as per the Alberta Climate Information Services become extreme.

The following fires are not allowed within city limits:

  • Open fires using charcoal, briquettes or wood
  • Any source of open flame (i.e. tiki torches)

All existing fire permits are suspended

The following fires are allowed:

  • Certified portable gas fire pits
  • Certified gas stoves or barbeques designed for cooking
  • Certified cooking appliances utilizing charcoal, briquettes or wood pellets on residential property

Red Deer Emergency Services encourages residents to take extra caution to prevent fires. Proper disposal of smoking materials is very important as many fires are started by individuals throwing them out a window or discarding them in plants.

Residents who notice someone having a fire during this fire ban are advised to call 9-1-1. Any person contravening the fire ban will be subject to a $210 fine and applicable response fees.

This ban will remain in effect until conditions change, and further notice is given. Updates are available here.

For more information on fire bans across the province, visit

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City of Red Deer

Process for choosing a permanent site for shelter in front of City Council Monday

Published on

red deer city hall

Potential shelter site list going to Council on Monday

Detailed information about potential sites for the future integrated shelter will be discussed by Council during a closed portion of their meeting on Monday, August 15. Thanks to the support of a commercial realtor, citizens and community partners, 96 potential sites were identified and assessed based on Council’s Site Evaluation Matrix approved on July 4. The following is a breakdown of those 96 sites:
  • 50 market sites recommended by commercial realtor
  • Five unlisted sites recommended by commercial realtor
  • 13 City or Provincially owned land
  • 22 publicly recommended sites from May to July
  • Six sites put forward during the public call for sites from July 20 to 27

From the high-level list of 96 sites identified, administration completed the initial site assessment using the tool that was shared with Council at their meeting on July 18, 2022. Sites that scored more than 70 per cent moved to the next phase of technical assessment. The 12 sites that were moved forward, were put through a more comprehensive technical review, including administrative analysis, scoring and site related details

On Monday, during a closed meeting, Council will receive detailed information about the top 12 sites, as well as the full list of 96 sites. The site locations and detailed information will not be shared publicly at this time to protect the economic interest of potential parties (including site owners) involved.  On Monday, Council will also determine their next steps in the process of selecting a site to recommend to the province, which will include their own site assessment based on their Site Evaluation Matrix.

The current target date for Council to select a site to recommend to the province is August 29, however, if additional technical information is required on the current 12 sites, or additional sites identified by Council, that target date may be pushed out by a minimum of two weeks.

For more information on the future shelter, visit

To view the public Council report, please visit the agenda packet page 102-111 for shelter report.

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september, 2022

tue27sep10:00 am4:00 pmCACPC Annual SHRED Event10:00 am - 4:00 pm MST The Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre, 4311-49 Ave Event Organized By: The Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre